Tubular Bells

Sound: Tom Newman, Simon Heyworth and Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield plays:
Grand Piano, Glokenspiel, Farfisa Organ, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Speed Guitar, Taped motor drive amplifier organ chord, Mandolin-like Guitar, Fuzz Guitars, Assorted Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Flageolet, Honky Tonk, Lowrey Organ, Tubular Bells
Master of Ceremonies: Viv Stanshall
Flutes: Jon Field
String Basses: Lindsay Cooper
Nasal Chorus: Nasal Choir
Girlie Chorus: Mundy Ellis, Sally Oldfield

Mike Oldfield plays:
Electric Guitars, Farfisa Organ, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Speed Elec. Guitars, Lowrey Organ, Concert Tympani, Guitars sounding like Bagpipes, Piltdown Man, Hammond Organ, Spanish Guitar, Moribund Chorus
Girlie Chorus: Sally Oldfield, Mundy Ellis
Bootleg Chorus: Manor Choir conducted by Mike Oldfield
Drums: Steve Broughton (Courtesy Harvest)

Recorded at: The Manor / Autumn 1972 Spring 1973


Written, Produced and Engineered by Mike Oldfield (Except track 1)
Executive Producer: Rob Dickins
Assistant Engineers: Gregg Jackman, Tom Newman
Technical Engineer: Richard Barrie
Arrangement by Robin Smith on "Mont St Michel"
Additional Programming: Henry Jackman

Additional Musicians:
Maire Breatnach appears courtesy of Starc Records
Choir: London Voices
Noel Eccles
Liam O'Flynn
Highland Pipers
Sean Keane
London Symphony Orchestra
Matt Molloy
John Myers
Davy Spillane
Pat Walsh

Recorded at Roughwood Studios
Orchestra at Air Studios (Lyndhurst) Ltd

Tubular Bells 3

Produced and engineered by Mike Oldfield
Assistant Engineer: Silvia Müller
Executive producer: Rob Dickins

"Man in the Rain" features Cara form Polar Star
"Man in the Rain" additional vocals: Heather Burnett

"The Inner Child" features Rosa Cedron (Luar Na Lubre)

"The Source Of Secrets," "Jewel In The Crown" and "Secrets" feature Amar

"Far Above The Clouds" features Clodagh Symonds & Francesca Robertson

Recorded at Ibiza Studio: December '96 - March '98
London Studio: April '98 - June '98