Extract of Statutes of the

Thorburn-Macfie Family Society

founded 1937

The Family Society, which is an association of descendants of William Thorburn and his wife Jessy Macfie, who moved from Scotland to Sweden in 1823, has as its purpose to support and maintain the feeling of solidarity and kinship within the family.
To this end, the society shall:
A member of the society must be a descendant of, or adopted by a descendant of, the above mentioned William Thorburn and Jessy Macfie, or connected by marriage, or a widow, or widower, of such a descendant.
Membership of the society is granted by applying to the committee.
The committee can recommend an honorary membership which can be granted by the society at a family gathering.
The committee.
The affairs of the society are taken care of by a committee, elected from the members of the society at a family gathering. It shall consist of a president and a minimum of six to a maximum of ten members plus four deputy members.
Family gatherings.
The members of the society meet at an ordinary family gathering every third year, The time and place to be determined by the committee. Extra-ordinary family gatherings can be held if the committee thinks it suitable, or if the auditor or at least ten members request it.
Summons to a family gathering, together with the agenda, shall be sent in writing and if possible at least one month before the gathering.
Agenda at family gatherings.
At an ordinary family gathering the following matters shall be included:
  1. The election of a chairman to preside over the meeting at the gathering.
  2. Adjustment of the electoral register.
  3. Enquire if the summons to the gathering conforms with the society's statutes.
  4. Election of two people who together with the chairman verify the minutes.
  5. Inquire if the gathering can, after hearing the annual and financial reports, accept the reports and the committee's work during the financial period covered by the reports
  6. Inquire about the number of committee members that the gathering wants for the next three respective six year period.
  7. Election of a president.
  8. Election of committee members.
  9. Election of deputy members.
  10. Election of two auditors and two deputy auditors to examine the administration and accounts during the next three year period.
  11. Inquire about the membership fee during the next three year period.
  12. Reports and proposals from the committee.
  13. Reports and proposals from individual members, providing that the gathering approves them being discussed.
At an extra-ordinary family gathering, apart from items 1,2,3 and 4 above, only those matters which are in the summons may be discussed, unless the gathering makes a decision that other questions may be raised.
Dissolving the society can only be done if a resolution is taken at two successive ordinary family gatherings, at which two thirds of the members present at each gathering must agree with the decision.
In connection with the dissolving of the society it must be decided on how to dispose of the assets and documents of the society etc.

Uddevalla 1947