From the punkzine, PunkAsFuk.

Bagelfaces's bone to pick!

Ya' know who I'm gonna bitch about??? I'm gonna bitch about the band I hate most at the minute.

So bite yer' lip and close your eyes- Because that band is Greenday.

Greenday are total rockstar-dipshit-assholes!.

Why, you ask? Why would I say sucks things about Greenday? Because Greenday (at one point) was one of my favorite bands. I had met them at a few shows and they were cool enough to hang out with their fans and talk to them. So, last time they came to town with the Riverdays I said, "Cool, I can't wait to see these guys again." So I waited outside the venue for them to come in. After seeing Mike Durnt(bass player) I said, "Hey Mike! What's up?" And you know what that dipshit did? He didn't say shit! He looked at me and LITERALLY ran into the building, what a wanker!

Maybe it's the MTV Videos, or the Billions of 9 year olds who are escorted by their parents to all of Greenday's shows, or maybe its the big 'Rockstar bus' they travel around in now, maybe they're the next incarnation of Christ…. I just think they're assholes.

But it gets better.

I may not hold a grudge if Mike was too much of a 'rockstar' to acknowledge my existance. Who knows, maybe he was strung out on crack! But the asshole wasn't satified with ignoring me, he had their sumo-wrestler Bodyguard come out of the backstage and told me,and I quote, to "Get the fuck out of here." Well I did…. For about 10 minutes. I came back and they sent the same sumo along with a cro-magnon and a apparent ex-poison roadie.

So, I said "Greenday, they're so fuckin' punk! They're fucking sellouts!" and the Poision-riadue says. "Yeah….you're really punk yourself." What a brilliant reply.

So my friends and I leave again and when we turn around we see the three stooges beating up on of green days 14-year-old, 90 pound-female fans.

All I know is this. Green day have the making of total rock-starts. They now have their own Gestapo. They are FAR too cool to talk to their old fans. They play huge arenas. They are always on MTV, they probably throw TV's out the window too.

Green Day… This one is for you ok….

Smoke my BIG FAT COCK!


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