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    Author's notes


    Caledor is a thinly populated, mountaineous realm to the west of Eataine. In the elder days several of the Phoenix Kings of Ulthuan came from here and the kindgdom enjoyed a power far beyond its sparse population would suggest. The reason for this can be summed up in one word - dragons.

    These mighty creatures made their lairs beneath the blazing peaks of the Dragon's Spine Mountains. Nestled within these bleak volcanic highlands are fertile valleys filled with game enough to satisfy even the appetites of a dragon. Here, long ago, came Caledor Dragontamer. This mighty High Mage bound the fearsome dragons to his will, using harnesses of enchanted truesteel smelted in the fiery heart of Vaul's Anvil. His descendants named their kingdom Caledor in his honour.

    Great granite fortresses sprang up in the misty vales and from them Dragon Princes rode the thermals over sullen volcanoes. In battle none could stand against them, for they were fearsome mages as well as mighty warriors, and their steeds were terrible to behold. Though the Dragon Princes were few the destruction they could wreak was unmatched then as it is now and few dared the wrath of Caledor.

    Eventually the mountains cooled and the volcanoes erupted less. Even as the peaks lost their fire so did the dragons lose theirs. One by one, they drifted into slumber, becoming even more difficult to rouse. Those that remained awake became sluggish and temperamental, and their riders became reluctant to use their mounts save in times of dire need. As the strength of the dragons waned so did the power of the Dragon Princes. The long reign of the Dragon Princes ended and their grip on the throne of the Phoenix King was lost. The old realm of Caledor was eclipsed by other realms including the fast-rising mercantile city-state of Lothern.

    Even in their weakened state the Dragon Princes are still formidable. They are fierce and noble warriors who have lost none of their old skill with sword and sorcery and the dragons, though few, are turning restless in their long sleep. There are many in Caledor who feel that the it is time to resume the old dominance of the Phoenix Throne, and that Caledor should be restored to its old power. For the Dragon Princes of Caledor are still a force to be reckoned with, and each year brings new opportunities to win glory and prove the might of Caledor.

    Army list

    Champions, musicians & standard bearers
    Any unit of foot troops in the army (except skirmishers) may upgrade a model to a musician or standard bearer for +10 points each. Any unit of foot troops in the army (including skirmishers) may upgrade a model to a champion for +10 points. Any unit of cavalry (note: not Drake Riders) may upgrade a model to a champion, musician or standard bearer for +15 points each. An archer champion will have +1 BS, all other champions have +1 A. A standard bearer in a unit of Dragon Princes (mounted or unmounted) may carry a magic standard worth up to 50 points. Note that only 1 unit of each type (ie mounted or on foot) may carry a magic standard.

    Special rules
    The following special rules apply to the Caledor army:

    • Ornate armour: The ornate armour of the Dragon Princes is forged from finest Ithilmar in Vaul's Anvil. Many date as far back as Aenarion, though several have been made since as well. Ornate armour can never be modified to less than 6+. Note that this is not a special save.

    • Pride: The Dragon Princes are proud and contemptuous of the lesser races, and would sooner perish than accept help from them. Thus only other High Elves can be used as allies. The Dragon Princes also believe themselves to be the only "true" High Elves left, so while they may join other High Elven armies, or be joined by them, no non-Caledorian character may join a Proud unit, and vice versa.

    • Elven enmity: As all High Elves Caledorians are subject to Enmity against their dark kindred. When fighting Dark Elves they may reroll any failed Psychology tests (note that this does not include Break tests).

    • Citizen levy: Caledorians on foot armed with longbows may shoot in one more rank than is normally allowed. Caledorians on foot may fight with spears in three ranks. See the Weapons section in the Warhammer rulebook

    • Superior mages: Caledorian Dragon Mages are no less proficient than their Tower-trained brethren, and thus get +1 to their dispel roll against enemy magic. This is not cumulative, so an army with two or more wizards will still only get +1 to dispel. However, this bonus may be combined with bonuses from magic items. Dragon Mages may use any lore of magic from the Warhammer rulebook.


