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Galleria of Boca Grande
Go to gallery to see some nice South East Asian stuff.

Ken Pattern - The Artist
A Canadian painter living in Jakarta.


Lonely Planet
South East Asia on a Shoestring was my nanny on my first trip to Indonesia. Lonely Planet specialises in how to travel cheap, which was what I did. $10 per day for luxurious happiness.

Moon Travel Handbooks
Indonesia Handbook was my partner on my third and fourth trip to Indonesia. We went to Flores together which was magnificent.

Indonesia Books
My own little bookshop. Lot of books in different subjects from Amazon. Now also with music!


Henk's Hot Kitchen: Dutch/Indonesian recipes
Lots of recipes, some with a Dutch twang.


Kamus Online
Look up the word, both English - Indonesian and Indonesian - English.

Learning Bahasa Indonesia
An introductory lesson with some phrases in .wav-format. Also some links to related resources.


Agung Rai Museum of Art
A museum in Bali that presents some of the artists that has worked there, among others Walter Spies.

Javanese Mask Collection - Field Museum, Chicago
Check out a collection of 80 masks, or go to a short page on Wayang Topeng (dance), or see Java Village from the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago in 1893.

Mpu Tantular
The National museum of East Java, based in Surabaya. English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Museum for Textiles
Check around for stuff from around the world.


American Gamelan Institute
From here you can subscribe on Balungan journal, get Gamelan scores, videos, CD's, and much more. Lots of links to related sites all over the world.

Indonesian Pop songs
A Midi-format Indonesian hit music resource.


Conversion Factors
Table of different ways to measure things, in comparison... From CIA.

Flags of the World
A lot of flags...

Indonesia Publications
Research Site on Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Islamic World, and American Society

Living in Indonesia - A site for Expatriates
Everything you need to know if you're planning to move to Indonesia.

The big news and financial information company. For news more closely related to Indonesia, go to my News and Media page.

The Universal Currency Converter (TM)
It is what it’s called. You see update when converting result comes up. They also have a site for older browsers.

Weather Underground
This is their international page. Click your way to Indonesia or use the search function to find a specific town.

The Yellow Pages - Indonesia
Well, what can I say, this is the Yellow Pages for Indonesia.


Asian Football Confederation

Indonesia Sport Promo
All about Indonesian Soccer / Football.

Asean Football Federation : Indonesia
All ASEAN states is presented concerning football. Click around the site and discover other sports.

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