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98-12-31 AMD plans 1000MHz copper whopper: Expected early in the next century.  The Register

98-12-31 Intel says days of overclocking gone: Intel engineer warns that current PII chips include "more effective speed control".  The Register

98-12-29 Intel quietly cuts Celeron prices: Unexpected price cuts took place December 6th.  C|Net

98-12-28 Microarchitecture in the ditch: ILP (Instruction-level parallelism) gives limited perfoamnce gains.  MPR

98-12-29 Intel in 1999 - Mother Shipton beckons: Roadmap info.  The Register

98-12-28 Marriage on the rocks:amid legal problems and diverging Microsoft and Intel are drifting apart interests.  Infoworld

98-12-21 Intel touts new chipset technology: Camino and Carmel on the way to a desktop near you.  CRN

98-12-22 Expect emphasis on integration, speed to continue: Next year in the PC business.  CRN

98-12-22 New chips will speed up notebooks: PII and Celeron notebook chip news.  Information Week

98-12-23 AMD's secret chip revealed: K6-3 outperforms PII according to AnandTech testsZDNet

98-12-23 AMD K6-3 to achieve volume in February: Sharptooth head to head with Katmai.  The Register

98-12-23 Katmai is Pentium III: Discarded name bounces back at Superbowl...  The Register

98-12-22 Cyrix clarifies it's roadmap to the heights: 400 MHz processor due in Q2.  The Register

98-12-22 Intel to slash Celeron prices: ..when the 366 and 400 is released.  Techweb

98-12-21 Intel sets price war: Challenging AMD in sub $1000 PCs.  San Jose Mercury News

98-12-21 Intel will release new four-way Xeon: 2 MB cache version finally due in January.  Techweb

98-12-21 Rambus gives licencees incentive for success: 400000 Rambus shares to be sold at bargain price.  EBNews

98-12-21 Intel makes Scrooge-like Celeron pricing decision: Celeron prices cut right after Christmas. What a surprise...  The Register

98-12-21 ZDNet speculates a little too much: Celeron will not use the 100 MHz bus quite yet.  The Register

98-12-21 Intel to debut 400 MHz Celeron on Jan 4: Introduction plans accelerate.  EBNews

98-12-21 Intel ushers in new design: Katmai on the way.  Infoworld

98-12-14 Intel to accelerate Celerons: Celeron roadmap for -99.  PC World

98-12-18 Chip cavalcade coming from Intel: Product introductions in January -99 C|Net ZDNet

98-12-18 AMD powered missile hits Intel quarters in Baghdad: Or: Is Intel really led by Saddam Hussein? The Register The Register

98-12-18 Intel to debut 400 MHz Celeron: To be introduced January 4th. Techweb

98-12-17 AMD, Intel squabble over Katmai: "3DNow is better than KNI". Yawn.... The Register

98-12-17 Katmai NI a dead pigeon: Name changed to the sexier "Streaming SIMD Instructions". The Register

98-12-17 Intel to buy S3 stake: The two companies are entering a 10 year cross licensing agreement. Techweb C|Net

98-12-15 Shortage of 350 MHz PIIs spread to 450 MHz parts: The Domino effect is at work. The Register

98-12-15 Intel staff start book on Katmai name: PIII out of the picture. More suggestions please.... The Register

98-12-15 Intel could have same timing problem as AMD: . The Register

98-12-15 AMD, Intel locked in bus marketing war: Celeron with 100 MHz front side bus likely late next year. The Register

98-12-14 Gigabyte to introduce four 370 pin boards: . The Register

98-12-14 K7 to stay slottish: "Slot architecture necessary with the bus at 133 MHz and higher". The Register

98-12-14 Intel could have same timing problem as AMD: . The Register

98-12-14 Intel's security plans worry PC builders: The "firmware hub" in Camino, Carmel, Whitney etc is in focus.. Techweb

98-12-14 Intel gives Pentium license to Sandia labs: For radiation proof chips. EETimes ZDNet

98-12-14 Intel claims it's 0.18 um Al process beats copper: More on the Katmai process. EETimes

98-12-14 Intel pushes specs for server appliciances: Improved reliability and ease of use needed. Techweb

98-12-09 Intel readies three laptop chips: Product segmentation continues for mobile chips. Techweb

98-12-09 Intel sticks with aluminum at 0.18 microns: Copper benefits too small to motivate change (yet). EETimes

98-12-07 VLIW processors will depend on strong designs, cutting edge compilers: Transmeta's CEO talks about the future: "[Current high end RISC chips] seem much more complex than [CISCs]". EETimes

98-12-07 Intel to abandon slot 1: Will the high-end also be moved back to sockets for cost reasons? RealWorldtech MPR

98-12-07 Intel's Katmai no humble pigeon pie: Katmai info expected. The Register

98-12-07 Katmai pricing will mean PII dominoes fall: Roadmap info. The Register

98-12-07 Clock speed of 600 MHz is target: Big aspirations for the mobile market. Techweb

98-12-07 Intel simplifies transition to new MPUs, chipsets: Roadmap info. EBN CRN

