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Page related news

 wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)1998-09-12 The contest is over and the winner presented. Linked the winner with an image in the links section.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)1998-08-31 Changed the design a little bit. Added a Bannerpage. If you like my page you can link it. Read here how to do it. It is very easy. Divided up this news page in one page related part and on part containing greenday news.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)1998-08-28 New design. Hope you enjoy it.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)1998-08-11 Maybe the dumbest e-mail of the year has arrived. Look for yourself in the Feedback section.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)1998-08-11 OK people, you might have seen a couple of   "Markus sucks" pages out there. I have only seen four different pages yet so if you see someone who tries to drag my good name in the dirt please e-mail me with their address. It is obvious that those people have a really hard time getting visitors to their pages which is very understandable considering they are really sucky. Some of brains behind those "Markus sucks" pages have e-mailed me with a request to link them (yea right) in order for them to receive more visitors. I have yet refused to link them, not because of their contents cause I can take criticism (unlike some rabid gd-fans), but because they basically are really bad. I will now start a contest to see if any "Markus sucks" page is worthy of a big fat image link on this page because thatīs what the firstprize is (the runner-ups gets a free bj from BJ (catchy, huh?)). Send in your votes to me or if you have a "Markus sucks" page send me the address. I promise you that the winner will get loads of visitors to their page.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)We have found another messageboard service. The one mentioned below really sucks, maybe even more than greenday. Nah...... Anyway, test the new one for a while and tell me what you think about it:

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wb01073_.gif (256 bytes) Please donīt use the messagboard service described below. Use the one described above.

OK. So the people at Extreme Online ignores our screams for help and refuses to fix the messageboard. Instead we will use the old one. It really sucks, you canīt use words like fuck and shit and so on because it autocensors them. But hey, what can you do? So here is the new messboard address:
So Fido, Vladimir, Sidlaz and you other people at the messageboard: ENJOY!

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)May 25 and over 6000 angry customers. It gives me about 1000 visitors per month. Pretty good. OK so I havenīt updated the page / answered the guestbook for a while but I will be better. Promise. The sad thing is that our messageboard has vanished and I canīt get in contact with the people at Extreme Online who runs it. I still havenīt got the pictures of Mikes bloody face, so if you have them please mail them to me. Soon to come: A "Peckerstyle"-test were you fill out what you think of greenday, billie joe and the other losers. You will be given the results in a form of so you can see how you are as a human beeing (i.e. liking greenday makes you an evil person, hating them makes you good). You get the point.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes) I have added a new Questions & Answers page. There I will publish the most common questions and my answers. Before you send me an e-mail or write in the guestbook, look there.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes) Today 1998-03-25 Iīve had 4000+ visitors and maybe 3000 of them have been here this year.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes) OK, from now on I will try to answer everyone who writes in my Guestbook. The answer will be put under your entry. I will try  to answer every entry within a day or two, so come back and check my answer. So come on and  sign my guestbook. If you have something really smart to say and want more people to read it, use our ANTI-Green Day message board.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)Today Pecker found a webpage concerning greendayīs treatment of their fans. The text was great so I wrote the guy, Bagelface,  and asked if I could publish it. Ofcourse I could. So here can I present: "Bagelfaceīs bone to pick: GreenDay"  The article is copied from the "PunkAsFuk"-zine.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)A new great picture in the Quotes section. Thanks Pecker. Censored some things about Sid.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)New design. Hope you enjoy it.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)To get even more ways to interact with our readers, Pecker started the ANTI-Green Day message board. Visit and make your contribution.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)JOIN the Green Day SUCKS mailinglist to get INFO when my page is UPDATED. Just press the "Join List" Button to join.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)Salud SIDLAZ! Are you happy now?

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)Today I got a guestbookentry from ANOTHER greenday hater. OK it is not that unusual but this man got a greenday SUCKS page of his own. Go visit him. The link is in the Links section.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)My page has joined the "Anti Music: The hate Ring". It is a great webring. Look at the bottom of this page for more info.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)The ANTI greenday Chat room have opened today 10/2. Come in and chat with your greenday-loving friends.

Chat Room:

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)Pecker and I have joined forces and produced the "United greenday 2 in 1 Page". Please pay it a visit and tell all your friends about it:

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)I receive 3-4 e-mails every day, most of them are like: "FUCK YOU. YOU SUCK NOT GREENDAY. BILLIE JOE IS THE COOLEST. I WILL COME HOME TO YOU AND KILL YOU"............

BUT the other day I got a letter with the most amazing message. It was something like this:

"You know!?? This whole time I thought I was the only greenday hater. Well now I know. Ive been working on the ANTI-Green Day Page forever and
I thought I was alone.
The ANTI-Greenday Page is at "

The letter was signed Pecker and I obviously visited his page. It was great and he really knows how to face a greenday-fan. So VISIT him and join our quest for a gd-free world.


greenday related news

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)1998-09-06 The son of the dark is born. A sunday in the late of August 1998 a child was born. It bears a striking resemblance to Antichrist himself. We have gotten hold of the first picture (below) of the newborn from an anonymous e-mail. Itīs name is: Lawrence Livemore Armstrong. Let us pray that it will not follow itīs fathers footsteps.  Let us hope it will see the light and walk beyond commercial popmusic. Or else....

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wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)1998-08-31 It seems like yet another band (see the Third Eye Blind story below) shows their hate for greenday. This time it is the band Exploited. It all happened at the "Kerrangīs award". Wattie Buchan, the singer of Exploited, came onstage to deliver the "Best internation Live Act" award, and when he opened the envelope he said loudly "I donīt fucking believe this" and walked off stage before he even said who the winner was. It apparently was greenday who won the award and Wattie couldnīt believe  his eyes (and who can blame him for that). Best internation live act???? Their stage performance really SUCKS. Either they are too drunk to play or worse: too drunk to face the fact that they canīt play  and proceeds with their "playing". Anyway, greenday didnīt even understand why Wattie walked off stage so they stumbled up to recieve the award without even comment on the event.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes)That Mike guy in greenday has done it again (se below for more Mike-blood). The little dweeb apparently broke his tiny skull. It all happened at a Los Angeles radio station festival known as the KROQ Weenie Roast. Third Eye Blindīs bassist Arion Salazar went on stage when gd was playing. He gave Mike a huge hug and told  him something like īI  love youī. But Mike didnīt appreciate the joke (as the homophobic he is) and began kicking Arion. After the concert Mike started to fight Arion but instead he got himself a skull fracture cause Arion (or one of his fans) hit little Mike in the head with a beerbottle. Where were Tre Cool(?) and Billie Joe when this all happened? Hiding behind a trashcan? Greenday canceled all their concerts this weekend. I think I will go out and buy all of Third Eye Blindīs cds tomorrow to show them my support and I urge you to do the same.

wb01073_.gif (256 bytes) "BILLIE JOE IS IN PERMANENT COMA!"   This piece of news hit me the other day. Nobody would enjoy that news more than me, well maybe Pecker.  However it turned out that it was only a lie (unfortunately) because apparently greenday played a live concert on MTV the following day. BUT I have another piece of good news for you. Mike, a member of gd, broke his nose during the concert and I am desperatly trying to get hold of the photos showing his bloody face. I will hopefully bring them (the pictures) to you within a few days. So come back for more soon!