Family Tree

Presentation 1: I have gathered genealogical information of the Thorburn and Macfie families. Some of this is presented here. Names and birth and death dates are shown. Marriage dates and other information can be obtained from Church archives or the Record Office.
The listing presented here makes no claim of completeness. It starts with Robert Macfie (born 1680) and his descendants (6 generations down).
The Thorburn Family starts with William Thorburn (born 1756) and his descendants (4 generations down). The family listing is structured like this:

  • Parents with their children listed below
  • Thorburn descendant (blue colour)
  • Macfie descendant (yellow colour)
  • Spouse(s) (1st spouse, red colour)
  • Children (green colour)
If you click on a parent's name, you will get to his/her parents (one generation up). If you click on a child's name, you will get to his/her own family (one generation down).

Choose here if you want to start with the Macfie family (1680) or the Thorburn family (1756).

Presentation 2: I also keep a genealogy database, containing a large number of descendants to William Thorburn of Leith (the 'Tea Merchant', 1756 - 1844), and to Robert Macfie of Langhouse (1746 - 1827). There are also some information of the ancestors of these two.
The Family database also includes information of other families, like my Mother's ancestors, and families that for some reason caught my interest. Within some limitations, you are now able to find persons in this database, here at the Family Web site.

Only Names, Dates, and Places for events, are shown here. No details (with the exception for Name and relation), are shown for people who are still alive.
On the lines below a persons Name and Dates, you will find information of his/her family (i.e. marriage, spouse, parents, children). If a person has re-married, you will find information of the new family after the first one.
All dates are presented in the format of YYYY-MM-DD.

If you have questions, corrections or supplementary information to this register, please feel free to send an E-mail to me. When you have corrections or supplementary information, I am grateful if your information is as complete as possible, preferably with information of your sources.

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