Zenith is located at a new domain. The new domain is and the Url is:
Zeniths site will no longer be updated at this server.


This site will move to another location.
The date is not set but it will be soon.
The new Url is:


In the Netmail directory you will find links to lots off email
sites on the net where you can start an email account, mostly without charge.


Changes where made to "view url S to U"
The url of "tootie's sily sites" where corrected.


Visit this great site!


  • AddWebcam has been added to Zenith.
        Here you can Add your webcam in the
        Webcams directory.

  • Some changes where made in the navigation menu.

  • 10-03-1998

  • Viewurl Is updated.


  • Webcams has been added to zenith.
         In the webcams directory you can view webcams all over the world.

  • 24-02-1998

  • Excite has been removed from the search service.
         Excite have some kind of problem whith their search service.

  • Viewurl is uppdated!

  • 17-02-1998

  • Search has been added to zenith.
         Here you can search on six different search services.
         The search services are:
         Altavista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, Yahoo! and Metacrawler.

  • 11-02-1998

  • Viewurl has been added to zenith.
         Here you can view the url's that been added to Zenith.
         The banners in Viewurl could load slowly, if you think
         the download time is to slow just hit the "STOP" button on your browser.

  • 07-02-1998

  • Addurl is added to zenith.
         Here you can add your url to Zeniths Viewurl directory, its
         not ready yet but send your url anyway; - it will be added!

  • 03-02-1998

  • Eyezone changes name, layout and logotype.

  • The Guestbook is added, sign it if you want.

  • The Add url section will soon be added again, just like the view url section...

  • The site will be updated all the time, so check in frequently.

  • This site is best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or higher,
         screen settings 800 X 600, 15"

  • If you have any suggestions or questions please let us know!

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