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A Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Bali
John MacKinnon, Karen Phillipps
Birds of South-East Asia: a Photographic Guide
Morten Strange
Birds of Indonesia
Morten Strange  
Periplus Action Guide: Birding Indonesia
An Underwater Guide to Indonesia
R. Charles Anderson
Archipelago: the Islands of Indonesia
Gavan Daws, Marty Fujita
Komodo: The Living Dragon
Richard L. Lutz, J. Marie Lutz
Krakatau: The Destruction and Reassembly of an Island Ecosystem
I. W. B. Thornton
Adventuring in Indonesia : Exploring the Natural Areas of the Pacific's Ring of Fire (Sierra Club Adventure Travel Guide)
Holly S. Smith
Biodiversity of Indonesia : Tanah Air
David Stone, Alain Compost  
The Ecology of Java and Bali (Ecology of Indonesia Series, Vol 2)
Tony Whitten, Roehayat Emon Soeriaatmadja, Suraya A. Afiff  
The Ecology of Sumatra (Ecology of Indonesia Series)
Tony Whitten, Nazaruddin Hisyam  
The Ecology of Sulawesi (Ecology of Indonesia Series)
Tony Whitten, Muslimin Mustafa, Greg S. Henderson  
Where Worlds Collide : The Wallace Line
Penny Van Oosterzee
Balinese Flora & Fauna (Discover Indonesia Series)
Julian Davison, Bruce Granquist
Mammals of the South-West Pacific & Moluccan Islands
Tim F. Flannery  

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