    Dragonlord.......................110 points per model
    The Dragonlords are the finest nobility of Caledor, each directly related to the ancient house of Caledor Dragontamer. They epitomise the Caledorian ideals of fierceness, nobility and pride, and are a match for any foe in battle.

    Elven steed930331415

    Equipment: Hand weapon. A Dragonlord may have a great weapon (+6 pts), a halberd (+6 pts) or a spear (+6 pts). He may also carry a lance (+6 pts). He may wear heavy Ithilmar armour (+9 pts) and carry a shield (+3 pts).

    A Dragonlord must ride something - going into battle on foot is far beneath his dignity! He can choose between a Dragon (+320 pts), a Drake (+100 pts) and an elven steed (+18 pts). An elven steed may be barded (+6 pts).

    Special rules: Ornate armour, pride.

    Wyrmcaller......................220 points per model
    The most revered of the Dragon Mages of Caledor are called Wyrmcallers, being princes as well as sorcerers. These adepts harness the powers of magic as well as any schooled in the White Tower, far superior to any mortal spell-slinger.

    Elven steed930331415

    Equipment: Hand weapon. A Wyrmcaller may have an additional hand weapon (+4 pts), a great weapon (+4 pts), a halberd (+4 pts) or a spear (+4 pts). If mounted, he may carry a lance (+4 pts).

    A Wyrmcaller may ride a Dragon (+320 pts), a Drake (+100 pts) or an elven steed (+18 pts). An elven steed may be barded (+6 pts).

    Special rules: A Wyrmcaller is a level 3 wizard. This may be increased to level 4 at +40 points. Subject to pride.


    Dragonmaster....................65 points per model
    Dragonmasters are the field commanders of the army of Caledor, princes capable of even greater feats of arms than their already exceptional brethren.

    Elven steed930331415

    Equipment: Hand weapon. A Dragonmaster may have an additional hand weapon (+4 pts), a great weapon (+4 pts), a spear (+4 pts) or a halberd (+4 pts). He may also carry a longbow (+10 pts). He may wear heavy Ithilmar armour (+6 pts), and may carry a shield (+2 pts).

    A Dragonmaster may ride a Drake (+100 pts) or an elven steed (+12 pts), which may be barded (+4 pts). If mounted, he may carry a lance (+4 pts).

    One Dragonmaster may carry the army's Battle Standard for +25 points. He may carry a magic banner of any points value, but if he does so he may not take any other magic items. He may not be given extra equipment beyond heavy armour and barding for his steed, nor may he ride a Drake. He cannot be your army general.

    Special rules: Ornate armour, pride.

    Dragon Mage......................85 points per model
    Using their sorcerous powers with deadly efficiency, the fiery blasts and charged bolts of the Dragon Mages have won many a battle. Even though common-born, they are respected for their magical prowess.

    Dragon Mage544332518
    Elven steed930331415

    Equipment: Hand weapon.

    A Dragon Mage may ride an elven steed (+12 pts), which may be barded (+4 pts).

    Special rules: A Dragon Mage is a level 1 wizard. This may be upgraded to level 2 at a cost of +40 points.

    0-1 Priest of Vaul..................80 points per model
    On the volcanic island of Vaul's Anvil the blind priests of the smith-god forge weapons of terrible potency and mails of finest Ithilmar for use by the Lords of Caledor. The penultimate trial before becoming a full cleric is to go into battle and see what horrors the weapons of war can produce if misused, and this is the one of the last things they see before blinding themselves and joining the brotherhood of the Inner Sphere.

    Priest of Vaul544432529
    Elven steed930331415

    Equipment: Hand weapon (frequently a hammer). A Priest of Vaul may have an additional hand weapon (+4 pts), a great weapon (+4 pts), a spear (+4 pts) or a halberd (+4 pts). He may wear heavy Ithilmar armour (+6 pts), and may carry a shield (+2 pts).

    A Priest of Vaul may ride an elven steed (+12 pts), which may be barded (+4 pts). If mounted, he may carry a lance (+4 pts).

