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Dec. 27, 1998

Hello everyone. Lack of time has made me unable to update the site. The next update of the site will hopefully be in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I have made some changes to the discography section and the links section.

Nov. 13, 1998
Hello again.
The single "Man In The Rain" was released in Germany a week ago, and the TB3 video should be released there soon too.
I have fixed lots of broken pictures and links on the site, but no new pictures yet. Also, the new edition of Rainer Muenz fantastic discography is out, and I'll try to upload it this weekend.
BTW, do you have trouble reading the text on this site? If so, would you please e-mail me so I know if I have to change it or not. Thanks!

Oct. 29, 1998
First of all I wish to thank everyone who has sent me E-mails, voted in the Webpoll and signed my guestbook. I might be slow in answering your E-mails at times, but I try to answer them as soon as I can.
I guess you want some Mike Oldfield news? Well, Mike Oldfield is on "Later with Jools Holland" on BBC-2 on friday October 30.
The Official Video of the TB3 performance has been out in the UK for a few weeks now. No dates of when it will arrive in the rest of Europe. The releasedate for the "Man In the Rain" single in the rest of Europe outside the UK is pushed back all the time. Perhaps it will be released November 2 now?

Oct. 7, 1998
The Man In The Rain single is released in England. I don't know if it has been released anywhere else though...
I've changed the question in the webpoll. The old result is in the "webpoll" section.

Oct. 1, 1998
I've updated most of the pages on the site now. I hope the new design is OK.
TB3 info is up and pictures of the concert in London. See the "Music Info" section. I'll also add more information on various subjects as soon as I have time.
No new news on future Oldfield-releases yet. Hopefully, the "Man In The Rain" single will be released in Europe any day now.


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