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Designed by Markus 1999

persons have visited my homepage since august the 13th 1996.

Welcome to Markusīs greenday SUCKS page. This page is dedicated to all you people out there who despise greenday and all they stand for (which is not much actually). I will try to update my page as often as I can. This is a very interactive page so please use my Guestbook or even better the Message Board. You will find the links on the left side. Donīt forget to join the Mailinglist at the bottom of this page.

When you have spent enough time here you have to visit Peckerīs Anti-greenday Page. Pecker is the man behind the messageboard, the chat and other Anti-gd stuff.

New Club
00-06-26 There is a new greenday SUCKS club out. Click on this link: Join here .

And remember kids: This club is only open for people who despise gd and everything they stand for.

You won´t get me...
00-06-14 Today, the 14:th of June is a sad day. As some of you may have noticed, Peckers page is gone. There has been rumours floating around. Some of them included a knife, a greenday-teenybobber and the deathrow..... Those rumours proved to be false however. Today I got an e-mail from the man himself, where he explained that some censorhorny gd-fan has gotten his, Peckers, page terminated. They had apparently threatened Angelfire with a big lawsuit. So for now Peckers page is down. You may have won this battle but the war ain´t over.

For everyone back in the days, a couple of years ago, when the anti-gd movement peaked, Sidlaz, Jack, Adam, Pete and you others it´s a tragedy. But I know that Pecker will be back, he won´t let threats stop him. I certainly won´t.

And for those of you who have e-mailed my ISP telling threatening them with lawsuits, it won´t help so you can quit that now.

In a couple of days I will post a feature about the history of the anti-gd movement, a tribute to Pecker and me. And Pecker: mail me for the feature.

00-05-25 Long time ago.... I have added Poll to the right. Use it and make your opinions heard... But remember kids, you can only vote once a day. So no cheating.

A success story
99-05-07 Some weeks ago a former gd-fan mailed me and said he had seen the light after visiting my page. He used to be obsessed with BJ and greenday but after spending a couple of hours on my pages the message got through to him: greenday are EVIL and must be stopped at all cost. The former fan wants to be anonymous so letīs call him the Preacher. After seeing the light and walking out of the dark tunnel which is greenday-music, he started preaching the Message on his local High-School. The Preacher got severe injures caused by some gd-fans on steroids. But as the brave soul he is he continued preaching and has to date turned 4 fans to the light. I have also recieved a message to all of you from the Preacher. It is an animated GIF-image which can be seen here: Bille Joe blow. I like to call this piece of art:
B(low) J(ob) gets blown. I will ofcourse update you on the future adventures of the Preacher.

I am back
99-05-07 I am back. Despite of common belief: NO I have NOT died from a caraccident and NO I have not ODīd on you. I guess some (most?) of you would have prefered me dead but I will continue to haunt all of you pathetic greenday fans.

If you have visited my messageboard lately you couldnīt have missed the bozo pretending to be BJ, why the hell anybody would ever want to be him is to me a  total mystery. His entries are pretty entertaining though but even more entertaining are the losers believing him. I guess that tells us something about gd-fans.....

Many of you have requested the article on BJ being the AntiChrist. Keep calm, it will come.....

the Anti-Anti-greenday Contest
98-09-12 Remember a month ago when the Anti-Anti greenday contest started? Well, time flies and now the contest is over. But before I present the winner: I have gotten 6 pages containing more or less stuff about Anti-Anti-greenday ranging everywhere from the excellent Markus Sux page to Pecker-Killers pathetic biographies about Pecker and I. The winner is (tatata.....) : the Markus Sux page by Dogs. I will soon link every contestent but until then enjoy the winner. If you want to see his banner for the site visit my links section.

The Son of the Dark is born
98-09-06 Billie Joeīs wife Adrienne gave birth to a little boy last week. Let us just hope that it will not follow itīs fathers footsteps and become singer of a hated popband. We have an exclusive picture of the newborn.

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Exploited show their disrespect for greenday
98-08-31 The singer of Exploited, Wattie Buchan, openly shows his hate for greenday at Kerrangīs Award when he walks off stage with the words "I canīt fucking believe this".

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Bagelfacesīs encounter with gd
Read all about Bagelfaceīs unpleasant encounter with greenday on a concert. This article is taken from the punkzine `PunkAsFukī.
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BJ as the Antichrist

Soon to come:

Is Billie Joe the Antichrist? We have the facts that prove it......