    Special rules: Priests of Vaul may carry up to 75 points worth of magic items. This increased allowance reflects the considerable numbers of arcane objects available to the priesthood. Before battle, he can invoke the blessing of Vaul upon the equipment of the army. This takes form in the following way - any unmagical weapons of any one character may reroll any 1's to hit, and furthermore they count as magical. Alternatively, any one character may add +1 to his armour save and count his armour as magical, providing he does not already have magic armour. Furthermore, one extra dispel dice is always added against the Metal lore spells Transmutation of Lead, Law of Gold and Bane of Forged Steel. The above bonuses only apply while the Priest is still alive and remaining on the table. Ornate armour, pride.


    1+ units of Dragon Princes..................11 points per model
    These are the lesser nobility of Caledor. Armed with ancient suits of armour crafted to resemble the scales and horned spines of dragons they make a fearsome sight on the battlefield, whether mounted on barded steeds or walking into battle. They have lost none of their old skill of arms, and make formidable opponents for any foe.

    Dragon Prince554331619
    Elven steed930331415

    Unit size: 5+

    Equipment: Hand weapon and heavy armour. Dragon Princes may be mounted on barded elven steeds (+12 pts). If on foot, Dragon Princes may have great weapons (+2 pts), spears (+2 pts) or additional hand weapons (+2 pts), as well as shields (+1 pt). If mounted, they may have great weapons (+4 pts), as well as lances (+2 pts) and shields (+2 pts).

    Special rules: Ornate armour, pride.

    Caledorian Spearelves...................10 points per model
    As all Kingdoms of Ulthuan Caledor keeps a Citizen Levy of Spearelves and Archers. Though ordinarily a craftsman or a poet, in times of war all elves are deadly fighters.


    Unit size: 10+

    Equipment: Hand weapon, spear, light armour and shield. Spearelves may replace their light armour with heavy armour (+1 pt).

    Caledorian Archers.........................12 points per model
    As all Kingdoms of Ulthuan Caledor keeps a Citizen Levy of Spearelves and Archers. High Elf archers are amongst the most decisive troops in the army, unleashing volleys of deadly steel-fanged death upon their foes.


    Unit size: 10+

    Equipment: Hand weapon, longbow. Archers may be given light armour (+1 pt).


    0-1 unit of Sons of the Dragon...............12 points per model
    Some young nobles, discontent with dull court life, seek adventure; trying to find new dragons in distant lands or bring back long-lost treasures to Caledor. In battle these adventurers band together as Sons of the Dragon.

    Son of the Dragon554331619

    Unit size: 5-15

    Equipment: Sons of the Dragon wear Heavy armour and carry a hand weapon. They may carry great weapons (+2 pts), halberds (+2 pts), additional hand weapons (+2 pts) or flails (+2 pts). They may also carry shields (+1 pt). Note that, unlike most other units, Sons of the Dragon do not all have to have the same equipment, each may choose his weapons freely.

    Special rules: Ornate armour, pride, skirmish.


    0-1 units of Drake Riders...................75 points per model
    Mounted on the flying predators known as drakes, these Dragon Princes soar through the skies like in the days of old. The size and bulk of a drake combined with the skill of a Dragon Prince make a deadly foe.

    Dragon Prince554331619

    Unit size: 3-10

    Equipment: Hand weapon and heavy armour. Drake Riders may have great weapons (+4 pts), as well as lances (+2 pts) and shields (+2 pts).

    Special rules: Flying unit. See special Drake rules in the Bestiary. Riders subject to ornate armour and pride.

    Repeating Bolt Thrower..................100 points per model
    You may include up to one Repeating Bolt Thrower for unit of Citizen-soldiers (Archers or Spearelves). Note that unlike in the main High Elf army list, you may not choose two Repeating Bolt Throwers as one Rare choice. This pinnacle of elven engineering can devastate enemy formations with effortless ease, while being more graceful and less prone to horrible accidents than war engines of lesser races.


    Unit size: 1 war machine with 2 High Elf crew.

