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Useful downloads for every gamer.

Ravening Hordes courtesy of Games Workshop
Essential for those armies who have not yet had their army books published. This was originally released with White Dwarf 250 but can be freely distributed. This release also fixes the errors in the US version of Ravening Hordes.
Army Builder by Lone Wolf Developement, Inc.
The premiere program for constructing armies on your computer, Army Builder has built-in validation, support for tons of games and more. Data files for Warhammer can be found here.
Hex map generator by ???    28kb
A program which prints out hexagonal maps, useful for you campaigners out there.
Castle v1.2 by J.E. Taylor    299kb
Blueprints for castle-making are contained within this program.
Archery Effectiveness Simulator by Elijah Stewart    693kb
This nifty little program is designed to help you get a idea of how many casualties you will get each turn. Handy when designing armies.
WHFB Fight Calculation    76kb
Random battle simulator between various troops. Just enter the stats and choose number of battles. Beta version.
Dice simulator by Jamison Hodges    1.39Mb
Similar to the above. Shareware.