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haj The rites performed during the pilgrimage to Mecca
haji One who has made the pilgrimige to Mecca
halus Refined or polished, a Javanese concept defining one polar type of life-style and behavior, particularly for priyayi. The opposite is kasar.
Hankam (Departemen Pertahanan-Keamanan) Department of Defense and Security
Hansip/Hanra Local security system
helicak Form of motorized becak introduced in 1972 to replace the becak. Carries 1 or 2 passengers.
Hipmi Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia (Young Businessmens Association of Indonesia).
HMI (Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam) Islamic Student Association
Hokokai During the Japanese occupation, the only recognized political movement after 1944
HPH Hak Pengusaha Hutan (Forestry Exploitation Concession).
IAIN (Institut Agama Islam Negeri) State Islamic Institute
Ibu Mother (abbreviation - Bu)
Idul Adha A one-day festival celebrating the departure of the pilgrimage to Mecca by the sacrifice of goats
IGGI Inter-Governmental Group of Indonesia
Ikini National Importers Association.
Imam Muslim leader
Inkopad (Induk Koperasi Angkatan Darat) Army Central Cooperative Board
Inpres Instruksi Presiden (Presidential Instruction). Programme for providing finance for infrastructural works at the local level.
IPI (Ikatan Pemuda Indonesia) (Atjehnese) Association of Indonesian Youth
IPKI (Ikatan Pendukung Kemerdekaan Indonesia) League for the defence of Indonesian Independence
Ir. (Ingenieur) Engineer, a Dutch academic title
jago/jagoan Bandit, tough, strongman, gang leader
jajan tit-bits/snacks sold by traders
jalan Road/street (abbreviation - Jl.)
jambu Fruit
jamu Herbal medicine
Japi (Jajasan Penjiaran Islam) Foundation of the Spread of Islam
jawi Malay (modified Arabic) script
jihat Holy war

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