Project Diary

SystemIII diary In Shadow of Time diary
    Dec. 97
  • Still love her :)... hates school :)
    Nov. 97
  • Mmmmm... I really love my girlfriend :)
    Oct. 97
  • Added an additional function to a command to be able to change the head/body priority.
    Sep. 97
  • Nothing yet...
    Aug. 97
  • Nothing...
    Jul. 97
  • Working on an extended version of the in-game dialogue language.
  • Included some code to the text window to show the long-due headimage :)
  • Improved the headImage-routines to include different 'moods'
    Jun. 97
  • Adding some more things to the user-preferences.
  • Fixed the 'wait vbl flash' bug.
    May. 97
  • Working on the 'wait vbl' bug...
  • Fixed a small bug in the Sampleroutines... and still one to go....
    Apr. 97
  • Optimised some routines and added 'Are you sure?' to some.
  • I've meet a wonderful little woman who occupies most of my time right now, happy happy.
    Mar. 97
  • Finished the RND-Sample great!
  • Included the 'mumble soundsystem' to make characters 'talk' with different pitch and volume.
  • SystemIII now allocates a new stack if the one supplied is to small, instead of just complaining.
  • Added a few 'lockup-counters' to stop some CPU-hungry routines from stealing to much time and disrupting the game.
  • Updated the Installer-script to include MagicWB-icons....does anyone use NewIcons?
  • Included some Chipmem-saving routines. One includes closing the Workbench.
  • Optimised frequently accessed routines.
  • Found a odd bug that affected the music....strange....
  • Reworked all textdisplays to output shadowed text in the windows. Looks great!
  • Guidedocument is as good as done.
  • Found a small memoryleak bug...
  • Ran the game on a 2Mb system and noticed that SystemIII took, at most, 950kb of memory! That leaves me with at least 500kb memory to play with :)
  • 4xSpeedup in the 'calculate walkpath'-routine....... It seems to work too! :)
  • 50xSpeedup in the 'find closest walkpos' (Lost about 600 mulu instructions :)
  • I'm getting my 68040 40Mhz 16Mb card tomorrow!! :):):)
  • Found a graphics bug in one room that only seems to exist when running on a really fast CPU. :(
    Feb. 97
  • Added some miscellaneous commands.
  • Debugged all 'timetravel'-routines.
  • Fixed the reading of startup arguments and tooltypes, to support the 'nosound' and 'nomusic' setting.
  • Started writing on the Amigaguide document.
  • Learned how to write installer-scripts, and started writing one.
  • Guide reached 35 Kb.
  • First installerscript works (Yesssss!!).
  • Started working on the roomloadingbuffers.
  • Included dynamic loadbuffers, so if you have an extra Meg, you can buffer a whole timeperiod :).
  • Fixed some misc bugs in the musicloading- and scaleimageroutines.
  • Started work on RandomSampleRoutine, to use with backgroundsounds & mumbling.
  • Joke of the month: I had a friend who tried to make the mouse move, by writing to the HW-mouseregisters! :):) (I hear it's included in Windows 98, to get better control over the user... ;)
    Jan. 97
  • Fixed two nasty memory-overwrite bugs.
  • Added some additional commands to support some goofy animations.
  • Optimised codeinterpreter on often-used commands.
  • Rewrote the protracker musicroutines when I found a lot of bugs in those I had.
  • Added some code to only unpack the song to be played, and keep the others packed to save diskspace and memory.
  • Added a bunch of commands to support music.
  • Finished the music routines.
  • Planning to redo the Instrumentlayout and add optional lossy pre-deltapacking to the instruments. (Modules have never been so small! :)
  • Reworked the dialogueroutines to support changes of dialogues in other rooms than the one you're in.
  • Found and fixed the longest standing bug in the game!! (A graphic bug where the head sometimes separated from the body by one line.)
  • Failed the first timetravelattempts. :(
    Dec. 96
  • Added another three commands.
  • Fixed the mirror routines to handle the smooth turning.
  • Started chewing on the music routines.
  • Debugged the LoopSample routines.
  • Fixing a lot of small stuff.
    Nov. 96
  • Added another two commands.
  • Fixed smoother turning.
  • It's now possible to skip ahead in dialogues.
  • Increased the amount of mousezones per character.
    Oct. 96
  • Fixed Flux&Fade Volume when walking and zooming.
  • Giving the 'UserCopperList' another chance.
  • Big speed-up when calculating walkpaths.
    Sep. 96
  • Added 8 new commands.
  • Found a surprisingly large amount of bugs :)
  • dialogue routines seems to be working OK.
    Aug. 96
  • Removed some routines never used.
  • Made the character shadow-fading routines.
  • Also made the walk soundFX routine.
  • Project slowdown due to me working, and my main graphic artist buying a PC.
    Jul. 96
  • Updated the dialogue routines.
  • Updated some commands to handle timed delays.
  • Got my InterNet connection.
    Jun. 96
  • Added some more commands.
