Pantera are: Dimebag Darrel (guitar), Phil Anselmo (vocals), Rex (bass) and Vinnie Paul (drums).

Interesting Facts: Pantera have released 4 albums so far and their latest album "The Great Southern Trendkill" was released in Maj 1996. With their 3:rd album, "Far Beyond Driven", Pantera really hit the top, it went straight up in the number 1 position on Billboards Top 200 and has sold in over 2,000,000 copies world wide.

During the recording of their second album, "Vulgar Display of Power" they were given the honor of opening Monsters Of Rock, the first free Western outdoor concert in Moscow. The crowd was estimated at anywhere from 400,000 to One million people!!!



I Will Not Die! Phil explains all about his O.D...



Cowboys From Hell. Panteras first album, released 1990.

Vulgar Display Of Power. Panteras second album, released 1992.

Far Beyond Driven. Panteras third album, released 1994.

The Great Southern Trendkill. Panteras latest album, released 1996.



Pantera Home Page



Cowboys From Hell (Fanclub)



Tour News: Right now Pantera are touring in the United States with White Zombie. The US tour ends in August and after that the guys are headed to Japan and New Zealand in September. They will take October off and tour in North America in November and December. In January they will be kicking it in Europe. After that the guys go to South America and next spring they go back to the U.S and the World Tour will end in the summer of '97!

Album News: Pantera have recorded all there gigs from tha last world tour and will do so again. So in '97 we can expect a new LIVE album!!!

Home Video News: Pantera have released 2 Home Videos so far (Cowboys From Hell and Vulgar Video) and by now Dimebag is working on another one. But with the world tour coming up he won't have that much time (to bad).

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