98-12-07 DDR picks up steam as next-gen DRAM chioce: IBM supporting DDR II. EETimes EBN CRN

98-12-07 Motherboards support Celeron: The first motherboards supporting Socket 370 announced. EETimes

98-12-07 Compaq reduces it's reliance on Intel: More Alpha powered workstations expected. Techweb

98-12-04 Intel scores in email suit: Ken Hamidi, the employee who founded FACE-Intel after getting fired in 1995 has been banned from sending email to current employees. C|Net

98-12-03 Intel to buy iCat: A Seattle e-commerce company.  Techweb

98-11-30 Top PC makers snub new Intel I/O scheme: Concerned about Intel's approach to open standards.  Techweb

98-11-30 Speeds up to 1GHz expected by 2001: 667 MHz processors due next year...  Techweb

98-11-30 Via licenses slot 1 technology: The Apollo Pro chipset to support the PII bus.  Techweb

98-11-23 Intel's '99 gift list: Faster, cheaper chips: Roadmap info.  CRN

98-11-23 Intel to strengthen midrange stance with speed, price cuts: Mobile chip news.  CRN

98-11-23 AMD going great guns: AMD has been putting up some serious competition the last months.  EETimes

98-11-20 Intel to help IT managers handle CPU upgrade cycles: The Transition Management program's goal is systems where base components such as core logic and memory interfaces are constant over several CPU generations.  IDG

98-11-20 Pentium II shortage: PII 350 sold out. The Register

98-11-20 SGI workstation shakes up Comdex: PII system with SGI's own chipset amazes Bill Gates. Techweb

98-11-19 Intel demonstrates system with Direct Rambus DRAM: System with the 133 MHz bus previewed. EBNews EETimes

98-11-19 Intel, FTC prepares for antitrust showdown: Hearing on Feb. 23. EETimes

98-11-19 Craig Barrett looks to the future: An interview with the chief. EBNews

98-11-19 AMD shows off K7 chip, motherboard: First sneak preview at Comdex. Techweb

98-11-19 AMD's K6-2 Windows 95 incompatibility confirmed: The K6-2 350 and faster may prevent Windows from booting. Infoworld

98-11-19 Intel, Via sign Slot 1 chip set deal: Via is on the brink of becoming the first chip set vendor to sign a licensing agreement for Slot 1. Infoworld

98-11-17 Celeron notebooks may start as low as $1299: . ZDNet

98-11-17 Be snags Intel backing, Hitachi deal: A big splash from a small guy... Techweb

98-11-16 Server architecture challenges Intel: PCI-X revisited. C|Net

98-11-XX Everything under control: ACPI tutorial. c't

98-11-XX Faster more colorul, nicer: Roadmap. c't

98-11-17 Intel cans keynote speech in favor of comedy: Comdex keynote: "Technically incorrect" featuring Bill Maher. Newsbytes ZDNet The Register Infoworld

98-11-16 Intel will push for $399 PC: Aiming even lower + Katmai launch biggest ever. C|Net ZDNet

98-11-16 Intel gives in to chip integration: Integrated chips for the low end to arrive in 2000. C|Net

98-11-17 Mobile Celeron will appear at January end: Completed samples out now. The Register

98-11-17 Cadence tailors pc-board design kit for Intel's Merced: SpecctraQuest pcb design kit tailored for the IA-64 chips. EETimes

98-11-17 Intel plans to buy more networking firms: No names yet. C|Net

98-11-16 Update: Intel emphasizes cost-cutting efforts at Wall Street meeting: Roadmap info. EBNews

98-11-16 Intel and HP: Strange bedfellows: Different agendas strain IA-64 plans. PCWeek ZDNet

98-11-16 Holding company provides neutral ground for IA-64: IDEA controls the rights to intellectual property. PCWeek

98-11-16 The long road to Merced -- and beyond: Merced history. PCWeek

98-11-15 Intel mulls I/O truce: The NGI/O vs Future I/O war may be on it's way to end before it started. But the Future I/O camp still want royalties... PCWeek Intel on NGIO

98-11-15 Intel pre-empts Comdex/Fall with exec blitz: The Register has seen the face of evil. Again. The Register

98-11-15 Intel's Friday 13th Part II: 3Com beaten by Intel: Networking. The Register

98-11-15 Intel's Friday 13th Part III: Yaquina & Twister on view: Concept PCs on display. The Register

98-11-15 Intel's Friday 13th Part IV: Merced die makes appearance: Chip layout pictures. Don't show your kids. The Register

98-11-15 Intel's Friday 13th Part V: The gory end: New chip processes. The Register

98-11-15 AMD introduces 400 MHz part: K6-2/400. The Register EBNews

98-11-15 Comdex/Fall goes Intel 370-pin crazy: The new Celeron socket on it's way into Taiwanese systems. The Register

98-11-15 Intel unveils plans for 1999 and next millenium: Roadmap info. Techweb

98-11-15 Intel to put big money into research: Roadmap info. Techweb

98-11-13 Intel tells analysts it looks strong across all product segments: . EBNews

98-11-13 AMD begin testing K7 at Dresden fab: Production at the end of -99. EBNews

