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Cadell, ALISON Mary
Cadell, CHARLES Robert Mackay
Cadell, COLIN Simson
Cadell, DOROTHEA Christian
Cadell, ELEANORA Thorburn
Cadell, ELEONOR Mackay
Cadell, ELISABETH Anne Simson
Cadell, ELSBETH Katherine
Cadell, HARRY Nash
Cadell, HENRY Mobray
Cadell, HENRY Mowbray
Cadell, IAN Macfarlane
Cadell, ISOBEL
Cadell, JAMES Ludovic
Cadell, JANET Gray
Cadell, JOHN Macfarlane
Cadell, MARGARET Molle
Cadell, MARJORIE Elisabeth
Cadell, ROBERT
Cadell, ROBERT Ludovic
Cadell, ROBERT Mackay
Caesar, ANNA Carolina
Caesar, Bengt STURE
Caesar, OLLE Johan
Cairns, PETER
Caldecott, VIVIAN
Calhoun, CARLA Dale
Calhoun, CLAUDE Virginia
Calhoun, STANLEY Douglas
Calhoun, STANLEY Earl
Callender, Alexander IAN John Lancaster
Callender, ARTHUR Herbert
Callender, DAVID
Callender, STELLA Margaret
Callender, SUSAN
Callender, WINIFRED Mary
Cameron, ANN Evelyn
Campbell, ALLAN John Duncan
Campbell, CONSTANCE Margaret
Campbell, CORNELIA Beers
Campbell, Duncan ALASTAIR
Campbell, DUNCAN Alexander
Campbell, DUNCAN Alexander
Campbell, DUNCAN Alexander
Campbell, ETHEL May
Campbell, FRANCES Marion
Campbell, Helen DOROTHEA
Campbell, ISABEL Mary
Campbell, JESSIE Johnstone
Campbell, JESSY Graham
Campbell, JOHN Charles
Campbell, MARGARET Macfie
Campbell, MARGARET Macfie
Campbell, MARY Graham
Campbell, SHEILA Margaret Macfie
Campbell, WILLIAM Macfie
CARL GUSTAF, Bråkenhielm
Carle, Anna Maria PERNILLA
Carleson, JOHAN
Carlsson, LAURA Clara Rosina
Carlsson, RUNE Sixten Lorentz
Carlsson-Lindqvist, CARL AUGUST
Carlstedt, Carin CECILIA
Carlstedt, CHARLOTTE Elisabeth
Carlstedt, Jarl BERTIL
Carlstedt, TITTI Anna Catharina
Carmichael, RALPH Peter Kinloch
Carmichael, SOPHIE Emma
Carmichael, WILLIAM Ralph
Carpenter, EARL
Carpenter, MARK
Carr, FRANK Arnold
Carroll, MARGARET Megan Louise
Carroll, MELISSA Jane
Carroll, PETER Joseph Tobin
Carroll, ROSEMARY Ann Hamilton
Carroll, THOMAS Dionne
Carroll, THOMAS Edward Dionne
Carroll, TIMOTHY George Lloyd Ellis
Carter, ROBIN
Carton, Birday ALINE (Pete)
Catto, Edith Sophie CHRISTIAN
Cederberg, Anna-Karin GUNILLA
Cederberg, Inger CARINA
Cederberg, Ingrid Barbro MARIANNE
Cederberg, INGVAR
Cederberg, KERSTIN Birgitta
Cederberg Lindholm, Gustav Olov EDVARD
Cederberg Lindholm, Jan TEODOR
Cederberg Lindholm, Karin LINNÉA
Cederroth, ELLEN Matilda
Chadwick, GEORGINA Ludifrere
Chapman, JOY
Chapman, MABEL Fraser
Chapman, POPPY Louise Madison
Chapman, SHARON
Charrington, CHARLES Roger
Charrington, HOLLY Sophia
Charrington, SIMON Charles David
Christensson, KERSTIN Görvel
Claesson, DAGMAR