  • Updated a lot of routines.
  • Some speed-ups & fixes.
  • Started on the dialogue routines.
    May. 96
  • Made some speed-ups.
  • Added some commands and conditional checks.
  • Made some cleanups and fixes.
  • First demo version released.
    Apr. 96
  • Made the 'goof-text' routines, so the Hero would say something, instead of nothing.
  • Made the Prefs window.
  • Also made an external data loading routine.
  • Included a scoring system.
    Mar. 96
  • Included another 23 commands.
  • Made a flip and a zoom routine with cache.
  • Also made the 'mission' routines, so the Hero would walk to an object.
  • Made the mouse zone routines.
  • Started work on the soundFX routines.
    Feb. 96
  • Included more commands.
  • Nearly killed my self over those bloody compression routines.
  • Made everything display on screen, so I could get my graphic artist to work.
  • Started work on the text windows. Included over 10 blitter routines to do the fast drawing.
    Jan. 96
  • Removed some routines never used.
  • Got the in-game programming language to work, and included the first commands.
  • Made the 'point to point' walking file format, and the 'find shortest way' routines.
  • Made the commandmenu.
  • After some research I started working on my own compression routines.
    Dec. 95
  • Missed Santa flying over our house.....again.
  • Fixed and included some blitter routines into the graphics-drawing routines.
  • Updated the error-handling system to give me more detailed information.
  • Made the walking&turning routines.
  • Started work on the in-game language.
    Nov. 95
  • Made the inventory icons unpack while being drawn on screen.
  • Drew some panel backgrounds on my own.
  • Made my own blitter routines to draw the icons on the background without flicker.
  • Made more blitter routines to speed up certain images.
    Aug. 95
  • Updated the loading routines so loading a room was possible (You still couldn't see anything on screen).
  • Got some graphics,...not much, but some...
  • Started working on the inventorypanel routines.
    Jul. 95
  • Started working on SystemIII again. (Hmmm, what was this routine suppose to do !? :)
    Jun. 95
  • Stopped working on the Dune clone when I realised that I was the only one still doing anything. (People loves the idea of making a game, but the joy quickly vanishes when they realise how much work there has to be done.
  • This seems to be especially true when it comes to graphic artists :)
    Dec. 94
  • Due to the shortout in the graphics department, I put SystemIII on ice and started work on a DuneII clone.
    Nov. 94
  • Noticed that I wasn't getting any graphics....:(
    Aug. 94
  • Finished most of the file formats and loading routines.
    Jun. 94
  • Finished most of the low-level routines and the startup routines.
    Apr. 94
  • Had some trouble using standard OS screens, had to make my own copper list to handle fade, flash, scroll and the 'one line' separation between screens.
  • Started work on the editor in AMOS.
    Feb. 94
  • Slowly started on SystemIII.
    Dec 93
  • Started learning assembler.
    Dec. 97
  • Included some new graphics.
  • My main graphic artist also got himself a girlfriend :).
    Nov. 97
  • Got some sketches.
  • Finished another chapter off the storyline.
    Oct. 97
  • Did some work on next demoversion.
  • Included last room of the Indian-village.
  • Fixed millions of small details everywhere in the second timeperiod.
    Sep. 97
  • Continued the work on the second timeperiod, linking and completing some more rooms.
  • Got more graphics. Some new rooms and some of the Intro-sequence... Fun fun! :)
  • Yes! I got the complete Indian-village today :)... better start including the graphics into the game...
  • Failed to get hold of my graphician so we could complete the demoversion :(
  • Got some new panelbackgrounds.. hmmm... to many colours... I'll have to steal some from the inventoryicons :\
  • Some more music... sounds nice! :)
    Aug. 97
  • Got the first 'mood' headicons, and included them into the demo.
  • Linked together more rooms in timeperiod two, and some additional work to make the rooms more complete.
  • Almost all backgrounds in period two complete, and some animations.
    Jul. 97
  • Got some new rooms... excellent!! :)
  • Got a huge amount of headicons :)
  • Included dialogue headicons in every room necessary.
  • Fixed some Dialogues in the next demo.
  • Fixed another two rooms.
  • Linked the 'Westernrooms' together and fixed the roomnumbers at the same time.
  • Fixed some animations in timeperiod two (Western).
    Jun. 97
  • Worked out another big chunk of the storyline.
  • Started transferring the dialogs to the demo.
  • Included another four rooms.
  • Graphics-speedups in rooms with lots of graphics.
  • I LOVE graphics!!!.... another three rooms included :)
  • Some additional graphics... another two rooms included! This is FUN! :)
  • Fixed intro-sequence for the second timeperiod... and another room :)
    May. 97
  • We've made another big piece on the storyline.
  • Some more graphics dropped in...
  • I'm drowning in graphics!!!... I've recived more than 1Mb of new graphics! :)
    Apr. 97
  • We are among the Newssection on the AmigaFlame page.
  • Got all the remaning graphics for the next demoversion.
