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Thought I would let you know that since posting my message in March of last year for information on the HMS Hollyhock I've had three people contact me in the last three months. All three made contact via your notice board. Two Canadians had relatives on the HMS Hermes and one Australian on the HMS Cornwall. While I have to date not received any information on the Hollyhock had some interesting and informative exchanges. I am sure additional contacts will be made in the months to come. Thank you for posting my message in you notice board. Regards, Win Flamma.
Christophe, France
My Dad was on board RN ships as a Free French. He joined the RN in 1940 and spent some time in HMS Edinburgh. She sank in May 1942. I would like to find some pictures and anecdotes. e-mail
Andrew M. Klein
I have seen a reverse painting on glass that pictures a ship, apparently a first or second rate (but that is not sure), named HMS The Hogue in the company of HMS Victory and HMS Euryalus. I have been unable to learn anything about "The Hogue" (or La Hogue or any other spelling variation, including the spelling "Hougue," which I have seen in some references to the battle of La Hogue in the late 1600s)or whether there ever was a ship by that name in the British navy of Nelson's time. Do you, or does any reader, have any information on this topic -- or suggestion as to how I might find out more about it? e-mail
Des Steel, UK
A friend has asked me to find info and a picture, if possible, on HMS Salvia, Flower Class corvette, which went down Christmas Eve, 1941 off Alexandria. Any help appreciated. e-mail
Graham Bennett, UK
My father served on HMS Undaunted (destroyer) in WWII. Any info appreciated. His name was Alfred James Bennett. e-mail
Mounce, NZ
HMS WILDFIRE: Am trying to get info about this ship - an uncle was supposedly "lost at sea" from it sometime just after WW1. He had previously fought at the Battle of Jutland. Any leads welcome. e-mail
HMS COURAGEOUS - This year will mark the 60th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Courageous with the loss of some 580 lives. My grandfather, David Edward LOCK (d 1982) was a Leading Seaman aboard Courageous from 16 May 1939 until she was torpedoed and sunk on 17th. September 1939. Thankfully he survived but he was greatly affected by the loss of so many of his comrades, many of them friends from his home base of HMS Drake (Devonport, Plymouth). I would appreciate hearing from anyone connected with or with information about Courageous.
The loss of Courageous was a great tragedy. She had been hastily converted to an aircraft carrier and was not suitable for the anti-submarine patrols that she was assigned to. My Grandfather told me, and this has been confirmed by other sources, that there were not enough life - jackets on board and that many of the lifeboats were stuck to the structure of the ship by layers and layers of paint rendering them useless. My grandfather proudly served in the Royal Navy from 1922 to 1947, aboard many ships, being at the Battle of Narvik and the Battle of Matapan, and other actions, but it was the sinking of Courageous that always bothered him the most. He was happy to have survived but sad to have lost so many comrades.
Paul Harrison
Looking for information, photographs and former sailors who served on HMS ROCHESTER between Nov 1942 & Feb 1945. My father was a telegrapher during this time - ERIC HARRISON I have a number of photos I'm trying to identify. Any help appreciated. e-mail
Holly, UK
I am searching for information about my Dad's Brother Able Seaman Percy Charles Bloomfield H.M.S. Pembroke, Royal Navy who died aged 19 on Tuesday, 21st January 1941. This is all the information that I have at this time. e-mail
David Slater
I'm trying to trace details of two Royal Navy ships that my grandfather served on during World War Two: "Seagull" and "Karanja" any idea which sites to access? I've had no luck so far. Any help appreciated. e-mail
Richard Murphy, NZ
Could you please suggest where I could get some information about HMS SPARTIATE. My mother joined this establishment in WW2 as a WREN. I cannot find out anything about this on thw WWW and being in New Zealand it is also difficult to get information on the Royal Navy. e-mail
Dean Blanchard
I was looking up a relative of mine who died in WW1 and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission stated that he served on HMS LOUVAIN, as an air mechanic, can you tell me what or where HMS Louvain was. e-mail
Deane Little
I have a beautiful old photograph of a four man rowing crew from the HMS Cornwall, taken on November 8, 1935 before a race with a crew from the Royal Singapore Yacht Club. The oarsmen from the Cornwall are identified as Lt. Cmdr. G. Cobb, Lt. Cmdr. E R Jackson, Lt. Cmdr. D M L Neame and Reverend H. Goulding, with coxswain Mrs. G. Cobb. I am trying to obtain any information about these crew members, whether they were still serving when the Cornwall was sunk in April 1942, and whether any of them might still be alive today. I would like to send them a copy of the picture if possible.
