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00-09-29 Intel cancels it's Timna chip: Due to "design problems and market conditions". CNet Techweb

00-09-29 Commentary: Pentium 4 delay will have little impact on marketplace: May be delayed until November or later. CNet

00-09-28 PC makers report Pentium 4 delay: Nov 20th according to this. CNet Techweb

00-09-28 Intel's McKinley tapes out, Itanium is Itanic: McKinley vs. Merced... The Register

00-09-28 I/O, I/O it's off to work we go: XScale based I/O chipset.. The Register

00-09-28 PowerPC G4 Plus taped out: . The Register

00-09-27 One late chip after another for Sun: UltraSparc V launches in 2003. CNet

00-09-25 Fujitsu to release Transmeta notebooks in November: . CNet

00-09-25 Intel ships trio of mobile processors: New Mobile chips. CNet Intel

00-09-23 The week in review: Intel's warning: On the 20 percent share drop. CNet

00-09-22 Intel squares off for handset slugfest with TI: How to put Intel chips in PDAs?. EBN

00-09-22 Rival AMD wins contracts as Intel struggles: . CNet

00-09-22 Intel Foster secrets revealed: More info from pulled Intel documents. The Register

00-09-22 Pentium 4 pricing revealed: $635, $805 but the speed doesn't match other sources. The Register

00-09-22 Pentium 4 to debut next month: . CNet

00-09-21 AMD updates notebook roadmap: Superscalar FPU and larger L1 cache. The Register

00-09-21 Celeron to go straight to 133 MHz FSB?: According to an ABit spec. The Register

00-09-20 Pentium 4 bring out your living: Link to P4 benchmark (and a couple Intel ex-links). The Register

00-09-20 Pentium 4 launches a little late: We'll have to wait until the end of October. The Register

00-09-20 Faster Intel mobiles coming Monday: PIIIM speeds up to 850 MHz. The Register

00-09-20 How the trial schedule is affecting MS's roadmaps: On Whistler .NET etc. The Register

00-09-20 New Xeon motherboard hits the streets: The SBT2 supports 2 1 GHz chips. The Register

00-09-18 National releases new Geode processors: New integrated x86 chips for set-top boxes etc. Techweb

00-09-18 Nvidia planning to stage integrated PC chipset market entrance: . EBN

00-09-18 Rambus defends patent position: . Techweb EBN

00-09-18 Rambus license to have little impact on new NEC DRAM  joint venture: . EBN

00-09-18 AMD leaks 4 ways, big time: Australian rumors on future plans. And how AMD is leaning on Register to motivate DDR to resellers... The Register

00-09-17 Foster is Pentium 4 Doppelganger: Foster the Xeon version of P4. And?. The Register

00-09-15 AMD Durons, T-Birds to get dual support?: . The Register JC

00-09-15 TSMC starts pushing out 0.13 um chips: Early in 2001. The Register

00-09-11 Sun nears UltraSparc III launch; releases new chip for servers, switches: Coming in a few weeks. EBN

00-09-11 Intel denies 1GHz PIII rumors: No problems with 1GHz parts, according to Intel. The Register 

00-09-08 Intel to offer PC makers rebates for using Rambus memory: . CNet EBN The Register

00-09-05 Will Quanta beat Sony with Transmeta based notebook: . CNet 

00-09-05 AMD announces 750 MHz Duron: . Techweb CNet AMD

00-09-04 Intel Foster markings partly decoded: Plant codes and stepping numbers. The Register 

00-09-02 More Pentium 4 benchmarks tip up: Launch October 30th. The Register Ace's Hardware

00-09-02 Intel's Foster caught in de flagrante: First glimpse of Foster (and Willamette). CNet 

00-09-02 The week in review: Intel hits a speed bump: On the recall of PIII 1.13. CNet 

00-09-02 More Pentium 4 benchmarks tip up: Launch October 30th. The Register Ace's Hardware

00-09-01 Fresh Pentium 4 benchmarks hit web: You'll be the judge of the value of beta benchmarks.. The Register 

00-08-31 Intel factories fail to keep up: On Intel's limited production capacity. The Register 

00-08-30 Recall may hurt Intel, but will AMD benefit?: AMD's limited production capacity discussed. CNet 

00-08-30 Intel under attack at the high end: 1 GHz chip also hurt by heat. The Register 

00-08-30 Intel adds patent infringement to suit against Via: More patents to the lawsuit. CNet 

00-08-30 Intel designs processor for value PC market: On Timna. Techweb 

00-08-29 Commentary: Intel's stumble unlikely to have long term effect: On the PIII recall. CNet 

00-08-29 Jobs: Mac OS X beta due in weeks: Out Sept 13.. Techweb 

00-08-29 Intel recall may weaken hold on corporate market: . Techweb 

00-08-29 Lucent, Intel reveal product plans for Infiniband: . Techweb 

00-08-28 Intel, Rambus mull overhaul for RDRAM: Reduction of number banks would make memory chips cheaper. Techweb 

00-08-28 Intel recalls 1.13 GHz Pentiums over glitch: Temperature problems with some chips. CNet CNet

00-08-28 AMD ships 1.1GHz Athlon: . Techweb AMD

00-08-27 Alpha strikes back against Intel: On Caspian, DDR and EV68. The Register 

00-08-28 Intel drops Pentium III prices: . The Register 

00-08-27 IDF roundup and rumours: . The Register 

00-08-25 300-mm window open until August 2001..: Boom end predictions. SBN 

00-08-25 AMD prepares for 64 bit battle: Sledgehammer hits the market in 2002. EBN 

00-08-24 Intel peers into the future: Peer-to-peer computing the next step, according to Pat Gelsinger. Techweb Intel

00-08-24 Pentium 4 to launch in October: 1.4 GHz in mid October. The Register 

00-08-24 Intel opens R&D Kimono: Molecule and bio chips in the roadmap. The Register 

