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This section will take up some of the most common questions I get. So before you send me an e-mail containing some stupid questions, READ this. If this page doesnīt contain the question you want answered, send me an e-mail or use the Guestbook. I will soon add more questions and answers.

Q: Is your real name Markus and where do you live?

A: Yes it is. I live in Sweden.

Q: Why are you doing this page, you stupid motherfucker?

A: To piss of losers like you, who thinks greenday is a great punk band.

Q: Why are you doing a page about a band you hate and not about a band you like?

A: There are too many positive fan-pages out there and I think the internet needs some good old fashioned HATE and NEGATIVITY.

Q: So you hate all greenday-fans and want to kill us all?

A: NO I donīt. I believe that most of the greenday-fans can be saved from the horrible belief that greenday is a punk band. However there are a few gd-fans out there who are in it to deep to be saved, they must die.

Q: I got it. You are just jealous of Billie Joe and that is why you are doing this page.

A: You couldnīt be more wrong. Why would I be jelous of that little knob. Look for yourself.

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Q: Greenday have sold hundreds of thousands records. They must be a great band.

A: Spice Girls have sold 10 million records, so whatīs your point?

Q: I bet you love the Spice Girls and Hanson if you think greenday sucks. / So what music do YOU like?

A: So why does everyone think that hating gd equals loving hanson/spice girls. I like original punk like Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones etc. I like modern punkrock like Propagandhi, Bad Religion. I like other musicgroups like Rage against the machine, Limp Bizkit, DLK.

Q: You must secretly love greenday or something since you obviously spend hundreds of hours designing this sucko page?

A: Um, I donīt spend much time doing this and I honestly hate greenday.

Q: Are you stupid or something? It is spelled Green Day not greenday.

A: I spell them greenday just to make you remember how small and unimportant they are.

Q: This site sucks because I love Green Day!!

A: Um, and you sucks because, um, greenday, um, sucks. Makes sence doesnīt it.

Q:  Greenday are the original punkrock band!

A: No they have nothing to do with punk. They are infact a pop band, commercial pop.

Q: I have contacted greendayīs manager and they will sue you.

A: OK. Sue me.

Q: Why havenīt you answered my guestbook entry / e-mail?

A: Because they were probably plain meaningless guestbook entries / e-mails.