    Equipment: Hand weapon and light armour.

    Special rules: May either fire a single bolt or a salvo of 6. A single bolt works exactly as described in the rulebook. A salvo must be fired at a single target. Roll to hit 6 times at S4 with a -2 save. Bolts fired in a salvo do not penetrate ranks.

    You may choose magic items for your characters and units from the following list and/or the common magic items in the rulebook.

    Star Lance (magic weapon): Counts as a lance and hits automatically on the turn it charges. 80 pts.

    Blade of Darting Steel (magic weapon): All hits that strike the target wound automatically. Armour saves are modified by the strength of the bearer. 75 pts.

    Hammer of Vaul (magic weapon): These mighty, rune-encrusted hammers are popular among the followers of the smith-god. The sheer bulk of them are often enough to bring an unprepared enemy to his knees, should he survive the crushing attack in the first place. Counts as a great weapon. Anyone struck by the Hammer of Vaul must take an I test or miss their next opportunity to attack. 45 pts.

    Armour of Caledor (magic armour): This armour is the heirloom of the house of Caledor, the greatest of all the Dragon Princes. It is a suit of Ithilmar, unsurpassed it its beauty, lightweight and flexible, and yet stronger than any armour made of mortal steel. The armour of Caledor confers a 2+ armour save that cannot be improved by any means. This can never be modified to less than 5+. In addition, the wearer is completely immune to all types of dragon breath weapons. 50 pts.

    Golden Crown of Atrazar (talisman): Discount the first wound suffered. One use only. 50 pts.

    Amulet of Fire (talisman): The Amulet of Fire gives its wearer 1 extra dispel dice against all spells that affect him or the unit he is with. 20 pts.

    Dragon scale cloak (talisman): Dragons bathe in the lava of the fiercest volcanoes, and their skin is impervious to even the most searing heat. Cloaks made from dragon scales pass on this invulerability to it's wearer. The model cannot be affected at all by fire- or heat-based attacks. 15 pts.

    The Dragonhorn (enchanted item): This is the war-horn of the Dragon Princes of old, it's keening cry full of challenge and pride. No dragon can ignore its sound, but rise from their slumber, ready to do battle once more. At the beginning of any hand-to-hand combat phase, the bearer may blow the horn. His dragon will automatically strike first in that turn, with an additional +1 A. One use only. Characters mounted on Dragons only. 20 pts.

    Talon of the Greater Wyrm (arcane item): Said to come from Kalgalanos the Black, father of dragonkind, this item imbues it's bearer with some of the sorcerous powers of the wyrmlord himself. As a result, he may choose to reroll any one spellcasting dice per turn when casting or dispelling spells. 50 pts.

    Banner of Caledor (magic banner): Unit cannot be affected at all by Death magic. However, the spell itself is not dispelled. 25 pts.


    Cerandal Wyrmfriend............PV: 340 pts

    Of all the Dragon Princes of Caledor Cerandal is unique. Though others may call themselves lords of the dragons, he alone is their brother. The reason for this is the bejewelled ring called the Dragon's Eye, which Cerandal won from the great dragon Kraal. This artifact gives it's wearer knowledge of the tongue of dragons. The only way to talk to dragons is in their own language, and so all Dragon Princes take great pain to learn it. But while they may learn some pieces, or perhaps even all of the dragon tongue, only the wearer of the Dragon's Eye can think in it, living in the same world as these great sorcerous beasts. This has enabled Cerandal to draw upon the same magic powers as the dragons themselves and understand them in a way no other, except perhaps Caledor Dragontamer himself, has ever been able to. When he speaks, elves and dragons alike listen.


    Equipment: Sword. Cerandal may ride a Dragon (+320 pts).

    Magic items: Cerandal has thee magic items - the Dragon's Eye, Sword of Fury and Staff of Chyron.

