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abangan The variant of Javanese religion characterized by an eclectic blend of Islamic, Hindu-Buddhist, and erlier beliefs and practices. Used in contrast to the santri variant. Also depreciatory name given by purer Moslems to those whose beliefs and practices are less purely Islamic.
ABRI (Angkatan Berendjata Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Armed Forces
ADARI (Agama Djawa Asli Republik Indonesia) Original Javanese Religion of the Republic of Indonesia
adat Customary law; custom in the widest sense, and customary law in general.
ADIA (Akademi Dinas Ilmu Agama) Government Academy for Religious (Islamic) Studies
Akabri (Akademi Angkatan Barsenjata Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Armed Forces Academy
alang A kind of sedge
Ali-Baba firms Firms in which an Indonesian (Ali) obtains the licences, while a Chinese (Baba) provides the capital and trading connections
alun-alun The central square of a Javan royal capital or other town, on which the court of a king or bupati looks out
API (Angkatan Pemuda Indonesia) (Atjehnese) Brigade of Indonesian Youth
Apodeti (Associcao Popular Deomcratica Timorense) Popular Democratic Association of Timor
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
asing Foreign, alien
asli Indigenous; cf. pribumi - both being terms used to distinguish ethnic Indonesians from WNI Chinese
Aspri (Asisten Pribadi) Personal Assistant. Referring to the group of generals who were personal assistants to President Suharto to 1974 and who constituted a de facto inner cabinet.
atap Root of palm leaves
badan perjuangan Struggle groups, a term from the Indonesian Revolution; armed groups spontaneously formed in the post-1945 struggle for independence
bahasa Language, hence Bahasa Melayu(Malay), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), and Bahasa Nasional
bajaj Small motorized 3-wheeled vehicle which provides door-to-door service
Bakin (Badan Kordinasi Intelijens Negara) State Intelligence Coordinating Body
bakso Meat ball in noodle soup
Balai Agung Main meeting hall
Bamunas Badan Musjawarah Pengusaha Nasional. State-sponsored National Council of Businessmen in the Sukarno period.
Banpres Bantuan Presiden (Presidential Assistance). Development funds controlled by the President.
bapak Father, respected elder
Baperki (Badan Permusjawaratan Kewarganegaraan Indonesia) Consultative Body for Indonesian Citizenship. A Chinese political organisation formed in March 1954
Bapilu (Badan Pengendalian Pemilihan Umum) Body to Manage the General Elections
Bappenas (Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional) National Development Planning Board
batako A hollow brick
Batavia Capital of the Netherland East Indies, todays Jakarta
batik A type dyed cloth
BE (Bonus Ekspot) Export Bonus. Referring to export bonus certificates issued in the late 1960s to importers and exporters.
becak Three-wheeled pedi-cab
bekel Tax farmer, the individual who did the actual tax collecting for the princes or officials granted appanages by the Mataram king
bengkok Land traditionally provided to officials in lieu of salary.
Berdikari (Berdiri diatas kaki sendiri) Stand on your own feet
Bhârata Yuddha The decisive battle in the Mahâbhârata
bilal The mosque official who makes the daily calls to prayer
Bimas Bimbingan Massal. Agricultural extension programme providing credit for farmers for packages of inputs (fertilisers, pesticides and high-yielding seed varieties) for increased rural production.
BIN Bank Industri Negara
BKPM Badan Kordinasi Penanaman Modal (Capital Investment Coordinating Board).
BKUT (Badan Kontak Urusan Tjina) Contact Body for Chinese Affairs; formed in mid-1967
blijvers Stayers, those Dutch who thought of the Indies as their home (used in contrast to trekkers)
BNI Bank Negara Indonesia
BNPT Berita Negara Tambahan Perseroan Terbatas (Company registration supplement to the Government Gazette).
BPI (Badan Pusat Intelijens) Central Intelligence Body
BPK (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan) Financial Inspection Board
BPS (Badan Pendukung Sukarnoisme) Body to Support Sukarnoism
BPS (Biro Pusat Statistik) Central Bureau of Statistics
BTI (Barisan Tani Indonesia) Indonesian Peasant Front
bubur Rice porridge
bulanan Monthly
Bulog (Badan Urusan Logistik Nasional) National Logistics Board. Responsible for purchase and price stabilisation of basic commodities, especially rice.
bung Brother, comrade
bupati Javan local lord or leading territorial official, called regent in Dutch and English. Also, head of the administrative division, kabupaten
BUUD (Badan Usaha Unit Desa) Village Unit Enterprise

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