Five Miles Out

Produced and Engineered by Mike Oldfield
Except "Five Miles Out", Produced and Engineered by Mike Oldfield and Tom Newman
And "Monut Teide", Produced by Mike Oldfield and Engineered by Richard Mainwaring

Technical Assistant: Richard Barrie

Maggie Reilly - Vocals
Morris Pert - Percussion, Keyboards
Tim Cross - Keyboards
Rick Fenn - Guitars
Mike Oldfield - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Mike Frye - Percussion
Paddy Moloney - Uileann Pipes on "Taurus II"
Carl Palmer - Percussion on "Mount Teide"
Graham Broad - Drums on "Five Miles Out"

Strings on "Five Miles Out" arranged by Morris Pert and conducted by Martyn Ford

Sleeve design by Mike Oldfield
Painting by Gerald Coulson

Heaven's Open

Produced and Engineered by : Thom Newman
Mixed by: Michael Oldfield assisted by Thom Newman
All tracks written and sung by Michael Oldfield

"The Band" were:
Simon Phillips:
Dave Levy: Bass
Mickey Simmonds: Hammond, Piano
Michael Oldfield: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Andy Longhurst: Additional Keyboards
Courtney Pine: Saxophones, Bass Clarinet

The "Sassy Choir" were:
Vicki St James, Sylvia Mason - James,
Dolly James, Debi Doss,
Shirlie Roden, Valerie Etienne,
Additional Vocal Harmonies by:
Anita Hegerland, Nikki "B" Bentley
Thom Newman

Boffinry: Richard Barrie

"The Digits" :
Atari, C-Lab, Fairlight, Akai S 1100, EMU Proteus, Roland D 50, D 550, Korg M1, Steinberg "Topaz"

"The Mixer": Harrison Series X
"The Recorder": Sony 3348
"The Microphone": B&TK


Produced by Mike Oldfield
Cover by Trevor Key

All instruments played by Mike Oldfield except:
- Mike Laird
Drums, and vibraphone on side 4 - Pierre Moerlin
Vocals - Maddy Prior, Sally Oldfield and The Queens College Girls Choir
Srings and choir conducted by David Bedford
Flutes - Sebastian Bell and Terry Oldfield
African drums - Jabula

Recorded at Througham Dec 1977 - Sept 1978
Extract from Hiawatha by Longfellow
Hymn to Diana by Ben Jonson


Composed by Mike Oldfield
Produced and engineered by Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield plays Harp, Electric guitars, Acoustic bass, Electric bass, Acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, Classical guitar, Mandolin, Bodhran, Bazouki, Banjo, Spinet, Grand piano, Electric organs, Synthesisers, Glockenspiel and assorted percussion
Herbie: Northumbrian bagpipes
Leslie Penning: Recorders
Terry Oldfield: Pan pipes
Pierre Moerlin: Tympani
David Strange: Cello
Don Blakeson: Trumpet
Julian Bahula, Ernest Mothle, Lucky Ranku and Eddie Tatane: African Drums
Vocals: Clodagh Simonds, Bridget St John, Sally Oldfield, The Penrhos kids
The Hereford City Band conducted by Leslie Penning

Gratefully acknowledged general assistance of William Murray who also played percussion

The words to the horse song on side two by Mike Oldfield and William Murray

Recorded at The Beacon January - September 1975