Stockholm's Resturants

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Bamboo Palace, Kungsgatan

Asian food resturant, serving both Chinese and Japanese dishes. I have eaten the Sukiyaki dinner and found it very pleasing. It is a bit expensive though. Good food and good service by courteus and polite staff. (Kai)

Burger King, Stureplan

Who goes home without a burger? Noone! This place is usually open so I'll recommend it for you city-pubbers. And they take Diners Club card too (HOOOORAAAY!!!) Conclusion: finish off your drinking night with a Whopper-Cheese meal and a Shake (Chocolate!) here and wake up a lot happier!!!! (Jonte)

Format, Skeppsholmen

Format is a nicely styled resturant on Skeppsholmen by Amiralitetshuset. They food is 'variations' on many cultures food styles. I guess you could call it a crossover resturant. They only serve meals during the day so no dinner resturant this. It is 'close' by the new museum of modern art. (Kai)

Grands Veranda, Blasieholmen

To add a resturant serving the famous Smorgasbord, this resturant is not one of the cheapest around but you get a full smorgasbord in one of the finest resturants in Stockholm. Good country style food (husmanskost in swedish) but expensive sums it up. (Johan S)

India Gate, Frejgatan

An indian restaurant that serves mainly lunches, and is situated at Frejgatan up by Vallahalla vägen. You got to get there on a Tuesday or a Friday when they serve LambSambal. I does not matter if you hate lamb, you are gonna love this. The price is about SEK 60. Sounds expensive? (Editors note: It is not expensive) Maybe.. but it is worth every penny.(Micke)

Indira Tandoori, Bondegatan

Indira Tandoori is a small Indian resturant with great chicken tandoori dishes. The place is small and cozy. It is not possible to make table reservations, just drop in and see if there are free spots! The food and drinks are cheap in comparison to many other resturants in Stockholm. For about 110 SEK you get a good dinner with a beer! (Kai)

Koh Phangang, Skånegatan

Cozy Thai resturant with an authentic looking interior decoration, (bamboohut style with distant sound of crickets). Very good Thai style food, both well spiced/less spiced. Thai beer and the standard assortment of liquers are available. No table reservations, so be there in time.. 15.00 - 16.30 in the weekends are not so crowded, after that it gets more lively. (Krille)

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