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Om du vill ha vår veckoinformation på svenska om banden som spelar på våra konserter

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Stockholm blues Society was founded in 1971 by blues interested people here in Stockholm. Their aim was to organize concerts by American blues artists. In 1974 the society had their first American in Stockholm, and has since that time made a lot of concerts and tours with blues artists. In 1980 we started working together with the restaurant Tre Backar - first on fridays and later on saturdays. These concerts was ended at the summer of 2001 because of neighbours complaining about too much loud music and noice. We've moved to Tuckens Källare, Götgatan 85, where we during the last two years were able to present Swedish blues every Saturday. Because of other plans from the owner we were out of nowhere during the summer. But we have found a new place - Skepps Bar, Skeppsbron 44. We will start on the 16th of august and have blues every Saturday. Programme will be announced shortly. The bluesmusic will start at 21 p.m. and 01 a.m. Between 1978 and 1996 we issued a member paper called "Blåtryck". Now we have a monthly paper - The Blues Guide. If you become a member of the blues Society you will get the guide to your home adress.

To get a membership you have to pay 150 Swedish crowns yearly, to our postgiro 8 65 28 - 7.

To get in contact with Stockholm blues Society write to:

Stockholm blues Society,

Nybrokajen 11,

S-111 48 Stockholm


or send fax to +49 8 30 26 18 Don´t forget to support your local heroes! Bluesy yours

Write in our Blues Book: View my guestbook!

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