98-11-13 Intel targets low-cost PCs: Finally some fresh roadmap info... ZDNet PCWeek

98-11-13 Intel plans massive cost cutting: More emphasis on costs. C|Net

98-11-13 Sun to show first Java chips at Comdex: First picoJava prototypes out in early 99. Infoworld EETimes

98-11-13 US, Japan groups agree to set common digital display interface: There's still hope for a common digital screen interface. EETimes

98-11-13 Intel pushes toward 600 MHz mobile chips: Coppermine and . C|Net

98-11-12 Top secret chip less secret now: Transmeta to be shown in public. C|Net

98-11-12 Intel to replace flawed motherboards: Some SE440BX-2 boards aren't what they should. Infoworld C|Net

98-11-13 Apology to Intel Corporation: The Register sees the error of their ways. Ehhm... The Register

98-11-12 RAM maker shifts gear: Rambus Inc shows up at Comdex. ZDNet C|Net

98-11-12 New products to boost AMD sales: Sharptooth, K7 etc. C|Net

98-11-12 Intel to invest in Be: Big day for small OS maker. C|Net EETimes

98-11-12 Toshiba processor may be brains of PlayStation: Next generation PlayStation on the way. Techweb

98-11-12 Intel invests in DSL chip maker: The development of their software-base G.Lite modems will accelerate. Techweb C|Net

98-11-11 Intel predicts brighter Q4 than expected: The future's so bright you've got to wear shades.... The Register

98-11-11 Intel demos four-way Xeon Linux system: . The Register

98-11-10 Intel plans half of its R&D in enterprise: Plans for 99. Infoworld

98-11-12 Intel touts new data path plan: Further details on NGI/O. C|Net

98-11-09 Atiq Raza is chipping away at Intel's market: AMD's chief technical officer arrived from Pakistan in 1979. Techweb

98-11-09 Could the CEO crown be next for Paul Otellini: Whether it's chips or chiefs, Intel's roadmap has always been pretty clear. Techweb

98-11-09 IBM joins Unix crossover: Now all the major server maker is on board to develop IA-64 servers. Techweb

98-11-09 Bluetooth aimed at Hidden Computing: Intel is focusing on the home network aspects of the emerging wireless standard. The Register

98-11-09 370-pin 366MHz Celeron to appear in January 1999: The first devices using the new socket will appear in the first weeks of January. The Register

98-11-09 Intel, IBM plan overhauls of server design: NGI/O and Future I/O takes over from PCI. Infoworld

98-11-05 Spec set for next-generation PCI: PCI-X spec finished while Intel will reveal details on NGI/O on Wednesday. EETimes

98-11-05 Samsung readies rollout of 144 MB Direct RDRAM: . Infoworld

98-11-04 Intel based supercomputer tops list of the worlds fastest: Pentium Pro based behemoth beats SGI based systems until Saturday... C|Net Top500

98-11-04 Intel touts pyramid scheme: iMac influenced PCs: "Aztec", "Tetris", "Castia" and "Beta" to show off new generation of PCs. Aztec even uses a Katmai and Firewire. C|Net

98-11-04 MIPS chips take new course: MIPS is releasing CPUs and cores for small devices. C|Net

98-11-02 Intel rolls out $699 thin server challenge to Microsoft: The 486 based InBusiness eMail Station isn't running Bill-Os™, but WindRiver's VXWorks. The Register

98-11-02 Another I/O spec in the works: Compaq, IBM and HP also seem to believe in Switched Fabrics. Just not the same Fabrics... PCWeek

98-11-02 Intel's motto for PC makers: Keep it simple: USB / Firewire system to be shown at Comdex as sample 90's system. Still, system makers frown. ZDNet

98-11-02 Do Rambus licensees have 'clause' for concern: Rambus license is said to contain censorship clause. EBN

98-11-02 Vendors unleash 8-way Profusion systems: 8 way servers on the way from the major system makers. Techweb Infoworld

98-11-02 PC buyers won't wait for Katmai: Too late for the Christmas season. Techweb

98-10-28 Intel to junk Celeron strategy: AMD and other competitors has eaten too much from Intel's market share. The Register

98-10-27 AMD promotes Raza, Previte: Changes in the top management. C|Net

98-10-26 Price cuts boost PII over Celeron: The price gap narrows. The Register

98-10-26 Intel, PBS team on datacast: Allowing digital TV access to web based content. C|Net

98-10-26 Intel seeks Katmai support in covert campaign: Wanted: Katmai enhanced applications. Infoworld

98-10-26 Intel to forge PC systems path for 1999: Profusion, 11 new chips to be shown at Comdex. Infoworld

98-10-25 Leaked memo claims Intel's vendor of choice rating slumped in Q3: FACE Intel has published an internal memo. The Register

98-10-23 Xeon bugs fixed: Volume shipments have begun. C|Net

98-10-24 Price cuts due: Could amount to up to 20%. Techweb C|Net

98-10-20 AMD rolls a K7: More on the upcoming competitor. ZDNet

98-10-19 Katmai will give voice to applications: Voice recognition and speech on the way. Infoworld

