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Here is a completely new section with greenday-related links. Send in your favorite links and I will publish them., you must know you enemy., see above reason. the Anti-gd page, I love this one. Brought to you by Pecker and Markus. A new greenday-SUCKS page.

Sidlaz ANTI-Prodigy page This page is the only cool gd-fan I know of.

James Smash Mouth Page James page. He used to be a gd-fan but we converted him.   Jack Bloomīs page. Contains a cool guy pissing on greenday. Symbolic.

After you have spent an hour or so here why donīt you visit Peckerīs excellent Anti-GreenDay site.

The winner of the Anti-Anti-greenday contest. The Markus Sux page by Dogs. Visit and enjoy.

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Jack Bloomīs page. Contains a cool guy pissing on greenday. Symbolic.jacksbanner.gif (7100 bytes)  

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