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Mayday's Homepage:
This is the one to beat! Cool picture of Madonna
The Eternal Warriors Clanpage:
Quake clan homepage
Johanna's Homepage:
A generally fun site!
Silencer's Homepage:
Cool page! Fun but never updated diary?
Kobra Homepage:
Star Wars MUD
Jennifer's Homepage:
Nice and neat..
Ulf's Homepage:
Cool but a little outdated music links!
Hiking in Sälen:
Interested in hiking in Sweden
Steve's Homepage:
for having a cool tune on the web page
Virtual Troopers:
Kool Quake clanpage

Mark's Homepage:
What can I say.. Star Wars rox!
Max Homepage:
Well he is my brother..
Bengt's Homepage:
Kool page with lots of java features
Erik's Homepage:
Ahhh memories of long lost student days...

I've created my own award to promote personal and cool web pages on the www.

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My own Homepage (Stockholm.. Our Way..) has been awarded these honours:

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Orchid Award for Page Excellence, March 1 1998

Linker of the week award by Week 4 1998

Personal award :-) for getting 10 lightbulbs

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