98-10-15 AMD's K7 bus will speed past Intel's 133 MHz: The EV-6 bus starts at 200 MHz, with capabilty for 400. EDTN

98-10-16 DSP architectures takes post-VLIW turn: Compilers and C-level programming is the way forward. EETimes

98-10-16 Battle lines drawn for next-generation MPUs: Different approaches for increasing performance in upcoming designs. EETimes

98-10-16 K7 set to outmuscle PII: Strong competition will come from AMD next year. EETimes

98-10-16 S3 goes after Intel?: Intel's Santa Clara neighbor may sue for patent infringement. C|Net ZDNet

98-10-16 Intel invests $500 M in Micron: Primarily to speed up the adoption of RDRAM. Techweb C|Net ZDNet

98-10-16 Motorola announces G4 chip: 400 MHz chip featuring AltiVec (Motrorola's KNI) sampling now. Techweb Techweb

98-10-16 HP moves slowly on Merced migration: PA-RISC isn't quite dead yet. Techweb

98-10-16 Intel plans for two additional IA-64 CPUs: Merced, McKinley, Madison and Deerfield revisited. Techweb

98-10-15 MPF 98 Coverage: EETimes

98-10-15 How Intel and HP shields patents from prying eyes: The Register

98-10-15 It's a big, fast future: Intel, Alpha look forward. ZDNet

98-10-15 Details on Merced: Three level cache and new, smaller cartridge. Techweb C|Net EETimes The Register

98-10-14 SGI, Unisys to use Merced: More heavyweights behind IA-64. C|Net

98-10-14 National sets sight on low end: Cyrix aims under the waist. C|Net

98-10-14 Chips take center stage: A number of MPF articles from C|Net.

98-10-14 HP outlines plans for first IA-64 chipset: Will use Merced compatible PA-RISC motherboard starting next year. ZDNet C|Net

98-10-14 Filling Intel's holes: Alternative chip makers focuses on markets where the giant isn't. ZDNet

98-10-14 Chip makers detail processor plans: Intel, AMD, Cyrix, Centaur Technology and Rise moving on. ZDNet Techweb

98-10-14 Cyrix jumps Intel's interface for new chip: Cayenne will reportedly not use the slot interface when released in -99. Techweb

98-10-14 AMD continues to challenge Intel: Details about K7 revealed. Techweb C|Net The Register

98-10-10 Chaotic PC market shapes processor road maps: The MPF will give us an update of a unusually diverse processor market. EETimes

98-10-12 Rise unveils MP6 processor to challenge Intel: More competition on the base-PC market. EETimes

98-10-12 Intel thrives, LSI looks to layoffs: Intel revenues are expected to exceed projections. C|Net

98-10-12 AMD K7 chipsets to use Rambus DRAM: Supporting the Intel preferred memory type. Techweb EETimes

98-10-12 Intel and AMD step up the battle: News to be announced at MPF. ZDNet

98-10-12 Katmai could kill 3DNow, analysts say: Blood and gore in 3D. ZDNet

98-10-09 Intel outlines road to McKinley: High-end plans until 2002. EDTN

98-10-07 Intel to offer new chip design: Willamette delayed until late 2000, Xeon version added (Foster). (Also mentions Merced and McKinley.) Infoworld C|Net

98-10-06 Japanese chip makers show first DDR SDRAM: Not really Intel related... Techweb

98-10-06 SGI buys 10% stake in Real 3D: The company responsible for the i740 gets another powerful shareholder. Techweb

98-10-06 Xeon 450 launched: And prices cut. Techweb C|Net ZDNet

98-10-05 Intel sales badly dented by AMD upstarts: US share lowered by 30% since last year. The Register

98-10-05 Despite shortages, new Xeon due: Xeon 450 release scheduled for tomorrow. C|Net EETimes

98-10-02 Price roadmap: EB News has compiled a price roadmap covering Katmai and Tanner. EBNews

98-10-01 TI preps Merced compliant power supply controller: Will handle increased current capabilities and response times needed for upcoming processors. EETimes

98-10-01 Gordon Moore funds British university: The Intel co-founder donates $12.5M to Cambridge. Techweb EETimes

98-09-29 Merced floorplan public: The layout of the EPIC chip comes to light. Techweb EETimes

98-09-14 IC manufacturing complexity increases: Copper is only the first new material used in chip fabrication. Microprocessor Report

98-09-28 Study: Chip revenue up in 99: Dataquest predicts the semiconductor industry is on the rebound. C|Net Dataquest

98-09-28 Intel, Netscape may invest in Red Hat: The Linux software developer may get some new heavyweight investors. Techweb C|Net ZDNet

98-09-25 Barrett thinks PCI-x targets Dell: Not Intel... ZDNet

98-09-22 675 jobs cut at Ex-Digital plant: The Hudson, Massachusets plant currently employs 1600 employees. Techweb

98-09-24 Grove looks to visual computing: Donates $6M to the Whitney Museum. Techweb

98-09-25 Intel considers taking stake in Micron: The outcome of the negotiations are uncertain. Techweb

