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Bali Post On-Line
Based in Denpasar, this daily is another one of those local papers we all like to read. Only Bahasa Indonesia.

Bisnis Indonesia
An all business daily in Bahasa Indonesia.

Borneo Bulletin
A net edition based in Singapore of the Brunei Darussalam daily covering Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak. The main focus is on business, of course, but they carry other items as well.

Jawa Pos
Only in Bahasa Indonesia, based in Surabaya.

Kompas Online
A daily newspaper in Bahasa Indonesia. A general coverage of Indonesia and some international news.

Kupang Online
Based in Kupang and covering Timor and the immediate region. Only Bahasa Indonesia.

Republika Online
Daily, only Bahasa Indonesia.

Serambi Indonesia Online
Daily, based in Aceh, Sumatra. Dashingly marking themselves as the "main gateway to Aceh". Only Bahasa Indonesia.

Straits Times
The netversion of the Singaporean daily. All in English covering Singapore, Malaysia and the region.

Suara Merdeka
They seem to have changed into a tabloid... Only Bahasa Indonesia.

Magazines and weekly's

A Time magazine covering the whole of Asia.

Far Eastern Economic Review
The famous Hong Kong-based monthly covering the Far East. Register for weekly newsletter.

A weekly magazine in Bahasa Indonesia.

Inside Indonesia
Net version of this magazine is not as good as the paper edition, but still, a few articles for you to read.

Tempo Interaktif
I guess this is what you call an oppositional paper. It was banned a few years back but is up and going again. Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Radio and TV

A privately owned national TV-Station. Only Bahasa Indonesia.

Surya Citra Televisi is the second largest private television network in Indonesia, transmitting to 50 million potential viewers.

PT Cipta Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia
Educational TV - first in Indonesia.


Antara News Wire
This is the Indonesian national news agency, founded in 1937 and still going strong. Searchable archive go back to 1996. They have a big English section.

BBC News - Indonesia
A good resource for news from were quality counts.

Singapore Business Times Online
A big and good site for business information about Singapore and the region. Here you find news, finance, etc, covering all of South East Asia. They also have a "StockWatch" for all stockmarkets in SEA. That link, and the link to Shipping Times, is on my Business and Economics page.

Yahoo! Full Coverage:Indonesia News
Daily news compiled by Yahoo!

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