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Action in Solidarity with Asia & the Pacific. An Australian Human Rights organization publishing on Asia.

East Timor Freedom Page
Another page on East Timor. Notice the domain - you could get one...

East Timor Action Network is an organization advocating a change in US foreign policy regarding East Timor.

A bi-monthly magazine from Britain. Treats Indonesia, East Timor, West Papua and Aceh. Tapol, by the way, means "political prisoner".

News from East Timor. Big site.

Uniya: East Timor twenty years later
An article from 1995 on Bishop Bela by Louis Crowe.

Lots of information, a history page and links.

Yahoo! Full Coverage: East Timor
Daily news compiled by Yahoo!

Human Rights/NGO

Amnesty International
Needs no comment.

Human Rights Education Associates. They are trying to put human rights into education.

Human Rights Internet
Big site with general information on human rights.

The Human Rights Web
A good introduction to this issue and also the oldest on the Internet.

Institute for Global Communications
Another big site. Lots of information and links to more specialized sites.

NGO Global Network
This is the Big Mama of all NGO's.

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