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raja The ruler of a Malay negeri
Ramadan Moslem fasting month which takes place in the ninth month of the Arabic calender
Ramayana Great Hindu epic poem
rantau A term for a strong outward drive - for trade or for settlement, for example - typical of many Sumatran societies
ratu adil The just prince of Javanese messianic expectations
Regeeringsreglement Colonial constitution during the Dutch era
Repelita (Rentjana Pembangunan Lima Tahun) Five-Year Development Plan
Resident Title of a high Dutch or English territorial official in the Netherlands Indies or Malaya
RI (Republik Indonesia) Republic of Indonesia
rijsttafel The Dutch term for a Javan meal of rice with many side dishes
RIS (Republik Indonesia Serikat) United Indonesian Republic
ronda Defence round/civil security
RPKAD (Resimen Para Komando Angkatan Darat) Army Paracommando Regiment
rukun harmony, calm, togetherness
Rupiah (Rp.) Indonesian monetary unit
RUSI Republic of the United States of Indonesia (=RIS)
Sanskrit Ancient classical language of India, in which most of its texts were transmitted. It is an Indo-European language, distantly related to Latin and many European languages, including English.
santri The variant of Javanese religion characterized by more selfconscious identification as a Muslim and stricter observance of Islamic requirements such as the daily prayers and the fasting month. Used in contrast to abangan.
sarong/sarung Piece of cloth the ends of which have been sewn together. Wrapped around the waist and legs like a skirt.
sate Small pieces of meat on a skewer
sawah Wet rice-field
Seinendan Paramilitary youth-corps
Sekber-Golkar (Sekretariat Bersama Golongan Karya) Joint Secretariat of Functional Groups
Seskoad (Sekolah Staf Komando Angkatan Darat) Army Staff and Command College
shahbandar An officer of trade who acted as liaison between the raja of a Malay or Indonesian negeri and the foreign traders in his port
SI (Sarekat Islam) Islamic Union
slametan Festive meal
SMA (Sekolah Menegah Atas) Senior High School
SOBSI (Sentral Organisasi Buruh Seluruh Indonesia) All-Indonesia Labour Unions' Federation
SOKSI (Sentral Organisasi Karyawan Sosialis Indonesia) Central Organization of Indonesian Socialist Workers
Spri (Staf Pribadi) Personal staff
STC State Trading Corporation.
sultan Islamic honorific given to the ruler of a Malay or Indonesian negeri
susuhunan Javanese term for ruler
tanah sabrang The fourth administrative circle of Mataram, consisting of the coastal states overseas that acknowledged the suzerainty of Mataram and sent tribute
tarekat Literally (Arabic), path or way; used to denote Sufi mystic orders
tauke Boss (Chinese)
Tavip (Tahun Vivere Pericoloso) Year of Living Dangerously
Teuku Member of Atjehnese aristocracy
Tgk (Teungku) Atjehnese ulama
TII (Tentara Islam Indonesia) Islamic Army of Indonesia
TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) Indonesian National Army
totok Foreign-born, pure-blooded immigrants.Used in contrast to peranakan. Almost solely Chinese.
TPK (Team Pemberantasan Korupsi) Team to Eliminate Corruption
trekkers Dutch who came out fo the Indies, usually with Dutch wives, for a career of specified length and who planned to retire in Holland. Used in contrast to blijvers.
Tritura (Tri Tuntutan Rakyat) People's Three Demands
TUB Tri Usaha Bhakti, the business group of the army central command.
tukang Skilled artisan/construction worker

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