98-09-28 New Xeon systems arrive: More systems are coming to the market. C|Net

98-09-24 New Xeon and price cuts: Cuts and releases planned for October. C|Net

98-09-23 Intel roadmap goes chocaholic: Project names Koa and Lilac mentioned. The Register

98-09-20 The page now uses Cascading Style Sheets: The roadmap page now relies heavily on CSS to speed up page load times and make it easier to update. This may cause problems for users of older browsers. Tell me how it works for you. (Old page)

98-09-16 Basic PC plans flawed?: The Register writer Mike Magee thinks the rear view mirror shows the way to go... The Register

98-09-16 Here comes Intel's Miramar: Software project focuses on using KNI for 3D. The Register

98-09-18 Past PCI-x: Switched fabrics: After about 2000 the PC will need a completely new bus architecture. ZDNet The Register

98-09-18 Emulator sheds early light on Merced software: The emulator mimics the entire IA-64 platform, including multiprocessor systems. EETimes

98-09-16 Notebook Celerons ahead: In the first half of 1999 Celeron processors for notebooks will be released. C|Net

98-09-17 Intel ships utility to aid development for Merced: A "pre-silicon development environment" emulating IA-64 on IA-32. Infoworld

98-09-16 One-on-one with Albert Yu: Interviewed on process advances, computing demand and Celeron after his keynote speech at IDF. EBNews

98-09-16 Katmai details lead push to high-end PCs: Details on KNI revealed. EETimes The Register

98-09-16 Next Exit: Mendocino: Presentation of the new PII and celeron processors. c't (thanks

98-09-16 Fork in process roadmap: Two processes developed for 0.18 micron chips. EETimes

98-09-16 Intel inside out: Four current stories on the realNetworks deal, set-top computers, "Intel's iMac" etc. C|Net

98-09-16 The Katmai may have an edge on AMD, but not by much: Performance on 3D may not differ that much between 3DNow and KNI. ZDNet

98-09-16 Intel CEO promises intense 1999: Despite what analysts call an industry downturn, Craig Barrett promises a recordbreaking number of product announcements next year. Techweb ZDNet Infoworld The Register PCWeek EBN

98-09-15 New Celeron package to appear this year: Albert Yu, VP of Intel's microprocesssor group, said that the 370-pin socket will appear in low cost processors at the end of 1998. The Register ZDNet

98-09-15 PCI-X last increment on PCI bus: Intel gives qualified approval to the bus specification. The Register

98-09-14 1999 notebook plans: Don't expect the notebook market to remain without change. ZDNet

98-09-14 Roadmap news: Lower prices and new products. ZDNet

98-09-14 Price cuts: Chip prices cut up to 34 percent. Techweb C|Net ZDNet The Register

98-09-08 PCI upgrade debated: Intel and Compaq etc is pulling the PCI spec in different directions. EETimes

98-09-09 PII Mobile 300 introduced: The new laptop processor uses a 1.6V power supply. Techweb Intel Press room

98-09-08 Return to the Socket: Intel plans to move the Celeron family to the new 390 pin PPGA package, starting in the first half of 1999. Techweb

98-09-08 Newest Mobile PII consumes least power: Intel plans to introduce the Mobile PII wednesday. PCWeek

98-09-08 Clustered Xeon systems demoed: Intel, Dell and others shows off 16 clustered Xeon servers. C|Net

98-09-04 Sparc roadmap shows Sun's commitment to take on Intel: 1.5 GHz UltraSparc V planned in 2002. EDTN

98-09-04 16-node Xeon cluster preview: John Miner is expected to demonstrate a mainframe competitor next week. ZDNet

98-09-04 Compaq, IBM, HP hop on bus design: The PCI-X spec proposal quadruples the bus speed to 133 MHz and uses the 64 bit version. C|Net ZDNet Techweb

98-09-04 Customers push own design: Compaq, HP and IBM have created a new design for circuitry which claims to double the internal bandwidth of a PC. C|Net

98-09-04 Intel moves up in network chipsets: Market share grows. C|Net

98-09-03 PC audio and modem integration continues: The AMR card (Audio / Modem Riser Card) will be a studied in depth at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum. Techweb

98-09-03 Gateway CEO wrestles Intel over Celeron: Ted Waitt sees Intel's marketing as the major obstacle to the success of the new low end processors. C|Net

98-09-02 Cyrix and IBM split up:dissolved as the new Cyrix fab is ramping up manufacturing. The partnership is being ZDNet

98-09-02 Clones face tough market: Small startups with big ambitions face daunting abstacles. (Also mentions that Transmeta currently employs Linux creator Linus Torvalds and Intel Secrets' Robert Collins.) C|Net

98-09-02 HP releases Trimaran compiler for IA-64: A research compiler for learning how to create efficient EPIC code running on HP-UX machines. Techweb EETimes

98-08-31 Gordon Moore relaxed about Y2K: Intel's co-founder is confident that all major computer systems should be able to handle the milennium. C|Net

98-08-31 Intel attacks ISA: Chipsets supporting ISA will carry a higher price tag than non-ISA chipsets. U-Geek

98-08-30 Intel, AMD micros blur performance contrasts: With the new Celerons and the AMD K6-2 350, the processor market gets more competitive than ever. Techweb

