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This site was born when I was looking for pictures of  ships that i had been working on, but i couldn't find any, so what to do ? start my own place on "The net" was a god idea but the problem was that i didn't had so many photos, So i started to borrow from friends and family, but the greatest help i have is from the net. people that have sent me photos from all over the world, i thank you all for that and keep on sending me phothos.

(It's mostly about Swedish related ships) 

This Site will be updated when i have some new materials, But due to my working schedule (13 weeks on 13 weeks of) it can take some times between the updates. Please be patience.

To all of you that have sent E-mail to me the last six month, please try again, because my computer broke down and i lost all my mails

You can also start an discussion on the" WWWBOARD"( i.e. look for photos, Friends, sell or by photos or just say hello to someone )

(There is no rules on this site about copyrights, just take what you want, I believe in a free internet.)

Happy surfing.

Magnus Sj÷bom

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