00-08-24 Server makers struggle with Xeon chip shortage: 700 MHz Cascades in short supply. CNet 

00-08-24 Intel to build chips for Infiniband: Both chipsets and dedicated Infiniband chips. CNet 

00-08-24 Faster AGP announced: New AGP roadmap starting with AGP8x running at 533 MHz announced. Intel Techweb

00-08-24 Intel offers details behind P4's speed: Mispredictions not fatal despite deep pipeline due to NetBurst, according to Jack Austin, Intel. Techweb EBN

00-08-23 Intel details plans for two-way servers: Gallatin and Plumas. EBN 

00-08-22 Intel 870 chipset to support DDR, Direct Rambus: McKinley chipset supports DDR as servers not affected by Rambus license. Techweb EBN

00-08-22 Intel's Barrett urges cooperation in making computers work together: . SBN 

00-08-22 At Intel forum, suppliers of USB 2.0 chips press hard for early lead: . SBN 

00-08-22 AMD, Transmeta discuss possible MPU cooperation, says Ruiz: . SBN EBN

00-08-22 1GHz Xeon ships today, P4 in Q4: Albert Yu demos P4 at 2 GHz featuring NetBurst and REE. The Register SBN EBN

00-08-22 IBM quantum computer solves code cracking problem: . EET Techweb

00-08-22 Intel late again on Merced-Itanium: "..later this year or early next year..". The Register 

00-08-22 Cheapzilla strikes again: AMD once again piggybacked onto IDF. The Register 

00-08-22 Intel widens Rambus gap: RDRAM price disappoints. The Register 

00-08-22 Intel, NetChip push for more I/O speed: On Infiniband and PCI/X... Techweb 

00-08-21 AMD considers second 300 mm wafer fab: In Dresden, Germany.. EBN 

00-08-21 Pentium 4 ready to run: Linley Gwennap talks about the new chip. EET 

00-08-21 Intel stays mum on chipset, memory plans at forum: .. Techweb SBN

00-08-21 Intel to share Pentium 4 details at Forum: 12 stage pipeline in PIII becomes 20 stage pipeline in P4... CNet Intel

00-08-21 Pentium 4 platform renamed: . The Register 

00-08-20 Rambus prices drop like pants: 128 MB PC800 now sells for $259. The Register 

00-08-18 Transmeta IPO reveals company's roadmap: Hitting 1 GHz by 2001. Techweb 

00-08-18 Symbian mobile OS gains ground with Sanyo deal: . CNet 

00-08-17 Sony to power Vaio notebooks with Transmeta chip: In new subnotebook. Techweb 

00-08-16 Intel's Itanium not ready for prime time: No 800 MHz demos so far. Techweb 

00-08-15 Boffins unveil world's most powerful quantum computer: A five atom "chip".  The Register  

00-08-15 AMD seeks Linux developers for 64 bit chip software: Hammer developers needed. CNet  

00-08-15 Anand and Dr Tom checks out Nvidia's latest: GeForce2 Ultra put to the test. The Register  Tom's Anand

00-08-15 Intel makes nice mobo - shock: The D815EEA Easton doesn't seem bad. The Register  

00-08-15 AMD confuses world+dog with prices: Prices are "official" which means "no one will pay this much". The Register  

00-08-14 AMD undercuts Intel with latest chip prices: And releases the 1.1 GHz chip in the process. Techweb CNet AMD The Register

00-08-14 Nvidia unveils GeForce2 Ultra: A clocked up GTS?. The Register Nvidia

00-08-11 Intel's secret chipset: Brookdale: Replaces Tulloch. Techweb  

00-08-10 Intel's roadmap analyzed: By Bert McComas. InQuest The Register

00-08-10 AMD lures developers with 64 bit chip spec: . Techweb EBN CNet AMD

00-08-10 Via promises 1GHz chip next year: Samuel2 breaks the GHz barrier. CNet 

00-08-08 Finally back from that *% vacation to check the news :) 

00-08-08 Intel engineers, AMD's success: Vin Dham, Atiq Raza former Intel employees. The Register 

00-08-08 AMD pulls price drops forward: On Aug. 14th. The Register 

00-08-07 S3 cancels Diamond sale, scuttles business: Good old Diamond shut down by S3! Techweb 

00-08-07 Via's DDR chipset to support Intel, AMD in 2001: New HDIT architecture in the works Techweb 

00-08-07 Technology focus: memory modules: . EBN

00-08-07 SiS announces single chip Athlon chip set: SiS 730S out. Techweb 

00-08-05 At forum, Intel to address SDRAM use in next-generation processors: . SBN 

00-08-04 Nvidia moving into new market segments: . SBN 

00-08-04 Transmeta running test chips in possible production expansion: TSMC producing samples. CNet 

00-08-04 Intel to can slowest Pentium IIIs, Xeons: 550 and slower chips gone to the dogs. Techweb 

00-08-03 Microprocessors, memory, mobility on tap for IDF: New DSP and bus news on Aug. 22nd. Techweb 

00-08-03 AMD's Duron will miss back to school rush: Not in OEMs machines until September or October. CNet 

00-08-01 Nvidia finds chips is not enough for workstations: Partners with Elsa for workstation graphics. Techweb 

00-08-01 Rambus: You're terminated *!# Intel: The contract stating that Intel can not favor any other "New interface" than Rambus... The Register Contract

00-08-01 AMD confirms Corvette plans: . The Register 

00-07-31 Intel regains memory - OEMs free to use PC133 SDRAM with Pentium 4: Chipset for PC133 is on track again while DDR is "investigated". EBN Techweb

00-07-31 Intel introduces 1.13 GHz Pentium III: . The Register Intel

00-07-31 Ali unveils DDR chipset that support Intel, AMD MPUs: . EBN 

00-07-31 Intel SDRAM move affects Direct RDRAM position: . EBN 

00-07-31 At eleventh hour, Intel wavers on Rambus commitment: PC133 and DDR in again at Intel... EET The Register