98-08-28 Intel shifts direction to content protection: The upcoming Intel Developers Forum is expected to focus on content protection for digital video. Techweb ZDNet

98-08-27 Intel gives qualified support to Mini PCI: A number of corrections and clarifications needed, though. CMPNet

98-08-27 New rival arrives: New Intel wannabe in the low cost segment. ZDNet

98-08-27 Creating a dual Celeron system: Soldering required. Kikumaru's

98-08-26 Gates threatens Grove: The US government is investigating whether Microsoft threatened Intel to back down from software projects. ZDNet SanJose Mercury News C|Net

98-08-25 Mini PCI spec gets preliminary approval: The PCI SIG has approved the preliminary specs. (Mini PCI cards will be smaller than a credit card). Techweb

98-08-25 New Celeron socket to be called Socket 370: New ENPC motherboard EP-KZ21 featuring the 440ZX chipset uses a socket called PPGA Socket 370. Supports up to 112 MHz front side bus. ENPC

98-08-24 Intel tries integrating graphics: Integrating the i740 into Whitney could be a mistake. MicroProcessor Report

98-08-24 Intel announcements: Their own pages. Announcement Spotlight Intel PII Intel Celeron

98-08-24 Pentium II, Celeron PCs here: Processor releases followed by system releases. C|Net C|Net

98-08-24 Intel extends reach in sub $1000 PCs: Celeron 300A and 333 launched today at $149 and $192 respectively. Techweb C|Net

98-08-24 IBM to port AIX to IA-64: AIX to be ready for Merced at the chip's launch. Techweb

98-08-24 Integrated motherboards planned: "It's everything but the kitchen sink." Techweb

98-08-24 Cracking Katmai: More KNI information from an anonymous source. Techweb EETimes

98-08-24 Intel CPUs on the map: General roadmap information. Techweb

98-08-21 New processor drives down PC prices: The new Celeron models are expected to be followed by falling system prices. C|Net

98-08-21 New chips heat up industry: Chip introductions and price reductions coming up. C|Net

98-08-21 New mobile PIIs brings cheaper notebooks: The 300 MHz processor launch will be foollowed by price cuts. ZDNet

98-08-21 Intel bets on cache to revive Celeron: Observers speculate whether the added cache will create an interest in the low cost processor brand. Techweb ZDNet

98-08-20 Compaq favors Alpha before Merced: The PC maker says it will support the former Digital chip. TheRegister Intel counters: TheRegister

98-08-17 Eradicating the bus: Intel is hard at work trying to get rid of the ISA bus from PC systems. EETimes

98-08-17 Intel weighs copper strategy: While other semiconductor companies seem rushing to copper, Intel is quietly planning its strategy. C|Net

98-08-20 Low cost assault starts Monday: Celeron 300A and 333A released after the weekend along with PII 450. C|Net

98-08-18 Intel pushes Direct Rambus into PC servers: PC makers shows varying enthusiasm. (Carmel and Camino mentioned.) EETimes

98-08-18 PII 266 shortage heralds victory for Celeron: Price cuts slated for the 24th of this month may be delayed due to shortages. TheRegister

98-08-17 Cooling down Xeon: Intel's work to cool down it's server processor. C|Net

98-08-03 What's wrong with Merced?: What's really behind the slip in Merced's schedule? Microprocessor Report

98-08-14 Xeon needs to chill: The 400 MHz Xeon runs hotter than it should in some four processor configurations. C|Net

98-08-14 How to dominate the chip market: Albert Yu, V.P. of Intel's microprocessor products group has written a book about the company. ZDNet

98-08-14 New PII package on the way: Processors will be delivered in a new version of the Slot 1 package, called OLGA, improving heat and electrical flow starting in Q4. C|Net Techweb

98-08-14 Low end PII shortage drives prices up: 233, 266 and 300 MHz procesors seem to be hard to come by as Intel have decreased the production on 0.35 um processors. Techweb C|Net

98-08-XX Merced engineer spells doom on the Merced project: An anonymous Merced engineer claims the Merced project may be in danger due to management problems. FaceIntel (forum for disgruntled Intel employees)

98-08-11 Intel says Xeon needs more work: Xeon 450 with 1 and 2 MB of cache will not be released until Q1 99. Techweb C|Net

98-08-10 What makes Merced tick?: A short EETimes story on Merced. Techweb

98-08-10 Next Cyrix core aims at 600 MHz PII performance: The Jalapeño core is aimed at the upper end of the IA-32 processors at the time when Intel is moving to IA-64. Techweb

98-08-07 Four way servers delayed until 1999: . Techweb

98-08-06 Copper chip plans emerge: Copper technology likely to appear in McKinley. C|Net

98-08-06 Another delay in store for Xeon: The next version of the 450NX is delayed until the beginning of 99. ZDNet

98-08-06 Is Merced doomed?: If Merced suffers more delays it may be replaced by McKinley. C|Net

98-08-05 300 MHz Pentium II notebooks on tap: Faster notebook processor released in September. C|Net

98-08-04 Intel hit with $500M lawsuit: TechSearch charges infringement on RISC-architecture patent. Techweb

