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Australian National University - Library Guide
Hit "Asia Pacific".

Badan Pusat Statistik
This is Indonesias Central Bureau of Statistics.

CIA World Factbook 2000 - Indonesia
Facts, facts, facts! And a few pics.

Indonesia - A Country Study
U.S. Library of Congress presents Indonesia. If you want information about Indonesia, well, here it is. This is Numero Uno, easily! If you want to do it yourself, go to Library of Congress Homepage.

KITLV Library
Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology in Leiden, Holland. An extensive collection of books and periodicals on Indonesia and the region. Main subjects includes languages, literature, history, anthropology, religion, and the social sciences. Go to homepage for links.


Cornell University Southeast Asia Program
Here you find book titles on Indonesia, go to "SEAP Office of Publications". This is also where you find Indonesia Journal. They provide an ordering service. Also links to Kroch Library and John M. Echols Collection on Southeast Asia (text only), and an Audio-Visual Library.

Huruf Jawa
A page with examples of Huruf Jawa, the traditional Javanese alphabet.

IIAS - Leiden
International Institute for Asian Studies at the University of Leiden, Netherlands.

R & D Center for Informatics and Computer Science, a division sorting under the Institute of Sciences - LIPI. Bahasa Indonesia.

Java Atlas Home Page
A site based in Canada and consequently there is also a French version. Lots of information on Java presented very bagus. Not Updated since 1997.

The Nordic Institute for Asian Studies.

Southeast Asia Web: SEA Woman Studies
Not much in this area on the Web, but at least it's something... Not Updated since 1997.

Summer Institute of Linguistics
Located at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas, this site focus on the study of minority languages and cultures around the world.

U.S. Department of Education
From here you can do own search on educational issues.


10 November Institute of Technology
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember - ITS, Surabaya. English.

Diponegoro University
Universitas Diponegoro - UNDIP, Semarang. English. Lots of information.

Duta Wacana Christian University
Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana - UKSW, Yogyakarta. Only Bahasa Indonesia.

Gadjah Mada University
Universitas Gadjah Mada - UGM, Yogyakarta. Bahasa Indonesia.

Institute of Technology Bandung
Institut Teknologi Bandung, ITB. Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Jakarta International School
Offers elementary to college-preparatory program in English to foreign students residing in Indonesia.

North Sumatra University
Universitas Sumatera Utara. In Bahasa Indonesia.

University of Indonesia
Universitas Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. Bahasa Indonesia and English.

University of Petra
Universitas Kristen Petra. English. A Christian university in Surabaya. Lots of interesting links.

Universitas Katolik Parahyangan.

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