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Hello and welcome to Robin's UFO/Alien Gallery. Here you will find interesting and controversial information about the UFO/Alien-phenomenon.

UFO's has since the beginning of the 50's been hot debate material. Since the end of the 40's, several documented UFO-observations has been done by people all over the world. UFO's has been photographed and filmed. The word "UFO" often makes one think about a spaceship with small green men from some foreign planet in another solarsystem. The words correct meaning, "Unidentified Flying Object" says what the whole thing is about though. In most cases it involves a light-phenomenon in the sky that moves in a constant/varying speed and maybe even in a particular pattern. Some who believes to have seen UFO's may in fact have seen a satellite, a comet or some other natural phenomenon. In some cases there are no natural explanation and it is those cases which makes you wonder what it really was you saw...


There are also several documented cases where persons claim to have seen a spacecraft and extraterrestrial lifeforms, or even been abducted by these. In such cases, the persons in question often doesn't remember anything of the occurred. One has been able to gather more or less complete descriptions of what has happened to these people when they have been exposed to hypnosis. A famous author by the name of Whitley Strieber who's been abducted at several occasions, has written books about his experiences.


Some accuses the US government to keep secret information about extraterrestrial spacecrafts which has crashed. The so called Roswell-incident is a typical example of that. There's even those who claim that the United States military has aliens in custody, at least dead bodies that has been found at those locations where spacecrafts supposedly have crashed.

Personally I believe that there is life on other planets in the universe and that there is a chance that we already are being visited by other intelligent lifeforms without us knowing it. I am a bit sceptic to all supposedly "close encounters" with aliens, though.


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