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Smaller Sunda Islands

Smaller Sunda Islands consists of the string of small islands that stretch out to the east from Java all the way to Irian Jaya. The most famous of the islands being Bali. But there are other nice places - my own best travel experience from Indonesia was a month-long stay on the island of Flores. Baaaagus!


Bali culture and Bali travel information
Nice looking site with a lot of information about Bali. Which hotel is the best? Well, check it out at this site. Also, stories, pictures and other stuff.

Bali Paradise Online
A big site with everything from night life to scuba diving to business opportunities.

Travelling to Indonesia - Bali
Short informational page about Bali with some pics.

Bali: The Online Travel Guide
A big and good travel guide that presents another side of Bali than what you see in the glossy brochures.


regiTOUR Indonesia - Flores
Short information about Flores - Keli Mutu, Maumere and Pulau Lembata.

Steve's Adventures in Indonesia - Flores 1991
A travellers tale, mostly some nice pics with short texts.


Komodo Dragon
A few pics of the animals, and links to the other islands.

Komodo Island Photo Gallery
Pics from the island and some information.


regiTour - Lombok
Short information and some pics.

Discover Indonesia: Lombok
Short information about Lombok.

Steve's Adventures in Indonesia - Lombok 1991
A travellers tale, mostly some nice pics with short texts.

Nusa Tenggara

East Nusa Tenggara
Table of Contents that guides you in to this home page. Deals with West Timor, mostly, and a lot of information.

Travelling to Indonesia - Nusa Tenggara
Short informational page about Nusa Tenggara with some pics - choose between East (Timor, Flores, Komodo, Sumba) and West (Lombok, Sumbawa) Nusa Tenggara.


regiTour - Sumba
Small island, short information...

West Sumba
Dates of festivals and events plus some links.


regiTour - Sumbawa
Extremely short page on Sumbawa.

Steve's Adventures in Indonesia - Sumbawa 1991
A travellers tale, mostly some nice pics with short texts.


East Timor - 1997
Short history and an account of the situation in East Timor in 1997.

Good resource about East Timor from University of Coimbra, Portugal, and Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.

There is of course more links om my East Timor page.

Greater Sunda Islands

Greater Sunda Islands consists of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and a couple of thousand more islands in the Indonesian archipelago. On these islands, mainly Java and Sumatra, you find the bulk of the population. Java alone have a population of around 120 000 000 people. HooWee, that's a lot...


Travelling to Indonesia - Sumatra
Short informational page about Sumatra and some pics - choose between Aceh, north, west, south Sumatra, Riau and Lampung.

The Anthropology of the Mentawai Islands
A really thorough study of these islands, located outside of Padang, Sumatra.

Java and Madura

Travelling to Indonesia - Java
Short informational page about Java with some pics - choose between east, central and west Java plus Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

All about Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang.

Madura: Island of Charm
Information about the island north-west of Java.


regiTour - Kalimantan
Short information and some pics.


Travelling to Indonesia - Riau
Short about Riau.


Steve's Adventures in Indonesia - Sulawesi 1993
A travellers tale, mostly nice pics with short texts.

regiTour - Sulawesi
Short information and some pics.

Travelling to Indonesia - Sulawesi
Short informational page about Sulawesi with some pics - choose between north and south Sulawesi

Eastern Indonesia

Eastern Indonesia consists of Maluku, Irian Jaya (the Indonesian part of Papua) and a few smaller islands. This part of Indonesia is separated from the rest of the country in many ways, culturally, biological, and also what conserns the origin of its people. Eastern Indonesia is the least populated part and in some ways the least developed. That claim, of course, depends on your point of view.

Irian Jaya

regiTour - Irian Jaya
Extremely short page + pics.

Travelling to Indonesia - Irian Jaya
Short informational page about Irian Jaya with a few pics.


regiTour - Maluku
Short information and some pics.

Travelling to Indonesia - Maluku
Short informational page about Maluku with some pics.

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