00-07-27 Developers show Itanium based workstation apps: . Techweb Intel

00-07-24 News from Platform Conference 2000: On Athlon, Duron, Samuel, Matthew, etc.  JC's PC Watch (Japanese) 

00-07-21 The lateness of Intel's Merced: On IA64 and x86-64.  The Register 

00-07-21 Intel revamps boxed chip roadmaps: Roadmap news.  The Register 

00-07-21 Intel increasing speed of PIII to vie with AMD's Athlons: Rumors on a 200 MHz bus in the PIII.  EBN 

00-07-21 Intel server maps show Foster incursion: Roadmap news.  The Register 

00-07-21 Sun, Intel parts ways on Solaris plans: Solaris version for Itanium scrapped.  CNet 

00-07-20 Cyrix stands up to [Intel] with 1GHz Samuel:The Register 

00-07-19 Is Via baiting Intel once again?: More on Via's P4 chipset.  Techweb 

00-07-19 Via 'to be no 1 chipset vendor by year's end': Willamette chipset on the way.  The Register 

00-07-19 Camino failure explained: RIMM connectors to blame.  The Register 

00-07-19 Rambus is wonderful, says Via: But "damn difficult to make it work".  The Register 

00-07-18 Intel delays delivery of Itanium chip: To week of October 22nd.  Techweb CNet

00-07-18 Intel cuts Pentium III, Xeon prices up to 24 percent:Techweb 

00-07-18 PCI-X challenges Intel's AGP in workstations: Speed comparable. What about the shared bus?  Techweb 

00-07-18 Rambus pact sets limit on chip sets: Intel must leave DDR market to competitors according to Rambus agreement.  Techweb 

00-07-18 Speed freaks tweak Intel's 440BX chip set: Abit and Soyo runs it at 133 MHz.  Techweb 

00-07-18 AMD's Corvette a funky little goer: To include PowerNow II (or Gemini).  The Register 

00-07-17 Intel Itanium still on course:The Register Client Server News

00-07-17 Intel: Benchmarks not 'good enough' for Rambus: Benchmarks not real enough...  The Register

00-07-17 Rambus ties strained as Intel, DRAM makers ponder FTC antitrust suite: Intel starting to switch sides?  EBN

00-07-17 Phoenix BIOS screen to feature AMD logo: Why haven't this happened sooner?  Techweb

00-07-13 IBM unveils 2GHz embedded SRAM: Access time less than 430 ps.  Techweb

00-07-13 Preview version of Windows Whistler released: . The Register 

00-07-13 AMD explains why the Duron is multiplier locked: . The Register 

00-07-13 Another Duron

00-07-13 Transmeta not x86 compatible - Intel: . The Register 

00-07-12 AMD notebooks beat Intel to 1GHz punch: . The Register 

00-07-12 Intel notebook chips to top 1GHz: Next year. The Register 

00-07-12 Win2k successor Whistler slips as MS strokes developers: ... The Register 

00-07-11 The roadmap is finally being updated: It actually contains some news. Not complete yet though... Roadmap 

00-07-11 Pentium 4 pricing revealed: Starts at $795. I'll take two to go... The Register 

00-07-11 Dr Tom overclocks T'birds, Durons and Athlons: Found the magic setting to override the clock lock. The Register Tom's

00-07-11 1GHz price war not over, Intel claims: . The Register The Register

00-07-11 Conexant will add V.44 technology to it's next generation of modem chips: New compression standard claimed to improve transfer  rate with up to 200% compared to V.42bis. SBN 

00-07-10 Intel tests show PC133 SDRAM beating Rambus : 815E beats 820 in nine of eleven tests... Techweb SBN The Register CNet

00-07-10 Israel to make a million Pentium 4s: 5000 1.7 GHz chips to be made within 6 weeks... The Register 

00-07-10 DRAM industry considers antitrust action: To prevent being sued by Rambus. Techweb 

00-07-10 'Severe shortage' of foundry capacity seen by 2003: . Techweb 

00-07-10 Intel to premiere homegrown StrongARM at developers' forum: . SBN 

00-07-10 300 mm wafer fab tech ahead of schedule: . Techweb 

00-07-10 S3-Via joint venture delayed until August: Taiwanese government takes a close look. Techweb EBN

00-07-10 Is the chip bubble about to burst?: . Techweb 

00-07-06 Return of the son of Willamette: Pin-rich successor named Prescott. The Register 

00-07-06 Intel Coppermine stiffed by suppliers: Component deliveres limits supply. The Register 

00-07-06 Via, Intel kiss and make up (but not having kids): Via will make PIII, Celeron chipsets with DDR-SDRAM! The Register CNet EBN1 EBN2

00-07-06 Intel cans 800 MHz Xeon, few hurt: Waiting for faster. The Register Techweb CNet

00-07-02 1GHz AMD-Intel price war breaks out: In the land of the rising sun. The Register 

00-07-02 The overviews page is finally updated: Thanks to Hubert and a rainy Sunday... Overviews 

00-06-29 Manufacturers squabble over recordable DVD format: DVD-RAM, DVD+RW and DVD-RW. Techweb 

00-06-29 Nvidia signals move into mobile, Mac markets: Including bi-endian and low power capabilities. Techweb The Register Nvidia Press Release

00-06-29 Intel to debut 1.13 GHz processor on July 31: New Coppermine. Techweb CNet The Register

00-06-28 New Microsoft language tries to upstage Java: C# (C-Sharp) their new web development lingo. Techweb

00-06-28 Willamette to go on market as Pentium 4: Not surprisingly. The Register Techweb CNet AltaVista Intel

