HMS Vengeance Dad served from 12-05-46 to 25-09-46
  HMS Vengeance

Colossus Class Carriers

Light Fleet Carriers (CVL)

Displacement:13,400 tons standard; 18,330 tons full load
Dimensions: 630 pp, 650 wl, 695 oa x 80 x 23.5 feet
Propulsion: Steam Turbines (4 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, 2 shafts, Parsons geared turbines), 40,000 shp.
Speed: 25 knots
Range: 12,000 miles at 14 knots
Compliment: 1300 (including air group)
Aircraft: 48
Armament: 24 x 2 pdr AA; 32 x 20 mm
Scaled down version of Illustrious Class but with a large aircraft compliment achieved by a lack of armour. Designed for rapid construction in merchant yards to make up for the shortfall in carriers but much more capable than escort carriers. Perseus and Pioneer were completed as maintenance carriers without catapults. After the war various units of the class were sold or reconstructed with angled decks or as helicopter carriers.

HMS Colossus

Built by Vickers Armstrong, Newcastle. Laid down 1st June 1942.
Launched 30th September 1943. Commissioned 16th December 1944.
Loaned to France as Arromanches from August 1946; purchased by France 1951.
Reconstructed with 4 degree angled flight deck 1957-58. Converted to ASW carrier 1968 and operating 24 helicopters. Decommissioned 1974, broken up at Toulon 1978.

HMS Vengeance

[photo] [photo]
Built by Swan Hunter. Laid down 16th November 1942.
Launched 23rd February 1944. Commissioned 15th January 1945.
Transferred to the Royal Australian Navy from 1953 to August 1955.
Sold to Brazil as Minas Gerais late 1956. Refitted at Rotterdam 1957-1960 with 8.5 degree angled deck. Overhauled 1976-1980. Laid up 1987 due to catapult problems.
She is still active [photo], [photo #2] and has been used as an ASW carrier (all aircraft & pilots belong to the Air Force). This year (1997) she has seen maneouvres as an attack carrier with Argentina Naval Aviation Super Etendards attack planes, ANA Sea Kings & ANA pilots as part of the widening collaboration between Argentina & Brazil.
Thanks to Eduardo Mitchell of IPMS Sweden for the information and photos.

HMS Venerable

Built by Cammell Laird. Laid down 3rd December 1942.
Launched 30th December 1943. Commissioned 17th January 1945.
Sold to the Netherlands as HrMs Karel Doorman in May 1958. Reconstructed 1955-1958 with 8 degree angled deck. Paid off from Dutch service April 1968 due to a boiler room fire. Sold to Argentina as ARA 25 de Mayo with Argentina's Navy and refitted with replacement boilers from the incomplete HMS Leviathan. Commissioned into Argentinean Navy 22 August 1969. Out of service since June 1986, currently nothing more than a hulk although not yet stricken.

HMS Pioneer

Built by Vickers Armstrong, Barrow. Laid down 2nd December 1942.
Launched 20th May 1944. Commissioned 8th February 1945 as maintenance support ship.
Carried no aircraft but had workshops, cranes and guns fitted on her flightdeck.
Broken up at Inverkeithing September 1954.

HMS Glory

Built by Harland & Wolff. Laid down 27th August 1942.
Launched 27th November 1943. Commissioned 2nd April 1945.
1951-53 Korean War service.
Reserve 1956-1961. Broken up at Inverkeithing 1961.

HMS Ocean

[photo] [photo #2]
Built by Stephen. Laid down 8th November 1942.
Launched 8th July 1944. Commissioned 8th August 1945.
Host to first carrier landing by a jet aircraft, 3rd December 1945, off the Isle of White.
Commando carrier at Suez, November 1956. Reserve 1957. Stricken 1960.
Broken up at Faslane, May 1962.

HMS Perseus

Built by Vickers Armstrong, Newcastle. Laid down 1st June 1942.
Launched 26th March 1944. Commissioned 19th October 1945 as maintenance support ship. Designated a ferry carrier 1953 and present at the Coronation Review.
Broken up May 1958 at Port Glasgow.

HMS Theseus

Built by Fairfield. Laid down 6th January 1943.
Launched 6th July 1944. Commissioned 9th January 1946.
Commando carrier at Suez, November 1956. Reserve 1958.
Stricken 1960. Broken up May 1962 at Inverkeithing.

HMS Triumph

Built by Hawthorn Leslie. Laid down 27th January 1943.
Launched 2nd October 1944. Commissioned 9th April 1946.
Reserve mid 1950s. Converted to heavy repair ship 1958-1965.
Paid off 1975. Stricken 1980. Broken up 1981 in Spain.

HMS Warrior

Built by Harland & Wolff. Laid down 12th December 1942.
Launched 20th May 1944. Completed 24th January 1946.
Loaned to Royal Canadian Navy 1946-48 and not commissioned into RN until November 1948. Headquarters ship for the atom bomb tests on Christmas Island.
Sold to Argentina as Independencia 1958. Commissioned 26th January 1959.
Stricken from Argentinean Navy 1971. Broken up.
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