98-08-04 Study: Intel's domination is starting to erode: Businesses are increasingly using non-Intel chips. Techweb

98-08-03 Intel gets cheap: New Celeron A launched later this month. C|Net

98-08-03 Intel pumps speed, deflates prices: 450 MHz PII introduction planned for later this month along with price cuts. Techweb

98-08-03 Technical details emerge on Merced, Alpha 21364: New code optimization information available. Techweb

98-08-03 Graphics chip roadmap accelerated: New high performance chip called Coloma mentioned. Techweb

98-08-03 Intel covers all bases: Processor segmentation strategy continues. Techweb

98-08-03 Rivals uses Big Blue for muscle: Both Cyrix, AMD and IDT team up with IBM. Techweb

98-07-31 Intel Roadmap Shows Diverse Menu Of Chip Options: Roadmap info and link to price chart. Techweb Price Chart

98-07-29 Faster, cheaper chips introduced: Price cuts and product introductions. Techweb

98-07-29 PC 99 spec released: 300 MHz CPU without ISA or CD-ROM, but with DVD and Firewire recommended. Techweb

98-07-29 Intel buys 8% stake in graphics developer: In a continuing effort to keep tabs on PC graphics, $24 million has been invested in Evans & Sutherland. Techweb

98-07-23 Intel plots safer course than rivals: Competitors are expected to be more aggressive in introducing new technologies. Techweb

98-07-27 450-MHz chip spurs price cuts: Price cut list. C|Net

98-07-20 Processor prices drop while new rollouts are made: New prices, processors. Techweb

98-07-17 700 MHz, integrated Pentium IIs for 1999: New prices, processors. C|Net

98-07-13 Intel gets hip?: The chipmaker sponsors the Intel New York Music Festival, where 200 underground bands will play. Techweb

98-07-13 New bus introduced with Xeon: Xeon includes the new AGTL+ processor bus designed to support 4 processor systems. Techweb

98-07-13 Moore's law, circa 2004: Moore's law is expected to be amended by 2005. Techweb

98-07-13 Interview with Craig Barrett and Andy Grove: Discussing the future at Intel. Techweb

98-06-29 Xeon debuts: New features include 36 bit adressing allowing up to 64 GB memory (partly also supported by Pentium Pro!). The 440GX chipset and MS440GX motherboard are also launched. Techweb C|Net Intel

98-06-27 Xeon workaround being tested: Intel has developed a workaround for the Xeon bug which is currently being tested. C|Net

98-06-25 Xeon bug confirmed: Intel confirms that the new server chip contains a bug which appears when used in four processsor servers using the upcoming 450NX chipset. They expect to be able to fix the problem in a few weeks. C|Net

98-06-23 Potential bug clouds Xeon release: In trials, Xeon servers using four processors have occasionally frozen, according to sources. It is not clear whether the problem lies in the Xeon chip or the 450NX chipset. C|Net

98-06-22 Chipset licensing deals speeds up: In what looks like a move to show the FTC it can play fair, analysts say Intel will license PII technology to three top chipset makers. C|Net

98-06-22 Rambus DRAM tests starts: System tests of Rambus memory devices with transfer speed of 1.6 GB/s has started. Techweb

98-06-22 Intel steps up price cut pace: Intel will cut Xeon prices before the chip has shipped. (Coppermine is also mentioned.) ZDNet

98-06-18 Celeron plans changed: In addition to the current Celeron SEPP package, the Mendoocino will be available in a new cost-reduced 370-pin socket package. ZDNet C|Net

98-06-16 Xeon shown on PC Expo: In september Intel will launch the Xeon 450. C|Net

98-06-16 Intel's media adventure: Ron Whittier, general manager of Intel's content division gives the go-ahead for a multi million investment in the music company Launch Media ZDNet

98-06-12 Intel invites the press to Xeon introduction. On June 29th the Xeon will be showcased at the Santa Clara headquarters. Intel

98-06-09 FTC goes after Intel: Not unexpectedly, the FTC slapped Intel with an antitrust lawsuit on Monday. Some analysts think they may have a tough job winning. ZDNet special C|Net special coverage Techweb (lawsuit) Techweb (comments)

98-06-08 FTC ready to vote on Intel: The Federal Trade Commission is expected to vote on whether to take action aganst Intel on today. C|Net

98-06-05 New Celeron and price cuts due: Intel is expected to cut prices and launch the 300 MHz Celeron on Monday. C|Net Techweb (prices) Techweb (Celeron)

98-06-04 Intel redraws 32 bit roadmap: Intel officials announced wednesday that delivery dates and clock speeeds for Tanner, Katmai and Celeron have all been accelerated. ZDNet C|Net

98-06-02 FTC recommends antitrust suit against Intel: According to sources close to the case, the FTC top litigator is recommending the commision sue Intel for alleged antitrust violations. Techweb C|Net

98-05-29 Merced delayed six months: Due to a manufacturing problem and/or an underestimated test phase, Merced won't be launched until mid 2000. Read the C|Net and Techweb stories.

