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Anthropology on Indonesia
Constituting the Minangkabau: Peasants, Culture and Modernity in Colonial Indonesia (Explorations in Anthropology)
Joel S. Kahn
The Batak
Achim Sibeth
Bahasa Indonesia: Introduction to Indonesian Language and Culture Vol. 1
Yohanni Johns, Robyn Stokes  
Tuttle's Concise Indonesian Dictionary : English-Indonesian Indonesian-English
A.L.N. Kramer, Willie Koen
Gamelan: Cultural Interaction and Musical Development in Central Java (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology)
Gamelan Stories : Tantrism Islam and Aesthetics in Central Java (Monographs in Southeast Asian studies)
Judith Becker  
Music of Death and New Creation : Experiences in the World of Balinese Gamelan Beleganjur (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology)
Michael B. Bakan
A New Criminal Type in Jakarta: Counter-Revolution Today
James T. Siegel  
Balinese Worlds
Fredrik Barth  
Language and Power: Exploring Political Cultures in Indonesia
Benedict R. O'G Anderson
Negara: The Theatre State in Nineteenth-Century Bali
Clifford Geertz  
Biographical Objects : How Things Tell the Story of People's Lives
Janet Hoskins
The Balinese (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology)
John Stephen Lansing, Louise S. Spindler (Ed.), George D. Spindler (Ed.)  
Chinese in Indonesia
Political Participation and Ethnic Minorities: Chinese Overseas in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States
Amy L. Freedman
Chinese Beliefs and Practices in Southeast Asia : Studies on the Chinese Religion in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
Cheu Hock Tong (Ed.)  
The Chinese Business Elite in Indonesia and the Transition to Independence 1940-1950
Twang Peck Yang
Economy in Indonesia
Indonesia Beyond Suharto : Polity, Economy, Society, Transition
Donald K. Emmerson (Ed.)  
Indonesia in Transition : Social Dimensions of the Reformasi and the Economic Crisis
Chris Manning (Ed.), Peter Van Diemen
The Political Economy of Mountain Java: An Interpretive History
Robert W. Hefner  
New Rich in Asia: Mobile Phones, McDonalds and Middle-Class Revolution (New Rich in Asia.)
Richard Robison, David S. G. Goodman, Murdoch
Changing Financial Landscapes in India and Indonesia : Sociological Aspects of Monetization and Market Integration
Heiko Schrader

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