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Wood Elves revisited    October 23
Norrmeister has modified the Ravening Hordes Wood Elves to make it more characterful and interesting. The results can be found in the New army lists section.

Making molds    October 22
The trusty old article about RTV Mold making has been updated and improved.

Multiple mayhem    October 21
Extensive rules for multi-player Warhammering can now be found in the Scenarios section, courtesty of Y.T. Kho. We've also added a few links and squashed a few more bugs. We hope that the new CGI will be coming online in the next week or so, allowing the return of (among other things) the counter, the guestbook and the Vote of the Week.

A new army list!    October 16
The first ever (to my knowledge) new army list for 6th edition has been created, and is available here. Check out the New army lists section to view Warhammer Armies: Caledor.

Rumour mill is starting up...    October 15
We have tasty new rumours available. There have also been numerous small fixes and tweaks (like the one which made all text invisible in Netscape - seems something like this always happens when I revamp the site), so it's bound to be a lot better around here now.

Welcome to the new WTCK!    October 4
As the 6th edition of Warhammer is released, the WTCK (White Tower Centre of Knowledge for you newcomers out there) also needs some revising. Since virtually none of our directly game-related material is viable anymore, I have decided to start anew. Anything not pertainable to 6th ed has been purged (and you can't imagine the kind of backlog that removes - virtually hundreds of articles), although you will still find some old goodies now and then, for example under the short stories section. And even though 6th edition is brand new, we have managed to produce a few interesting articles. As gamers grow more comfortable with 6th ed and start writing we will have lots of new material here, which will rival if not outdo our 5th ed collection. We have in fact already received over 40 new articles, some of which are very exciting. It is our hope that the inimitable spirit of the WTCK will remain and prosper even in this new version (our 4th ed, if you must know). Finally, as the WTCK has been totally revamped there are bound to be a few glaring errors lurking here and there. If you lot out there would bring those to my attention they will be quickly fixed. Any comments, questions and other chatter can be sent to Tell us what you think of the new WTCK!