00-06-28 Transmeta turns it on with new notebook deals: More Crusoe notebooks to come. CNet Techweb

00-06-28 Intel rolls out 700 MHz Celeron MPUs: . Techweb

00-06-26 Net processor makers clash over next generation RAM: RDRAM vs. SDRAM... EBN

00-06-26 Rambus doubles bandwidth with retooled interface: Quad pumped technology pumps 1.6 Gb/s/pin. EBN

00-06-21 Intel aims low-power processors at mobile PCs: . EBN

00-06-21 Ramtron speeds 256 kb FRAM access times: . EBN

00-06-20 Chip makers show latest DSPs: 3G mobile driving force. EBN

00-06-19 Intel's Barrett predicts PC shortages for 18 months: From speech in Stockholm. The Register (flight share)

00-06-20 Duron leaves Celeron stuffed: Some Duron tests. The Register CPUReview

00-06-20 Sony targets global cell-phone market: . CNet Techweb

00-06-20 AMD makes Duron launch official: Up to 700 MHz. Techweb

00-06-20 New PCs foster simple, stable enterprises: "The 815E, unlike what the name would suggest to a casual observer, is a stable chip set and really for all intents and purposes, it is replacing the 820,". Techweb

00-06-20 I've got a Willamette at home: Or is that a UFO in the picture?. The Register Hardware Central Picture

00-06-20 Got a i815? Use the AGP slot: Graphics performance not terribly good. But who's surprised?. The Register SharkyExtreme

00-06-19 Intel, AMD release new processors: And chipset. i815 out accompanied by new mobile processors. Techweb CNet CNet The Register Intel (Processors) Intel (i815)

00-06-19 Bluetooth momentum builds, but hurdles remain: . Techweb

00-06-19 Intel shares up on capacity plan: Doubles manufacturing capacity in Ireland. Techweb Intel

00-06-18 Roadmap reorganization: I have moved things around a bit. Let me know if anything broke or if something has been lost (or if you just think the new layout sucks). 

00-06-17 Rambus ambushes DDR camp: Owns DDR patents. The Register

00-06-17 Intel downplays 133 MHz, Streaming SIMD, on notebooks: . The Register

00-06-17 Intel plans for next nine months unfold: 850 in September. The Register

00-06-16 Intel to take aim at Transmeta's Crusoe: New 750 MHz chips released on Monday. Techweb CNet

00-06-16 CPU vendors split over SOI: All except Intel jumping on bandwagon. EBN 

00-06-15 TI, Sony develop chip for network walkmans: DSP based SoC. Techweb 

00-06-15 Intel ships UPnP for Linux: Using Open Source license, of course. Intel Techweb

00-06-14 Intel tips new process paradigm: More focus on power consumption. EBN 

00-06-14 Intel offers USB 2.0 peripheral developers kit: . Techweb Intel

00-06-13 Microsoft, Intel team to create Bluetooth standard: Creates Windows Bluetooth roadmap for 01H1. CNet 

00-06-12 Startup spins 1  GHz CPU for embedded apps: MIPS based 64 bit chip running on 2.5 W. EBN 

00-06-12 MIPS shows new 20K 64 bit core: With new 3D extensions. EBN 

00-06-11 Tulloch, Willamette and Northwood plans firm up: . The Register 

00-06-11 Transmeta to hit 1 GHz by year's end: . The Register 

00-06-09 Is Intel at end of the chipset road?: . The Register 

00-06-08 Intel: Buy your motherboards from someone else: Seattle 2 only board supporting E-chips. The Register 

00-06-08 Timna boards spotted in Taipei: Some possibly with DDR-SDRAM. The Register 

00-06-08 Rambus exec kicked out of DDR seminar: . The Register 

00-06-08 Intel ATA driver makes PC run like the clappers: New VC820 driver improves speed by a factor of three. The Register 

00-06-05 Lucent, Ericsson collaborate on Bluetooth super component: New SoC modules to be developed. EBN

00-06-07 AMD debuts new chips, eyes corporate market: Thunderbird and Duron introduced. CNet EBN Techweb The Register CPUReview AMD

00-06-05 New Camino introduced: i820E features LAN, 4 USB ports and six channel audio. The Register Intel

00-06-05 Commentary: "Built for speed" does not necessarily make a chip a winner: Speed is not the only God anymore.. CNet

00-06-05 First Bluetooth phones announced: Ericsson T36m and R520 shown at CommunicAsia. Ericsson

00-06-02 Sony will open Playstation format: Starts selling chips in surprise move to dominate market. Techweb

00-06-02 Intel chip will be bigger, more expensive to make: Willamette starts with a 170 mm2 0.18 um die. CNet

00-06-02 Chip sales worldwide grow by more than a third: . CNet

00-06-02 Incoming: Intel goes launch crazy: i815, i815E, i820, 750 MHz Mobile PIII to be released on June 19. The Register

00-05-30 Rambus PIII 933 MHz review: . The Register

00-06-02 AMD Thunderbird are go: Out next week. The Register

00-06-02 3Dfx and Nvidia in public flame war: A bit ridiculous, no?. The Register

00-05-31 Next generation Intel chipsets have bugs: i815 to be released in June. The Register

00-05-31 Former AMD heir apparent launches company: Atiq Raza starts broadband company. Techweb

00-05-30 Intel cuts prices for wide range of chips: With up to 34%. CNet

00-05-25 The three flavors of Intel's Willamette chip: . The Register

00-05-25 3Dfx delays graphics board launch: Voodoo 5 boards delayed due to manufacturing problems. Techweb

00-05-25 Intel fights chip shortage with new capacity: Building 300 mm wafer plant in New Mexico. Techweb

00-05-24 Intel introduces Pentium III at 933 MHz: Seem like a few might find their way to users at last. Intel CNet Techweb

