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Mahâbhârata Indian epic adapted in the wayang
Mahmillub (Mahkamah Militer Luar Biasa) Special Military Court
Malari (Malapetaka Januari) January Disaster; riots in Jakarta during Japanese Prime minister Tanaka's visit in 1974
manca negara The third administrative circle of Mataram, which consisted of most of Java outside the palace city and the core administrative area
mandur Foreman/labour recruiter
Manipol (Manifesto politik) Political Manifesto
mas (Javanese) term of address to a slightly older man (comradely)
Masjumi (Madjlis Sjuro Muslimin Indonesia) Consultative Council of Indonesian Muslims, the largest Indonesian Islamic Party, after 1952 representing Modernist Islam; banned in 1960
merdeka Freedom or independence
Mesjid Mosque
MIAI (Madjlisul Islamil A laa Indonesia) Supreme Indonesian Council of Islam
MIN (Madrasah Ibtida'ijah Negeri) (Islamic) Elementary State School
Minangkabau A West Sumatran ethnic group
MKGR (Musyawarah Kekeluargan Gotong Royong) Mutual Aid Family Conference
MPR (Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat) People's Consultative Assembly
MPRS (Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat Sementara) Provisional People's Consultative Assembly
mushollah Prayer house
musyawarah Consultation, deliberation
mufakat Concensus
Murba (Partai Murba) Common-People's Party
Nanyang The southern region, a Chinese term for Southeast Asia
Nasakom (Nasionalis-Agama-Komunis) (intended unity of) Nationalists, Religious people and Communists. Name given by Sukarno.
Nasasos (Nasionalis-Agama-Sosialis) (intended unity of) Nationalists, Religious people and Socialists
Nefos New Emerging Forces
negara From Sanskrit nagara, for kingdom or capital. See kraton, and negeri.
negara agung The second administrative circle in the kingdom of Mataram. It consisted of the core area immediately outside the palace-city.
negeri State. In particular, a riverine or coastal principality in the Malayo-Muslim world.
Nekolim (Neokolonialis-Imperialis) Neo-colonialism and imperialism
NIAS (Nederlands-Indische Artsen School) Netherlands Indies Medical School
NICA Netherlands Indies Civil Administration
NII (Negara Islam Indonesia) Islamic State of Indonesia
NU (Nahdatul Ulama) Moslem Theologians' Council
Oldefos Old Established Forces
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries of which Indonesia is a member
opelet 4-wheeled minibus, seating 7 to 10 passengers
OPM (Organisasi Papua Merdeka) Free Papua Movement
OPS Organisasi Perusahaan Sejenis (Organisation of Homogeneous Enterprises).
Opsus (Operasi Khusus) Special Operations
Orba (Orde Baru) New Order, the Suharto era, 1965 to the present.
Orla (Orde Lama) Old Order, the Sukarno era.

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