The Royal Naval Ships of Victor Johns during WWII
HMS Liverpool (early 1942)

White Ensign

This is a personal home page about my father's Royal Naval career during the Second World War. I realised in 1997 that I knew very little about that period in his life and also discovered that WWII Royal Naval information on the Web was not very comprehensive.
I decided, as a result, to put together a site dealing with the ships he was on and to add personal anecdotes as they surfaced from the depths of his memory. This is a period he finds hard to recall; to be honest, I think he has repressed most of the horror. Dad was 80 in December last year.
I encourage others to embark on a similar undertaking as the numbers with first hand experience of this period are ever diminishing.
If anyone can add any details, photos or personal stories on my dad's ships, please
e-mail me. Any feedback is appreciated.

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HMS Liverpool - click me
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HMS Vengeance - click me
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Victor Johns in his Petty Officer's Uniform

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Pictures and personal memories from my dad Victor Johns (C/JX154353) will be added from time to time, so feel free to drop anchor here again. He readily admits, though, that at the age of 80 he sometimes can't remember why he went upstairs!

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My father sadly threw away his Navy Service Record, listing at what dates he was on these ships, together with many wonderful photos. All is not lost, however, as I'm trying to rekindle his 80 year old memory and obtained a copy of his Service Record. The following section, concerning research, may be of use to others in a similar situation:

Research - click me Photographs - click me

By law, all Admiralty documents dealing with events which occurred more than thirty years ago, and which have been considered worthy of permanent preservation, are held in the custody of the Public Record Office. The Research section gives some pointers.
Photographs are what bring this period to life. There's not much on the Web; good naval books are out of print and hard to find; family albums are ... family albums and, no doubt, many end up being thrown away. My dad threw away many photos when I was a small boy thinking that no one would show any interest in them! My Photo page provides some sources.

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The Links pages take you to other destinations but as I've added target="blank" they will open in a new window - You can't jump ship that easily!.
I'm also a builder (cough, cough, collector?) of plastic models. I've got the usual planes and tanks etc., but since starting this naval site about my dad in September 1997, I'm trying to get models of his ships.


Once again, if anyone can add any details, photos or personal stories on my dad's ships, please e-mail me. I would also like to hear from anyone who has details of associations or reunions for the ships that my dad was on.
Gavin Johns (Vice-Admirable ;-)

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