00-05-24 Intel's cunning server plans: Slipping, slipping... The Register 

00-05-23 New Pentium IIIs, Celerons released: More FC-PGA, BGA  chips out. Intel 

00-05-23 Itanium prices, specs revealed: First bunch priced from $1177 to $4227. The Register 

00-05-23 Barrett says future still in chips: Processors still core. CNet 

00-05-23 Solano 815 boards greet dawn: . The Register Intel

00-05-23 Celeron die Q1 next year: Replaced by Timna. The Register 

00-05-22 Intel roadmap times are changing: Hmm. 1.3 and 1.4 GHz Willamette. Seem a bit odd.... The Register 

00-05-22 Intel releases new Xeon chip running at 700 MHz: Processor and 2MB cache on chip sums up to 140 Million transistors... CNet Intel Intel Datasheet

00-05-22 IBM to make copper chips for Compaq servers: Upcoming Alpha chips. CNet

00-05-22 New AS/400s flaunt new processor technology: Still life in the old corpse? Now based on PowerPC. Techweb CNet

00-05-22 Intel chops Xeon pricing in half: Serious cuts. The Register 

00-05-19 AMD preps Duron, Thunderbird for June launch: Celeron and PIII competitors. Techweb 

00-05-19 Intel lowers first quarter earnings to pay for recall: . CNet 

00-05-18 Intel does U-turn on Willamette and SDRAM: Backup plan: Armador chipset with DDR-SDRAM support. The Register PC-Welt

00-05-18 Intel call emergency meeting on Direct RDRAM: As supplier commitment is doubtful. Techweb CNet CNet

00-05-17 Intel, Mitsubishi team on 3G chip set: StrongARM Flash and DSP to win over phone makers. Techweb EBN

00-05-17 Intel sets two for one stock split: On July 31st. Techweb 

00-05-16 Nvidia reaps 109 percent revenue increase: . Techweb 

00-05-15 Intel announces first FlexATX boards: D810EMO out. Intel 

00-05-15 Jobs previews OS X at developers conference: To be out in Jan. 2001. Techweb 

00-05-15 1 GHz Coppermine rarer than...: Well, pretty rare. The Register 

00-05-11  Update: Intel offers free upgrade to RDRAMs in recall: SDRAM replaced with RDRAM! EBN EBN The Register The Register

00-05-10 Merced/Itanium design secrets revealed: IA-64 manuals released! The Register EBN Intel download site

00-05-09  Intel preps Tehama chip set with Rambus support: Willamette and chipset working in the lab.  EBN 

00-05-09  Intel shifts plans for new MPU - Willamette adds mid tier PC to roster: EBN 

00-04-28 Boffins crack hard drive deconstruction limit: Data density of 56 Gb per square inch achieved . The Register 

00-04-28 Intel dampens Willamette fever: Release Q4, so what's new?. The Register 

00-04-28 So farewell then, Intel PSN: Never became neither hit nor privacy catastrophe. The Register 

00-04-27 Via roadmap found on road to Damascus: Joshua, Samuel and Ezra seen in burning bush. Sorry, roadmap... The Register 

00-04-27 AMD unveils Celeron basher: The Duron is out. The Register 

00-04-26 AMD unveils Corvette, plans 1.5 GHz part: Mustang becomes Corvette. The Register 

00-04-26 Intel integrates for lower cost PCs: . ZDNet 

00-04-26 Intel takes next step to i840 heaven: Some Errata is no more. The Register 

00-04-26 Nvidia introduces GeForce2 GTS: NV15 shown. Nvidia 

00-04-25 Willamette already sampling : . The Register 

00-04-25 Intel cuts prices on Coppermine processors : . The Register 

00-04-25 Raft of new notebooks accompanies new Intel chips : New 700 MHz PIII Mobile chips. CNet Intel

00-04-24 ATI unveils high-end graphics chip: Radeon graphics chip presented. EBN ATI The Register

00-04-23 Athlon as scarce as hen's teeth: Too few fabs and too many price cuts.. . The Register 

00-04-20 USB 2.0 spec to be unveiled at WinHEC: . EBN 

00-04-20 Intel loosens timing spec to spur Rambus usage: . EBN 

00-04-20 Intel may license I/O scheme to link Itanium processors: To speed acceptance. EBN 

00-04-20 Intel delays Celerons because of manufacturing crunch: Fast Cellies slow to market. CNet 

00-04-20 1GHz Coppermine shouldn't be hot stuff: Lower temperature for hotter chips. The Register 

00-04-14 Sony, SD group deal format war cards: Just when you thought you'd found the winner... EETimes 

00-04-13 Rambus boosts Q1 net income: Pays out $171M in employee options. EBN The Register

00-04-13 Cellular leaders unite on mobile commerce standard: Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia works together... EETimes 

00-04-13 Standards groups spar over power line based home nets: Wars on how to talk to your power lines. EETimes 

00-04-13 Intel's Solano PC-133 chipset to disappoint: Delayed until Q3. The Register 

00-04-13 Intel still no. 1 as industry sales rise: . EBN 

00-04-13 Sony pushes Memory Stick as mobile storage standard: . CNet 

00-04-13 AMD, lead by Athlon, beats street: Record earnings for the chip maker. Techweb CNet EBN The Register

00-04-12 Intel execs gives clues on design team efficiency: How to design a 100M transistor chip? EETimes 

00-04-12 HP to ship powerful copper chip next year: PA-RISC 8700 built on copper. CNet EBN

00-04-12 Intel CEO gets big bonus in 1999: I can't remember the last time I got a $2.5M bonus. Honest. Techweb CNet 

00-04-12 Tom's HW rolls out CPU, chipset tables: Core voltages, cache sizes, multipliers, strange characters in name, the works... The Register Tom's

00-04-11 National shows low power Geode processor: Competition for Linus. EBN 

00-04-11 [ot] Software group blasts MS plans: Web Standards Project criticizes IE5.5. ZDNet 

