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Bank Internasional Indonesia
Established in 1959, BII is the third largest private bank in Indonesia. International banking seems to be the main activity, since 45 per cent of shares are held by non-Indonesian persons. Lots of information and also a Bahasa Indonesia version.


PT Astra International is a big one. Started in 1957 as a trading company, it is now a holding company with five divisions: motor, finance, industries, resources, and systems.

IBM in Indonesia
Information, products and support, among other things.

Indonesia Bali export products
An on-line photo catalogue of Indonesian-made products for export.

Lippo Group
A big conglomerate active in finance, property, investment, infrastructure and industry.

Owned by the Salim family, consequently a big company.

Sinar Mas
A general insurance company, and another big one.


Australian Stock Exchange
Here they even teach you how to invest in stocks...

Here you get market reports for all stock markets in South East Asia. Best coverage on Singapore (SES) and Malaysia (KLSE). For the rest of the region, you get the results of yesterdays stock market activities.

Investor Relations Asia - Stock Quotes
They give stock quotes for all (almost) of Asia. Some in real time, others delayed.

Jakarta Stock Exchange
Lots of facts and figures.

Stock Exchange of Singapore
Here you find everything about Singapore's stock exchange, one of the most developed in Asia.

Stock Exchange of Thailand
Instructive first page from "one of the fastest-growing capital markets in the world".

Sydney Futures Exchange
Starting in 1960 to facilitate the wool market, it is now the biggest futures exchange in Asia-Pacific.

Tokyo Stock Exchange
I took the liberty to point to the English version...


German-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce
Established in 1970, EKONID, Ekonomi Indonesia-Jerman, is an organization for German and Indonesian entrepreneurs. The site is mainly in English, although there is both a German and a Bahasa Indonesia section, yet to be fully developed.

Indonesia Net Exchange
A fully loaded site with a lot of information on the Indonesian Capital Market. You have to register, but it’s for free.

Pusdata Online Indonesia
Pusdata is a result of a government project to provide a information service to Business Society, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As a center of data under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (see the Government and Politics page), Pusdata wants to "bring Indonesian enterprise to you".

Shipping Times
Here you find shipping news, air and transport news, and a complete list of ships to and from Singapore.

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