98-04-28 Powerful Pentium IIs: Supercharged Systems: An exclusive look at the first systems powered by Deschutes-Intel's hottest processor yet. (BX, 100 MHz, projects.) Techweb

98-05-08 Price cut schedule: 1998-05-08 Techweb

98-05-04 Merced Software Takes Shape: Merced compilers, predication, speculation, etc. Techweb

98-05-18 Katmai mobile canceled, Coppermine, Dixon) Techweb

98-05-xx McKinley => Flagstaff, EPIC article Cpumadness

98-04-20 Katmai New Instructions cracked: Software expert Clive Turvey says he has cracked the instruction set formerly known as MMX2. Read the Techweb article and check out Clive's KNI info.

98-04-17 Intel's Merced May Be Delayed: due to limited demand...) Techweb

98-04-17 Intel's Celeron Challenges AMD Pricing Strategy: New prices etc. Techweb

98-04-xx New Intel CPU Kits Add to PC Overload: Camino = 440Jx, 440GX Bigfoot 460GX Colfax Geyserville. ZDNet

98-04-xx Intel eyes 500-MHz chips: 500 MHz mid-99. 333 MHz mobile. C|Net

98-04-xx Intel Xeon chip to boost profits: Xeon name, price etc. C|Net

98-04-28 Stability problems nag new AMD K6 rollout: Mendocino time (doubtful..) etc. ZDNet

98-05-04 Intel Corp., citing yield improvements, has modified its 1998 Celeron road map: Celeron 300 June + 333 Q4 ZDNet

98-04-xx New Intel Celeron chip planned Celeron 300 Q3 98 C|Net

98-04-29 The Intel effect: Whitney Q4 -98 Forbes

98-04-20 Intel moves to accelerate adoption of Xeon processors: Nightshade, Saber, etc ZDNet

97-11-24 Intel's plans are further revealed: 440BX in Q2 -98, and PIIX6 (with 1394) in Q3. Techweb

Old Other News

98-12-30 Group may rewrite DVD rules: Is there hope for rewritable DVD? EETimes

98-12-23 W. J. Sanders III -- AMD CEO's flair for the dramatic keeps company in the spotlight: Executive profile. EBN EBN 1998 Hot 25 list

98-12-23 AMD's secret chip revealed: K6-3 outperforms PII according to AnandTech testsZDNet

98-12-17 Quantum3D maintains alliance with 3Dfx: While 3Dfx buys STB.  The Register

98-12-17 Test version of Windows 2000 due: 16000 beta testers will soon receive a new trial version.  C|Net

98-12-08 S3, UMC claim graphics breakthrough: First 0.18 um graphics chips?  The Register

98-12-05 HP to use new graphics hardware: Evans & Sutherland's top of the line card AccelGalaxy to be used in low and mid-range workstations. About half as powerful as Visualize FX-6. C|Net

98-12-05 Windows 2000 Beta on schedule: Released in Q1 99.  Techweb

98-11-23 AMD going great guns: AMD has been putting up some serious competition the last months.  EETimes

98-11-19 Group eyes 4.7 GB density for rewritable DVD: The 4.7 GB version of DVD RW will be submitted for standardization next year. Techweb

98-11-19 AMD shows off K7 chip, motherboard: First sneak preview at Comdex. Techweb

98-11-17 Sun shows working Java silicon at Comdex: MicroJava 701 shown. Techweb

98-11-17 Rendition cancels next-gen chip: V3300 canceled in favor of the V4400. Techweb

98-11-17 Firms touts future DVD drives: -RAM +RW, -R... Lots of GB... Real soon now... Sounds familiar... C|Net

98-11-17 AMD does hat trick with new chips: Three K6-2 processors at 366, 380 and 400 MHz released. C|Net

98-11-17 Comdex: 3Dfx tries some new Voodoo: Voodoo Banshee 2 / Voodoo 3 launched. EBNews

98-11-16 Comdex: 3Dfx, nVidia, Trident, others debut multimedia chips: 3D still hot. EBNews Techweb

98-11-13 AMD begin testing K7 at Dresden fab: Production at the end of -99. EBNews

98-11-13 Sun to show first Java chips at Comdex: First picoJava prototypes out in early 99. InfoWorld EETimes

98-11-13 US, Japan groups agree to set common digital display interface: There's still hope for a common digital screen interface. EETimes

98-11-12 Top secret chip less secret now: Transmeta to be shown in public. C|Net

98-11-12 RAM maker shifts gear: RAMBUS Inc shows up at Comdex. ZDNet C|Net

98-11-12 New products to boost AMD sales: Sharptooth, K7 etc. C|Net

98-11-12 Toshiba processor may be brains of PlayStation: Next generation PlayStation on the way.

98-11-09 Atiq Raza is chipping away at Intel's market: AMD's chief technical officer arrived from Pakistan in 1979. Techweb

98-11-05 Spec set for next-generation PCI: PCI-X spec finished while Intel will reveal details on NGI/O on Wednesday. EETimes

98-11-05 Samsung readies rollout of 144 MB Direct RDRAM: . InfoWorld

98-11-04 MIPS chips take new course: MIPS is releasing CPUs and cores for small devices. C|Net

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