00-04-11 Boffins unveil 600 Gb / inch NV RAM: Magnetic hoops are back in style... The Register

00-04-11 S3 unloads graphics chip unit, shifts focus: Via takes over graphics while S3 focuses on Diamond . CNet

00-04-10 Cypress unleashes Beast dual port FIFO: . EBN 

00-04-10 Infineon samples 256 Mb DDR SDRAM: . EBN 

00-04-09 Intel IA-64 architecture to last 25 years: . The Register

00-04-07 AMD: Mid-year high speed chip debut: In the Thunderbird the on chip cache will run at full core speed. And it will use copper interconnects. Both T and the low cost chip Spitfire may be shown in late April. ZDNet

00-04-07 ATI to unveil Rage 6 on April 24th: The day before NV15 and NV11 is shown... The Register

00-04-07 Pentium III redefine the laws of physics: Two processors faster than one. By more than two times!. The Register Solved

00-04-06 It's a PIII piano - for $333.000: And you thought the processor was expensive... CNet

00-04-05 Intel's Garibaldi takes the Rambus biscuit: Willamette board to show late this year. The Register

00-04-05 Intel's Timna to have triple mobo support: Three boards introduced in Q3. The Register

00-04-05 3Dfx licenses Intel's Real3D patents: And drops lawsuit. The Register

00-04-04 Samsung preps 1.6 GHz Alpha: To sample later this year. Techweb EETimes

00-04-03 More leaks! Intel readies Itanium Lion project: A roaring Merced motherboard. (sorry...;) The Register

00-04-03 Leak! Intel desktop plans slip out - and slip: Slew of motherboards on the way. The Register

00-03-31 1 GHz Coppermine won't copulate: Dual processor problems in GHz paradise. The Register

00-03-30 Leak! Intel's server board strategy: Brace yourselves. Codenames ahead! The Register (p1) The Register (p2) The Register (p3)

00-03-29 Bitter war breaks out within Intel: I would think that was is an exaggeration, but Intel server boards not using Intel chipsets must be a disappointment. The Register

00-03-28 Intel to introduce new, improved Celerons: 600 MHz Celerons with Streaming SIMD introduced. ZDNet Intel EBN The Register

00-03-28 Intel hits more probs with memory translator hub: Cape Cod on hold. The Register

00-03-27 Intel plans next generation chip packaging: Itanium introduced in MCM package. Techweb 

00-03-27 Intel tweaks notebook pricing:  The Register 

00-03-24 AMD to cut high performance Athlon prices: . Techweb 

00-03-23 Intel stiffs system integrators over 1GHz chip: ... The Register 

00-03-22 Rambus bounces back after analyst upgrade: Surprise!... CNet 

00-03-22 'Seeing' chip to reach breakneck speed: The GVCC handles 20 BIPS! ZDNet 

00-03-22 Cheap chip onslaught from Intel, AMD: Intel has new Cellies on the way while AMD will launch Spitfire. CNet 

00-03-21 Nvidia NV15 to clock to 200 MHz: With fill rates four times greater than GeForce... The Register 

00-03-21 Via scotches AMD merger rumours: ... The Register 

00-03-21 Big Blue boffins make big storage breakthrough: Huge hard disks on the way. But behind the hill... The Register 

00-03-20 Intel 866, 850 MHz Pentium IIIs: Priced at at $776 and $765. Techweb CNet The Register The Register Intel

00-03-20 Intel i820 sales flap weakly towards flop: Sales not according to plans. The Register 

00-03-20 Rambus stock tumbles on Tom's Hardware report: Has one of Tom's short sighted articles really caused the hubbub on the stock market? (Note that I'm not saying that buying RDRAM is a great deal yet.) Hmmm.., perhaps it's time to buy some shares? :). The Register 

00-03-20 Intel uses pricing clout to land X-Box deal: Beating AMD with a late round TKO. Techweb 

00-03-17 Why Intel's Foster will use DDR memory: Too many memory chips for it's serial memory design. The Register 

00-03-17 Intel takes Broadcom to court: Claims they steal Intel employees. Techweb 

00-03-17 Sony red over PlayStation2 flaw: DVD region coding cracked already... That's nice.. ZDNet 

00-03-17 1GHz chips trickle into Europe: They seem to like it in the US so far... ZDNet 

00-03-17 Overheating Intel parts threaten Toshiba laptops: On 400 MHz mobile chips. CNet 

00-03-16 Intel examines next era of computing: The Computing Continuum Conference examines the future of ubiquitous computing. Techweb 

00-03-16 Sun ships free Solaris 8: Including IP v6. Techweb 

00-03-15 Iridium satellites to go down in flames: Plans to begin de-orbiting it's 66 satellites following bankruptcy... Techweb CNet

00-03-15 Intel drops $1.25B on Danish IC maker: Buys maker of 2Gb/s IP switch. Techweb CNet

00-03-15 Jini's bottleneck: Some things need to fall into place before the cork comes out. CNet

00-03-13 Nine companies back transceiver spec for USB 2.0: Low layer interfaces standardized for fast TTM. Techweb 

00-03-13 Beta testers question readiness of next Microsoft OS: Windows Me - still based on DOS - so it shouldn't work... ;) CNet 

00-03-13 Nintendo: New console won't debut until 2001: Coinciding with X-Box launch. CNet 

00-03-13 Intel welcomes ruling in Intergraph suit: . Techweb 

00-03-11 Intel, AMD go supersonic: On GHz chips. CNet 

00-03-10 X-Box launches Microsoft into heart of the house: Bill's family moves into your living room. CNet ZDNet

00-03-10 Chip upstart takes on Intel - with God: Via chief talks about Joshua, Samuel and Matthew. ZDNet 

00-03-08 Intel chip outpaces Athlon: Intel leads the performance race on the GHz chips. CNet 

