I was an atheist, until I found out I was God


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You can also read this page in Swedish.



This is the music I listen to

There is quite a lot of good Swedish music. You should try Landberk, Änglagård, Anekdoten, Bo Hansson, Masque, ensemble Nimbus, Isildurs Bane, and Twice A Man.

Some good foreign music is created by Robert Fripp, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, and Brian Eno.

The following female artists are a must. Kate Bush, Happy Rhodes, Tori Amos, Danielle Dax, Sarah McLachlan, and Jane Siberry.

Some good music can be found at The Artist Shop Home Page.

If you happen to be in Akron OHIO then please visit Digital Daze at 1897 Brittain Road.
If you find yourself in Stockholm Sweden, then please visit Mellotronen at Kåkbrinken 16 i the old part of Stockholm (Gamla Stan.)


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You can email me at hoh@approve.se


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