Robert Macfie (1746-1827) purchased Langhouse in 1798. It is situated on the Scottish west coast, near the village of Inverkip, south west of Greenock. You can see the original farmhouse, probably built in 1705, in the foreground of the upper photo.

It is a 2 storeyed stone building, which was essentially enlarged in the end of the 1820's by Robert's son William Macfie. The addition got 3 storeys, and a flat roof with the characteristic towers, as you can see on both photos.

William got an apparently tempting offer for the property in 1828, which he rejected. Langhouse was inherited by his son Robert, who subsequently purchased Airds, where he retired.

In 1969 Langhouse was re-built, and converted into a hotel. In 1996 it has become a home for old people.

The upper photo is taken from the courtyard at the north side. The bottom photo is taken from the meadow on the west side of the house.