00-03-08 Intel, AMD tied in race for fastest chip: 1GHz chips out. CNet 

00-03-08 Intel offers limited quantities of 1GHz chip: . Techweb 

00-03-07 AMD, nVidia chips said to power Microsoft game box: X-Box out in 2001. CNet 

00-03-06 AMD makes move to 1GHz: . CNet AMD

00-03-03 Sources say Intel's 1GHz chip due Wednesday: ?. Techweb 

00-03-03 Sun, Intel square off over Itanium support: Who needs who?. CNet 

00-03-03 AMD's 1GHz Athlon arrives this month - official: . The Register 

00-03-02 Willamette article: Some interesting info on the upcoming chip. AnandTech 

00-03-02 Supercomputer maker to buy Cray, change name: Tera becomes Cray. CNet 

00-03-02 1GHz PIII computers coming this month: . CNet The Register 

00-03-02 NVidia NV15, NV20 details leak: Some heavy graphics chips on the way. The Register The Register (NV15, NV11) The Register

00-03-01 Intel-Compaq deal make eight-way SMP market: "Foster [twice as fast] as Xeon". The Register

00-02-29 Intel drops prices by up to 29%: . Techweb CNet

00-02-29 AMD slashes price on 800 MHz Athlon: Finally Athlon prices fall. ZDNet Techweb CNet EBN

00-02-28 I want to be your AMD sledgehammer: Some Sledgehammer info. The Register 

00-02-28 Intel to debut Celerons in March: Pushing the clock to 600 MHz on March 29th and PIII to 866 on the 20th.  ZDNet

00-02-28 DRAM prices continue to fall:Techweb

00-02-25 Intel to cut chip prices up to 25%: New price cuts across the range.  Techweb

00-02-21 Intel's Roadmaps:The Register

00-02-21 Intel's PIII/Celeron pricing to June:The Register (PIII) The Register (Cel)

00-02-21 Intel plans Ethernet functions for PC chips: Chipset gets 100 mb/s networking.  Techweb

00-02-21 Intel unveils encryption as you type: HDCP - High bandwidth Digital Copy Protection protects the display link.  Techweb

00-02-21 Intel discovers errors in chipsets: i820 and i840 doesn't like SDRAM with ECC.  Techweb

00-02-18 Faster USB on track for this year: 3.3V swing reduced to 400 mV for 480 Mb/s.  Techweb

00-02-17 Sony, Intel team on home appliance networks: Alliance on Firewire(-less) and Memory Stick.  CNet Intel CNet

00-02-17 AMD will ship GHz Athlon when ready in volume: Release awaiting volumes while Intel ships to some vendors.  Techweb

00-02-16 Industry prepares for next wave of DVI compliant products: Product for the digital display interface on the way.  Intel

00-02-16 Willamette chip cores run at 3GHz: The two ALUs run at 3 GHz each...  The Register 

00-02-16 Intel eyes 16 way system with 870 chipset: For Foster and McKinley.  Techweb EETimes

00-02-16 Intel, Sun in rift over Itanium: Intel not pleased with Sun's commitment.  Techweb

00-02-16 Intel targets Timna for even lower cost PCs: For the sub $600 PC.  ZDNet

00-02-16 Intel renames servers, ups ante in communications:CNet EETimes Techweb

00-02-16 Intel disses 1394 for own technology - again: All hopes of Firewire inside an Intel chipset gone. But serial-ATA will have 1.5 Gb/s throughput in a year  The Register

00-02-16 Itanium - the beat goes on: . The Register

00-02-15 Surprise: Intel demos 1.5 GHz processor: And the roadmap gets faster once again.  ZDNet Intel

00-02-15 Yu rips open Willamette Kimono: Cat W is out of the bag along with a 400 MHz bus!  The Register ZDNet

00-02-15 Intel's Timna CPU to support SDRAM, while Willamette adopts Rambus interface: And ATA-100 for the i840. EBN

00-02-15 Intel's new chips highlight conference: Merced, Willamette and Timna. ZDNet EETimes

00-02-15 IDF: New technologies presented: USB 2.0, Beyond AGP4x, Serial ATA etc. Intel

00-02-15 IDF: New tools presented: VTune and C++ / Fortran compilers. Intel

00-02-15 Intel chairman: B2B e-commerce holds the future: Andy Grove opens the IDF. CNet The Register

00-02-15 AMD becomes Cheapzilla: Holds competing forum two blocks from IDF. The Register

00-02-14 IDF: Spring 2000: . The Register

00-02-14 New Intel Mobile processors: Mobile Celerons at 450, 500 MHz using the 100 MHz bus released. Intel

00-02-14 Developers urged to port apps to Willamette: And the new graphics bus "Beyond 4x" mentioned. The Register

00-02-14 AMD to axe Athlon prices Feb 28: AMD prices fall. The Register

00-02-11 OEMs wary of Intel's paper launches: Includes launch roadmap for 2000. EBN

00-02-11 Three Intel Motherboards scrapped because of chipset problems: And Willamette and Foster's successors are called Tualatin and Gallatin? The Register

00-02-11 Kyocera balks at Intel's pricing restrictions: Limits too low for Intel's own good? EBN

00-02-11 Intel selects DRDRAM for new MPU: Intel stays on the Rambus road. But DDR appears in servers in 2001. EBN The Register

00-02-11 AMD, Intel aim at communications enabled PC with rival card specs: The CNR and AMR gets a competitor in the ACR. EBN

00-02-11 AMD trots out 850 MHz Athlon processor: . Techweb The Register ZDNet

00-02-11 Developers creep towards40 Gbit/s chips: Fast networks getting faster. Techweb

00-02-10 Intel says 64 bit chip is ready for e-biz: On Itanium scalability. Techweb