  • Included some of it.... Now I really have to pass this oral examination at school :(
  • Celebrated my own birthday...... alone once again :(
  • Had a fun idea: Put togehter a 'The making of In Shadow of Time' video :)
  • Completed the last room of the demo, and thus the last of the animations.
    Mar. 97
  • Reworked these WWW-pages. Included frames among other things.
  • Still waiting for some graphics....any graphics.
  • Got some graphics...included...Demo deadline pushed forward to 2010, Just to be on the safe side. :)
  • I'm left without any graphics once again. The only thing they do draw are logos. :(
  • Maybe it's time to learn how to draw my own graphics... :)
    Feb. 97
  • Did some work on the second timeperiod.
  • Added the five rooms I had laying around to the second timeperiod.
  • My main graphic artist seems to have disappeared, but has been replaced by his sister. She doesn't draw much, but who cares...:)
  • My graphic artist redrew some of the demo-animations, now all I have to do is include them.....(boring...boring...)
  • Played through the whole game for the first time. :)
  • I had an encounter with my graphic artist's vicious dog. I lived...As of now, the dog is a part of the game, as is his sister. :) (Not the dogs sister, that is...)
  • Got a bunch of discs with graphics for the next demoversion, most reworks :\
  • Got a couple of 'dialogueexpressions' to use in the dialogues when Tadpole gets irritated, confused, stuck-up or horny.... No, not really! :).
  • Got the first piece of music for the game.
  • HA HA Denna rad är på svenska, så ni som inte kan läsa detta tror säkert att det står nåågot viktigt här!!! HA HA Jag är gud...GUD! :)
  • HEM HEM Itsemá lêpper nu sum mûest, rebre missatges després ajuda servidor crear d'usuari sistema raó per canviat el retirat!!! HEM HEM Ed moderat cosa...COSA! :)
  • Does this month never end? :)
  • Work has begun on an intro and a logo.
  • We changed from 'Contrast' to 'Shadow Elks'.
    Jan. 97
  • Changed the rooms that was supposed to go into the next demoversion. (Again :)
  • Upperfloor of ICO almost done.
  • Added more graphics to the upperfloor office in ICO, now with over 500k animations.
  • Widened the outsideview of ICO to account for some extra graphics. Small rework of doors to gain more speed.
  • Got and included the graphics for the 'supermarket' in ICO.
  • Rewrote the dialogues after the rework of the dialogueroutines.
  • Got some more graphics dated 1800 AD.
  • Final touchups on next demoversion.
    Dec. 96
  • We were among the News-section in the Swedish Amiga magazine 'AmigaInfo'.
  • Got A LOT of new graphics, around 35 IFF-anims full of animations.
  • Fixed more on the rooms to be included in the next demoversion.
  • Fixed more on the rooms, that's NOT to be included in the next demo. :)
  • Only days from a new demoversion.
    Nov. 96
  • Added three new rooms
  • Made the first 'moving' character.
  • Almost all of the maincharacter movements are finished.
  • Remake of main character.
  • Most rooms are now finished 'graphicly', only text remains.
  • Only one room left in first time period.
  • Got the second room from the other artist.
    Oct. 96
  • Still trying to get a demo together.
  • Got a lot of anims and frames.
  • Some rooms are near completion.
    Sep. 96
  • 20 rooms.
  • Trying to get a demo together.
  • Included the character shadow-routines in every room.
  • Fixed a lot of the texts in the game.
  • Added some big animations.
    Aug. 96
  • 18 rooms.
  • Wrote another dialogue.
  • Only 2-3 rooms left on first part.
  • Got another very big animation.
  • Temporary slowdown in the graphics department due to my friend getting a PC, and me needing some logos for these pages.
  • Found an additional graphics-artist.
    Jul. 96
  • 16! rooms.
  • My friend wrote the first dialogue (with the boy outside home).
  • Made another time-delayed door inside the mall.
  • Fixed another mirror effect.
  • Started on timeperiod two story.
  • Got some more character anims. Looked like s**t!
    Jun. 96
  • Lucky owner of 12 rooms.
  • Got a major animation to use in a hamburger restaurant.
  • Made a time-delayed door in front of the mall.
  • Fixed a cool dog in gun's & ammo shop.
    May. 96
  • Now got 7 rooms.
  • Didn't have time to fix my beautiful bird.
  • First timeperiod story done.
  • Got a demo version together.
  • First demo release.
    Apr. 96
  • Got 5 rooms now.
  • Wrote most of the object texts.
  • Replaced most of my temporary graphics.
  • Got the drawer in room one to work.
    Mar. 96
  • Fixed a mirror reflection in room 2
  • Got another room (outside home).
  • Started drawing on a map (and a very advanced bird :).
    Feb. 96
  • Got the graphics for the next two room (hallway and kitchen).
  • Got some new frames of the main character.
    Jan. 96
  • Got some inventoryicons and some graphics.
  • Work on first room started (the bedroom).

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