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SSMS is short for Stockholms Single Malt Sällskap (Stockholm Single Malt Society). The object of the society is by no means as pretentious as the name might indicate. It stands for friendship and drinking pleasure only. It represents to us the enjoyment of experiencing what is probably the most diversified and complex spirit in the world. Making notes and rating drams adds to the fun. The society, formed some five years ago*, arranges tastings to wider groups, and might - given a request - arrange one nearby you, for you and your friends. Send an e-mail. We do appreciate any correction, reflection or comment that you deem adequate.

* Founding members: Tomas Dahlén, Adam Lindroth, Patrik Nordström and Christofer Stannow.

S.S.M.S. at Milroy´s whisky shop, London.


About Single Malt

First of all: Whiskey is Irish, whisky is Scotch! The Scottish single malt distilleries and their various brands are often named in Gaelic, thus providing an ancient and romantic ring to the labels. As in the case of Glen Mhor which translates something like 'The Great Valley', a name that captures the essence of all those Scottish glens, wherein you'll find a bright creek or a clear brook. Add the water that trickles down the surrounding slopes and hillsides, through the thin layers of earth and peat, nourishing the roots of the covering heather. Add also the barley - be it domestic or imported - and you have the fundamental ingredients of a Single Malt! And for flavour: Let the spirit spend some time lingering in an old sherry cask, or one used for port, bourbon or even ordinary wine. Not to forget: The peat, that adds, if used moderately, a characteristic smokiness, or, if used abundantly, a dramatic and excessive scent and taste of tar and iodine and alike. For further finesse: The shape of the stills, the number of distillations, the bottling from one single cask and so on. All this to our pleasure and amusement. Skål!

Top-10 malts

Current Top-10 Single Malts

 Springbank 30 96.2 p
 Bowmore 21 94.2 p
 Springbank 21 94.2 p
 Macallan Vintage 1966 94.2 p
 Springbank 25 94.2 p
 Bowmore 25 94.0 p
 Glenfarclas 30 93.0 p
 Springbank 1966 92.8 p
 Bruichladdich 1966 92.5 p
 Macallan 25 92.5 p

Bottom-5 malts

Current Bottom-5 Single Malts

 Coleburn 1972 56.8 p
 Glenfiddich nas 56.8 p
 Deanston 12 55.3 p
 Glen Kella 6 54.8 p
 Drumguish n.a.s. 50.0 p

List of tasted malts

The following list contains tasting notes and rankings. We consider colour, nose and taste. The rankings stretches from 0 to 100.


=Current top-10 malt
=Vatted malt
=Non-Scottish Single Malt
=Commercial link
=Closed Distillery
=Mothballed Distillery

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