00-02-10 Via set to unveil Intel competitor: Joshua out Feb. 22nd. CNet

00-02-10 ISSCC: Inside the GHz processors: . EETimes

00-02-10 Willamette it or won't it?: "Chip W" due in October. The Register

00-02-10 Processors gallop past the GHz mark: High speed chips shown at the ISSCC. Techweb The Register

00-02-08 ISSCC program: . Intel ISSCC

00-02-08 Intel unveils spec for PC networking card: The Audio Modem Riser gets a new friend in the CNR. Techweb

00-02-07 Upcoming Itanium chip will hit 800 MHz: First Merced . CNet The Register

00-02-07 IDF roster to include Timna: "The Intel Developers Forum next week is expected to include details on the upcoming Timna processor and Willamette micro architecture." EET

00-02-07 Chip industry sets global sales record for 99: $147B in revenues. Techweb

00-02-07 Intel, Japan in 0.13 um photomask bid: For next years products. Techweb

00-02-07 Intel, AMD gird for bus-line war: "Quad pumping" will raise bus frequency to 400 MHz while AMD moves to 266. EBN

00-02-07 Intel chip shortage helps AMD: . CRN

00-02-07 Athlon's success helps in AMD's turnaround: Back in black. CRN

00-02-06 Willamette is Intel's favourite..: MMX3 on the way? . The Register 

00-02-04 Intel, Ericsson team on Flash memory: On next generation chips. Techweb EBN

00-02-03 Intel forum to map a three front battle: Using Timna, Willamette and Merced. Techweb

00-02-03 More Intel chip, chipset details leak: Willamette starts at 1.4 GHz. The Register

00-02-03 Intel to acquire Ambient for $150M: Strengthening comms. Techweb

00-02-02 Willamette heats up GHz race: . ZDNet 

00-02-02 Intel to acquire former Rockwell fab: In Colorado Springs. Techweb EET

00-01-31 Ruiz quits Motorola for AMD: Hector de Jesus Ruiz becomes president of AMD. EET

00-01-31 Intel: Defined the microprocessor: History lesson. EET

00-01-31 Eye on future: ..architecture for 2003 PC..: . CRN

00-01-31 AMD, Via tout top bus speed for chipsets: 266 MHz bus introduced in 2001 and IEEE-1394 is in for AMD. EBN

00-01-31 Respun DDR memory promises up to 600 Mb/s per pin..: On 150 MHz DDR-II. EET

00-01-31 Intel developing new bus technology: About the 400 MHz "quad- pumped" bus. Techweb

00-01-29 Trouble for the PC industry?: PC maker slowdown? CNet

00-01-28 Chips embark on road to 20 GHz: Eight year preview. CNet

00-01-26 Plans for Texas plant halted: Tax issues in the way. CNet

00-01-25 New RS/6000 tap into copper: 4-way servers based on copper technology. Techweb

00-01-25 Pentium III 800 makes debut in erratum-not-bug chart: . The Register

00-01-25 Intel's FC-PGA plans far advanced: FC-PGA takes over. The Register

00-01-25 Packaging slip delays 550 MHz Pentium III flip-chips : FC-PGA delayed. EBN 

00-01-25 Intel to open another plant in Arizona: Will make 300mm wafers. CNet

00-01-24 Intel, AMD shred processor prices once again: Prices go down again. Techweb CNet EBN

00-01-24 AMD takes legal action against overclockers: . The Register 

00-01-21 AMD to add on-.chip cache to Athlon: The Thunderbird Athlon will include 256 KB on-die, the Mustang more, while the K8 (Sledgehammer) will be out in 2002. Techweb

00-01-20 New Intel-led DRAM alliance will target PC memory: Talking about DDR-2 SDRAM. EBN

00-01-20 Intel obliterates refs to unannounced chipsets: . The Register

00-01-20 You'll have to wait a tad for SpeedStep II: Rumors. The Register

00-01-19 Transmeta Crusoe launch: The web's most secretive site is about to open up. Transmeta ZDTV web cast 9am PST Techweb CNet EBN EETimes

00-01-18 Intel's mobile Pentiums shift speed: Mobile 650 with SpeedStep is out. Techweb CNet

00-01-17 Intel plays catch up in PC chipsets: Solano will support 133 MHz SDRAM. Techweb 

00-01-17 Intel, memory suppliers launch DRAM alliance: Together with Samsung, Hyundai, NEC, etc. Techweb CNet EBN

00-01-14 Intel refines I/O design in Solano chip set design: Solano a.k.a. i815 is updated to Solano 2 including USB 2.0 etc. Techweb EBN

00-01-14 DDR SDRAM gaining momentum with pending chipset support: . EBN 

00-01-12 Intel announces volume production of 800 MHz Coppermine Xeon: Moves from SECC2 to new SE330 330 pin package. EBN 

00-01-11 Intel executive raps gear makers' turnaround time: Michael Splinter speaks. EETimes 

00-01-11 PC soon will play second fiddle to comms as chip consumer: . EETimes 

00-01-10 Via claims to ship AMD Athlon chipset in volume: KX-133 chipset out. The Register 

00-01-10 Intel cuts Celeron prices to prepare Coppermine way: Coppermine Celeron to follow. The Register Techweb

00-01-05 Intel homes in on Chandler, Ariz., site for first  300 mm wafer fab: Fort Worth rejected. EBN 

00-01-05 Ramping up Rambus memory: Production to reach 16% this year. CNet 

00-01-04 Intel revs up low end with 533-MHz Celeron: New speedier Celerons out. CNet Techweb Intel

00-01-03 Still In The Running: Intel's biggest competitor raises stakes -- New Athlon Processors Put AMD In Front Of MHz Race: Athlon 800 out this month. CRN Techweb CNet CNet EBN The Register

00-01-03 Intel ships prototypes -- Itanium-based systems first to carry 64-bit architecture: Merced systems out. CRN

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