    Dragon's eye (arcane item)
    The Dragon's eye is a ring which grants the power of dragon speech to its wearer. It is said that the great Caledor Dragontamer once wore it when he first bound the dragons to his will, but no one knows for sure. Apart from giving the user access to dragon magic, it also enables him to communicate more easily with dragons. Therefore, should he be attacked by a dragon of any kind it must take an immeditate Ld test, on it's own Ld - it may not use that of an eventual rider or nearby general. Should it fail, the dragon will refuse to attack Cerandal or his mount this turn, although it can still attack his companions, should he have any. It must continue to test on Ld each turn until it succeeds. Such is the power of the Dragon's Eye. Should the Dragon's Eye in any way be negated or destroyed the wearer immediately loses all Draconic spells.

    The Sword of Fury (magic weapon)
    One of the ancient weapons forged in Vaul's Anvil at the dawn of time, this weapon extrudes potent heat. The Sword of Fury grants +1S to it's wielder, it's mighty runes of fire ripping through flesh and steel alike. In addition, the flaming sword's aura protects the wearer, so if anyone hits Cerandal in hand-to-hand combat he immediately suffers a S3 hit. This is a Fire-based attack and causes double damage against flammable targets.

    Staff of Chyron (enchanted item)
    The essence of the wise dragon Chyron is bound to the staff of Chyron. Having been mortally wounded by a rival it is said that Chyron asked a Dragon Mage to be imprisoned in the staff. He would rather suffer an eternity of captivity than die, in which case all his knowledge would be lost. The cunning of Chyron persists to this day, lending his wisdom to his younger brethren. If the wearer of the staff of Chyron rides a dragon it's breath weapon's strength will be increased to S4. In addition, the dragon may reroll any failed saving throw.

    Special rules: Cerandal is a Dragon Prince and is thus subject to Pride. He is a level 4 spellcaster who uses Dragon Magic. Upon his death, any Dragon he rides always stays to guard his body, refusing to leave his fallen brother at the mercy of enemies. Cerandal is immune to psychology, little can scare one who has been embraced by the dragons.

    Dragon spell deck:

    Dragon's Breath
    Cast 7+. The mage chants, calling down a cloud of fire, ice or gas, before unleashing it on the hapless enemy. This spell enables the mage to perform an attack identical to a dragon's breath weapon. In other words, place the flame template with the narrow end touching the wizard's base - anyone under the template suffers a S3 hit.

    Overwhelming Presence
    Cast 6+. Anyone near the Mage inexplicably begins to shake and cower, feeling that something, anything, is hovering nearby, just at the edge of vision. As this spreads entire regiments break and flee. Any enemy models within 6" of the Mage must take an immediate terror test. This applies even if they have already passed such a test earlier in the battle.

    Shielding Spectre
    Cast 5+. Swords and arrows directed at the Mage just seems to snap or rebound. A perceptive onlooker can make out the silhouette of a reptilian shape lashing about, protecting the Mage from harm. When cast, this spell grants the mage a 4+ ward save. Lasts until the caster attempts another spell, is slain, or spell is dispelled.

    Bale Eye
    Cast 8+. The gaze of a dragon holds power, and it is said men have stood unmoving for days while the transfixing glare of a dragon watched them. This spell may be cast at any one model not in close combat within 16". While it remains in play, the model must pass a Ld test on 3D6 at the start of each turn or be unable to do anything at all, held in place by the terrible gaze.


    Dragons are an incredibly ancient race whose forefathers lived many thousands of years before Elves or Men first set foot in the Old World. Today they are few in number compared to times of old, when the air was full of soaring Dragons and the deep cries of the Cold Drakes as they tussled for supremacy of the primeval skies. Those that remain are reclusive creatures that mostly spend their time asleep in dark holes beneath the Dragon's Spine mountains. Since the time of Caledor Dragontamer the dragons have been powerful allies to the race of Elves, and those of Caledor's line in particular. Even today the greatest Princes of Caledor can wake a dragon from it's slumber to ride it into battle, and the world has yet again cause to tremble before their might.


    Special rules
    • Fly - Dragons have wings and can fly as described in the Warhammer rulebook.