Clancy, FIONA
Clarence, MILDRED
Clarkson, PENELOPE
Clason, Isak GUSTAF
Clason, MARIA Helena
Clason, NANNA Michaela
Clason, SABINA Virginia
Clason-Diop, AMINATA
Clason-Diop, NOAH Suleiman
Clason-Moro, ELLIOT
Clason-Moro, ZOÉ Virginia
Clayton, MAUD Violetta
Cliff, AXEL Vilhelm
Clint, ELISABETH Anderson
Clipperton, AMY Elizabeth
Clipperton, BENJAMIN Frederick
Clipperton, LAWRENCE
Cluer, MARY Ann
Coates, GWENDOLINE Maude
Coley, Howard William MAITLAND
Coley, WILLIAM Barbour Maitland
Coltart, KAREN Margaret
Colvin, MARY Ramsay
Conley, LAURA Virginia
Cooper, CARINA
Cooper, CHARLES John Harold
Cooper, GLADYS Lillian
Cooper, HAROLD
Cooper, PEGGY
Cornes, COLIN Noel
Cornes, EMILY Fredericia
Cornes, JENNIFER Lilian
Cornes, JOHN Addis
Cornes, JOHN Fredrick
Cornes, MATTHEW De Freitas
Cornes, NICKOLAS George Marshall
Cornes, RACHAEL Hope Noel
Cornes, REBECCA Sylvia
Cotterill, OLIVE
Councell, Ada MAY
Councell, EDWARD Arthur
Councell, EDWARD Gough
Councell, THOMAS Inman
Cowan, JANET
Craddock, CONNIE
Craighead, AUDREY Jane
Craighead, JOHN Wesley
Craighead, Richard (BILL) William
Craighead, RICHARD Wesley
Cramer-Petersen, CARL-JOHAN
Cramer-Petersen, FRITJOF
Cramer-Petersen, HANS
Cramer-Petersen, THOMAS Hannibal
Crawford, ANDREW
Crawford, ANNE Alethea
Crawford, CAROLINE Margaret
Crawford, CHARLES Edward Johnstone
Crawford, DAVID John Morland
Crawford, Eleanor MARY Lloyd
Crawford, FRANCIS
Crawford, GEORGE Eustace Bigelow J
Crawford, GEORGE Ivor
Crawford, JOCELYN Margaret
Crawford, JOHN Alastair George
Crawford, JONATHAN Charles Edward
Crawford, LAURA
Crawford, LUISA
Crawford, MARGARET Emily Frances
Crawford, REGINALD
Crawford, SARAH Dorothy
Creller, JOSEPHINE Orpha
Crichton, ANDREW
Crichton, MARY Isabella
Crosse, ALICE Mary Anne
Cullen, JANE Douglas Wilson
Cullen, KENNETH Douglas
Cullen, WILLIAM Douglas
Cummins, HARRIET Olivia Travers
Cunningham, ADA Helen
Cunningham, ANDREW
Cunningham, AYLMER Basil
Cunningham, CECIL James
Cunningham, CHARLES
Cunningham, CHARLES
Cunningham, CHARLES Eaton
Cunningham, CHARLES Rundall
Cunningham, CHRIS David
Cunningham, EDITH Lillian Travers
Cunningham, EVA Constance
Cunningham, GEORGE
Cunningham, HELEN Mary
Cunningham, HILDA Mary Mitchell
Cunningham, JESSIE Johnstone
Cunningham, LAURA Jessie
Cunningham, MARY Ruth
Cunningham, ROBERT Macfie
Cunningham, ROBERT Vivian
Cunningham, THOMAS Lyles
Cunningham, TRICIA Lynn
Cunningham, WILLIAM Macfie
Currie, DELIA Ellis
Curtis, DAVID Ward
Curtis, ROSEMARY Anne
Curtis, SARAH Kathleen
Curtis, SUSAN Jennifer
Cutting, T

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