Kasen, situated by Byfjorden in Bäve parish, near Uddevalla, was purchased in 1822 by William Thorburn from the heirs of Eric Carlsson Koch. William and Jessy Thorburn moved in together with their 5 children in July 1823. An extension to the original building was made later in the 19th century.
After Williams death in 1851, the estate was inherited by his eldest son, William Franklin Thorburn. From Kasen, William Franklin managed the considerable export of oats from Sweden to England, which was of great importance for the whole region. His eldest son, Walter Thorburn, took over Kasen after his fathers death in 1903.
The building was white painted with brown window-frames. On the upper photograph, you can see the frontside of Kasen, and the photo below showing Kasen one winter in the end of the 19th century, with the characteristic avenue to the right. In 1935 Kasen was sold to Count E. Lewenhaupt.