    • Scaly skin - The scaly skin of a dragon is impenetrable to nearly any attack, and thus confers a 3+ armour save.

    • Large target - The sheer size and bulk of a dragon are rarely matched. It is by all means a large target.

    • Terror - Few creatures are as formidable and awe-inspiring as the legendary dragon. Even the bravest men are prone to run from such a beast. A dragon causes terror.

    • Breath weapon - Apart from it's more obvious armaments, a dragon can also breathe fire. These burning fumes cause a S3 on anyone foolish enough to be under the flame template.

    These flying predators haunt the mountains of Caledor, roaming in large packs, unlike the solitary Dragons, and searching for prey. Although Drakes are distantly related to Dragons, they are as different as night and day. To the casual observer they might seem similar, but the differences are as numerous as the likenesses, and they are in fact more akin to Wyvern. The Draconic wisdom and intellect has been replaced by a savage cunning and animal wit. Where the proud Dragons would never stoop so low as eating carrion Drakes are scavengers be nature. And yet, with wake Dragons growing increasingly rare Dragon Princes can often count themselves lucky to find even a Drake, for although many in number they are wild and hard to tame.


    Special rules
    • Fly - Drakes have wings and can fly as described in the Warhammer rulebook.

    • Scaly Skin - Drakes have hard scales which act like armour, protecting them from attack. A Drake therefore has an armour saving throw of 5 or more on a D6.

    • Fiery Breath - Drakes can breathe a deadly flame, which is worked out as any other missile weapon. Once per battle, the Drake can unleash it's flame at any target within 12". This automatically inflicts a S3 hit. Note that this is a fire weapon, so flammable targets suffer double the number of wounds.

    • Fear - Though not as dreaded as a dragon, a drake is nonetheless a fearsome creature.
    Not that a Drake is not a Dragon, so special items and abilities which only affect Dragons have no effect on Drakes.

    Drakes and riders
    As seen in the army list, regimental Dragon Princes can be mounted on Drakes. The rules for this are a bit different from those of another steed, since as Drakes have more than one wound they are not classified as mounts. The situation is worked out as follows: In hand-to-hand combat any opponents may choose whether to strike the Drake or it's rider. Shooting hits are distributed randomly between riders and mounts, per the following chart:
    1 - 4Drake
    5 - 6Dragon Prince
    If the Drake is killed, remove the model. The rider has fallen to the ground and is unconscious or disabled, and thus counted a casualty. If the rider is killed, roll a D6. If the result is a 1, the Drake breaks free and heads for the skies. Remove the model. Otherwise, assuming there is still at least one Dragon Prince surviving, the Drake may continue to fight on it's own, following the lead of the other Drakes. The Drake is now subject to stupidity. If all riders in a unit is killed, remove any remaining Drakes. For characters, Drakes are treated exactly like any other monster.

    Author's notes

    This is, as always, a work in progress. The most obvious shortcoming of this list is the glaring lack of special troops. I've racked my brain, but so far I have been unable to come up with any other suitable ones. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me with them. Any other comments are of course also appreciated. So, what to use for models? Spearelves, archers, repeating bolt throwers and mounted dragon princes are all available, although you might want to convert some of them to be more "Caledory". There is an early example of Caledorian Spearelves in the gallery. I have made Drakes by using Cold One bodies and mounting Terradon wings on them, with the addition of a healthy amount of green stuff to make them more dragon-like. The trickiest part are probably unmounted Dragon Princes/Sons of the Dragon. Heartbreaker's Dragon Kin are a wonderful alternative, but they are very hard to get hold of. You might try scouring other ranges for unmounted High Elves with heavy armour, and try to convert them a bit. Blood Bowl Star Player Prince Moranion works very well, but apart from that I can't find any alternatives from GW. Characters (mounted ones at least) should be fairly easy to make using ordinary Dragon Princes as a base, as an example see my Elric conversion in the gallery. Finally, for Dragons I suggest getting the old "Thaindon and Kargoss - High Elf Dragon and rider" kit from mail order, it is far superior to any of GW's current dragons.

    Written by: Lictor