Hardware and news links

Hardware sites
Ace's Hardware PC hardware articles. (Some AMD bias notable.. But who am I to complain...)
Alternative x86 Central Info on alternative x86 processors.
Anand's Hardware Tech Page General PC hardware information. Tests motherboards, graphic cards, etc.
Clive's Katmai info Lots of information about Katmai New Instructions from Clive Turvey.
Clive's Merced info IA-64 instruction list etc.
CPU Central CPU news site. Includes an excellent pricing table.
CPU Info Center General CPU info including roadmap links.
CPU Madness PC news site.
CPU Review Excellent news site featuring hardware tests and news. Lots of resources for embedded hardware developers.
Eric's FastGraphics PC news site. Processor info on existing chips.
FACE Intel Former And Current Employees of Intel. Discusses the work conditions at Intel.
Future Technology Processors Some processor information.
Paul Hsieh's 6th generation CPUs Quite a lot of info on AMD K6, PII, etc.
Intel Secrets Intel and x86 news links and information on secret x86 instructions etc.
JC's PC news 'n links PC news site. Frequent updates and lots of links.
Kikumaru's How to create a dual Celeron system.
David Legge's Chip Prices Page Current chip pricing info.
San Jose Mercury News Their Intel watch page.
Spumador's Hardware page Lots of HW related links and facts.
Tom's Hardware General PC hardware information. Just be careful to not to confuse opinions with facts.
Corporate sites
Intel Intel Corporation
Intel Developer
Intel Processors
Intel Chipsets
Intel Future Processors
Intel KNI
Intel Roadmap
AMD Advanced Micro Devices
National Semiconductor
Sun Microsystems
Silicon Graphics
Sister sites
Az Intel várható fejlesztései Hungarian translation of the roadmap.
Processors (Russian) Russian translation of the roadmap
Tech standards sites
AGP Forum AGP information
USB USB information
IEEE-1394 Trade Association IEEE-1394 (Firewire) information
ACPI ACPI (Advanced Configuration & Power Interface) information
Device Bay Information on the upcoming Device Bay standard
Platform Developers Information about the ATX and NLX  motherboard specifications
PC Design Guides Intel and Microsoft sponsored site holding PC 99 and PC 2001 documents.
News sources
Electronic Buyers' News
Computer Reseller News
The Register Fast English news site
IEEE Micro
Microprocessor Report Classy chip site
Byte magazine The site lives despite paper version's demise
PC Magazine

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