I am looking for any information about the loss of HMS Greyhound at the battle of Crete in 1941. My dad was an Ordnance Artificer on the ship when she was sunk and I have no information of any survivors. e-mail
Dave Bell, UK
I am searching for any information on a merchant ship SILVER MAPLE, which was sunk off the coast of Africa on Feb 26th 1941. My father, WILFRED PETER BELL served as a gunner on this ship seconded from the Royal Navy. I am interested in a list of crew members, or any other survivors. If anyone could pass on on any information, (or links to other sites that they may have come across,) I would be very pleased to hear from you. Please contact me by e-mail
Janet Silver, UK
I am looking for any info about HMS Scylla, the one that was built in the 1940s, in Glasgow I think. e-mail

Mike Collins, Australia
I'm attempting to gather information on 3 British minesweepers that my father-in-law served on between 1939 - 44. He passed his medals onto his grandson and I would like to get details of the following ships. HMS Barbacan, Dr Lee and HMS Barthorp. Base station was High Flyer but I don't know if this was a shore station or a larger ship. If you have any information on these ships please let me know by e-mail. Thank you.
Paul Kolodziejczak
A friend has asked me to find out any information regarding the following minesweepers of WW2 on behalf of an elderly friend of his who has served aboard these vessels: HMS Canopus, HMS Wallborough, HMS Scud V, HMS Quadrille, HMS Gavotte (Sunk), HMS Corrigan. He is particularly keen to contact any other former crew members of these vessels, and to obtain any photos (expenses will be reimbursed). Thanking you. e-mail.
John Bennett, USA
My father served on the USS Brough as a cryptoligst working in the radio room in the fall of 1942. The Captain of the ship got an order to send two men to the Royal Navy to cypher top secret US messages. My father was the right man at the right time. He served the rest of the war on four different British ships: HMS Teaser, HMS Quadrant, HMS Ipire Mace and HMS Lothian. If you have any information on these ships please let me know by e-mail.
W. Flamma
On behalf of my neighbour I am looking for any information on HMS Hollyhock a flower class corvette of the Royal Navy. In 1942 her family received notification that her brother, Albert John Booth, Stoker 1st class on the HMS Hollyhock, was lost at sea and presumed dead. To this day the family has not received any further information. Through the Internet and the South African Military Society web site I discovered that HMS Hollyhock along with the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes were sunk by Japanese aircraft east of Ceylon on April 9th, 1942. There is no report of survivors. On April 5th, 1942, west of Ceylon, Japanese aircraft sank two heavy cruisers the HMS Cornwall and the HMS Dorsetshire. 1122 crew members survived. If you have any information please let me know by e-mail.
Graham Hurd, Quaker Hill, USA
Would anyone know of a ship (WW II era) HMS Bherunda? I think it may have been a shore station (India or Ceylon maybe). My Father can't help me with this one as he was in the Med from 42 to 45 in minesweepers as an HO Rating. I collect mail from HM Ships and have two envelopes from Bherunda so I thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I exhibit at shows around the States and if you know of anyone with the same interest please let me know. Please contact me by e-mail.
Graham White
My late father served on HMS Euryalus during 1940-1946, and I know that the ship was part of the 5th Cruiser Squadron sailing around Malta and also part of FORCE V. Unfortunately my father died leaving no details of his war service. I would therefore be grateful for any information. My father's name was William Frederick White, also known as Chalky. Please contact me by e-mail.
Steve Walford, Beverley , UK
We visit The Gambia, West Africa each year and have made the acquaintance of a Mr Jeng. He would like to get in touch with Mr.P.A. Warner who served on HMS Nigeria and visited Senegal West Africa in 1956-57, playing a cricket match in Dakar. Mr Warner loaned Mr Jeng money; Mr Jeng is now a successful business man and would like to repay the debt by inviting Mr Warner to his home in Africa. Please contact me by e-mail.
John Martin Butte, Mt., USA
I am searching for info on HMS Kingston (F64) bombed 4-11-42 and scuttled later on. I am trying to get a manifest and listing of personnel killed during this attack. My grandfather was aboard her during this time and was buried in Malta. If anyone out there can give me more info or even names of the survivors if there are any still alive. His name was John Murphy and the last rate I remember was signalman or senior yeoman. Please contact me by e-mail.
Stuart Gill
My Father served on HMS Dunedin and was one of few survivors when it was torpedoed by U-124 on 24th November 1941. I have found some information about this incident and about the Dunedin more generally, but not much appears to have been written. My Father, William (Bill) Gill and I are trying to get in touch with survivors or anyone else who might have knowledge of the ship and her crew. Please contact me by e-mail if you can help.
Arnold Romberg, Texas, USA.
I am doing some research in preparation for writing a review of C. S. Forester's "The Ship". His son, John Forester, tells me that CSF visited HMS Penelope when she was being repaired at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, sailed on her trial trip after repairs, and learned at that time of the action described in The Ship. A reading of the description of the second battle of Sirte, in The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea, suggests to me that the action described is that battle. I would like to find out if the Penelope was indeed at that battle. Please contact me by e-mail.
Bryan Bisley, British Columbia, Canada.
I am a Canadian writer currently working on an adventure novel. Action in one chapter takes place in the Persian Gulf circa 1960. I would like to contact anyone who served on HMS Hermes (R12), and any destroyers or frigates which visited Jufair, Bahrain around 1959-1961, to discuss some details regarding these ships. Also anyone involved with RN Westland Whirlwind helicopters in connection with such ships would have useful information. Anyone interested in answering a few questions, please contact me by e-mail.
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