Relatives (Thorburn) Relatives (Macfie)
William Thorburn Andrew Macfie
Jessy Thorburn Svea Macfie
Jessy Thorburn Edward Macfie
WFT painting Herbert & Robert Macfie
WFT portrait Anna Macfie with children
Alban with bike friend 1885 Frances Macfie 1897
Alban Thorburn 1883 Robert Macfie of Langhouse
Alban with his penny-farthing Robert Macfie of Langhouse (colour)
Brothers on Kasen's veranda Macfie Clan meeting in Scotland
WFT in the arbour  
WFT with company  
Alban's Bicycle trip  
WFT watching sailing  
W.G. Thorburn with family  
Bertil Thorburn (wedding)  
Mary Thorburn (wedding)  
Ingrid & Lizzie  
Henry & Ingrid

Relatives (Mixed)

Lizzie Ingrid & Henry Hulda Agrell 80 years
Ladies from the Thorburn Clan Johnston's in the Smut
Henry with Lord Folk Dancers in the Town Hall
Gathering at Skanskullen Johnston's, Rosa & Frances
  Dalecarlian women
  Ladies at Trollgild
  Tour to Hafsten


Group on the Borgilla mountain
Johan Hemberg At the Borgilla mound of stones
Johan Hemberg Farewell on Avena
Johan Hemberg Badö Island 1896
Signe Hemberg Group on the Brattås mountain
  At the Billingsfors lake
  Avena's departure


Group at Räfsdal
Edward Nonnen Räfsdal
Emily Egbertha Nonnen Selma Lindskog
Edward Thorburn Nonnen Excursion in the Gertrude
Margaret Nonnen Group on Skeppsholmen
Edward and Emily Group on the Kasen veranda
Emily Nonnen Children on the cape
  Group on Badö
  Group at Kyrkesund
  Children at Skanskullen
  Flower dance at Skanskullen
  Group at Kasen
Buildings and interiors Coffee at Hasselö
Uddevalla Joinery On the Kasen veranda
Kasen's Drawing room 1897 The outlook stone, Sörvik mountain
Granary, Thorburns Söner The Countess's visit
Thorburn's Granary at Badö Folk Dancers in a row
The Thorburn Building Group on the Gertrude
Uddevalla square 1886 Folk Dancers at Kasen
Kasen's smithy Folke Dance group
Anfasteröd At Trollgild
Kasen Snowstorm at Kasen
Kasen 1895 Snowstorm at the veranda
Ardmore Sea tour with the Gertrude
Lagerbergs road 27 At the train station
Brattås Dinner on Gertrude
The Thorburn Building 1905 On the train platform
The Thorburn Building 1897 Smoking break on Gertrude
Thorburn Granary On the Ice
Kasen (from the alley) Cinderella
View at the Brickwork and the fjord Johnston's on Avena
Uddevalla Barrel plant Alban Jacobi
The Barrel plant (construction) Alban Jacobi
Hemberg's summer home Viktor & Clara Lundström
Kärranäs (rear)  
Kasen (rear) Boats
Kasen (front) Avena and Tomten
Lyckorna S/S Robert Thorburn at quay
View from the  Sörvik mountain Sailboat at Sörvik
Morlanda Manor URD on Byfjorden 1896
Solhagen S/S Robert Thorburn
Kasen winter view Hebrides at Öresund
Foundation-laying for the Oil mill Alfhem on the Koljö fjord
Oil mill - 2 Excursion with Alfhem
Oil mill - 3 S/S Alfhem
Oil mill - 4 Sailing with Urd 1897
Oil mill - 5 Smut on Byfjorden
Oil mill - 6 The steamer Valborg
Oil mill - 7 Smut at the Fisketorp bay
Nabben's Brickwork Gustafsberg
The Brickwork At Gustafsberg
Karlsruhe (interior) Avena at Badö
Karlsruhe-2 Sailing race with Smut
Skanskullen 1905 Drott and the Sörvik gig
Jacobi's summer home Lyckorna
The barrel plant & Skanskullen View from Berg
Cederslunds estate Gertrude at Skredsvik
Cederslund 1950 Avanti
Karlsruhe The steamer Valborg
Torreby mansion Robert Thorburn at quay
Torreby Castle  
Torreby Castle  
Torreby Castle  
The Kasen sleigh On the Ice  
The Kasen carriage  
Women Räfsdal  
Kasenabben Scottish buildings
Kasen dogs Dreghorn Castle
Tennis court at Kasen Airds
Fox Borthwick Hall
Uddevalla Harbour  
Trollgild lake  
Sail race at Sunningen  
The Kings square, Uddevalla  
Kasen alley 1895  
Train at the Köperöd lake  
Group at Billingsfors  
Ghe German Church  
Christmas Eve 1897  
View over Trollgild  
Kasen Cab  
Market day in Uddevalla  
View from the Kålgårds mountain