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The wolf is one of the worlds most notorious animal, both loved and hated as no other.

Because of the wolfs high intelligence, its sensible senses, great adaptability and great skill in hunting it could manage to live almost everywhere. Something that prove this is that the wolf in former day lived in every biotope in the northern hemisphere except plain desert.

Unfortunately, many people hate the wolf. They see the wolf as a cruel and mean beast, a devils companion that gladly would tear a human apart when ever a opportunity occurs. One story about this "blood thirsty beasts" is a story from France, 'The beast from Gévaudan'. This single wolf was accused to have killed more than fifty people and killed and slaughtered a lot of cattle. An army of 43000 soldiers and 2300 dogs was instructed by the king Ludvig XV to track and kill this wolf. And despite of this HUGE army, it took over two month to track and then murder this poor wolf.

There is lot of other similar stories in the world. I guess that every country with humans, cattle and wolves have similar beasts. I believe that everyone of us have heard stories as 'Little red riding hood' and 'Three little pigs', child-stories that tell children that wolves are mean and blood-thirsty.


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